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Some questions about spl in php?

Why is it called SPL? why is it called SPL or extended like the built-in PHP method? I have always known about this, but I feel that I haven't studied it too much when I use it. However, I saw it in the framework last week .~~~ Why is it called SPL?

_php tutorial for using SPL Spl_autoload_register and __autoload methods in PHP

In PHP Spl_autoload_register and __autoload method is php5 only, the following I will give you the use of the two magic functions, you can enter to understand. The Spl_autoload_register () function should be one of the most used and very central

Use the SPL spl_autoload_register and _ autoload methods in php

In php, The spl_autoload_register and _ autoload methods are only available in php5. Next I will introduce you to the usage of these two magic functions. The spl_autoload_register () function should be one of the most used and very core functions in

SPL (PHP standard library)-----------------------personal notes

spl:php Standard library, Standand PHP Library A set of interfaces and classes that solve common problems/*Problem: Mathematical modeling/data structures to solve the problem of how data is storedElement convenience, data how to view the


Spl_autoload is the default automatic load function that SPL implements, its function is relatively simple. It can receive two parameters, the first parameter is $class_name, the class name, the second parameter $file_extensions is optional, the

Some doubts about SPL in PHP?

Why is it called SPL, and why isn't he adding PHP instead of the usual PHP built-in method, or adding it as an extension? Always knew that there was this thing, but it didn't seem to work too much, but I saw it in the frame last week. ~~~ Reply

SPL spl_autoload_register and _ autoload examples

Introduction: This is a detailed page of SPL spl_autoload_register and _ autoload usage examples. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

Uboot 2017.01 Start-up process analysis

Preface 2017.01 Uboot contains two stages of start-up, one is SPL-initiated, and the other is a normal start-up we call the second stage of Uboot. Of course, we can also choose to use SPL and not to use it. In the process of compiling, the second

What is S-OFF

Recently the next door began to maliciously hurt the machines of friends who had bought S-OFF. I can't stand it anymore. Post out a description. What is S-OFF? S stands for security lock. S-OFF is the protection off. S-ON is to protect open Secure

Methods of exception Handling in PHP

This article mainly introduces the method of exception handling in PHP, the interested friend's reference, hope to be helpful to everybody. Each new feature added to the PHP runtime creates an exponential random number, in such a way that

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