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Native JavaScript basic knowledge points (2) Review and review

; default: do some default stuff}*/switch (true) { case90: console.log(‘优‘); break; case70: console.log(‘良‘); break; default: console.log(‘差‘);}ForUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain things./*for (A;B;C) { do some stuff}其中 A 为初始化的内容,B 为循环的判断条件,C 为每次循环执行后会执行的代码*/for (var010; i++) { console.log(i);}WhileUse conditional judgment to control the loop to handle certain th

Review and Prospect of switch Product Development

. Currently, Category 5 wires are more than Category 6 wires. The 3rd class line is commonly used for 10 Mbps Ethernet data and voice transmission in the LAN, and complies with the IEEE 10Base-T standard. 5th twisted pair wires currently have the largest LAN market, with a maximum rate of 100 Mbps, in line with the IEEE 3u 100Base-TX standard. The main difference between Category 5 and Category 5 is the application. Only two pairs of cables are used for transmission during use of Category 5 cab

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledge

Basic native javascript knowledge points (2) review and review, basic javascript knowledgeCommon objects I mentioned the reference object in the previous lesson and gave a general introduction. Here we will discuss three of them in a little more detail.Object Object in the form of a key-value pair, which is mainly used for storage and encapsulation.Create object

Code Review (2), codereview

Code Review (2), codereview 1. ListView Optimization BindView function is used to handle data and view Binding operations. GetItem and getItemId functions are not rewritten as needed, but must be modified according to the actual situation of their own applications. For example, getItemId does not necessarily return position, you can also return the ID of the element at the corresponding position in the lis

Java Basics Review 2-6

If statementIf else struct shorthand: variable = (conditional expression)? Expression 1: Expression 2;Ternary operators:Benefit: You can simplify if else code.Cons: Because it's an operator, you have to have a result after the operation.Switch statementThe IF and switch statements are similar.What is the specific scenario, and which statement to apply?If the exact value of the judgment is not many, it confo

JAVA SE Basics Review-Basic program Design (2)

3. Java operatorsMonocular multiplication is the relationship, and the logic is assigned after three eyes.Monocular: monocular operator +– (negative) + +--! such asMultiplication: Arithmetic monocular operator */% +-As: Displacement monocular operator Relationships: Relational Monocular operators > Logic: Logical Monocular operators | | | ^Trinocular: Three mesh single-mesh operators a > B? X:yAfter: Meaningless, just to make up the number of wordsAssignment: Assigned value =  For example 12 =

WinForm Review [2] ComboBox control

= CmbYear.SelectedItem.ToString (). Split (New Char[] {'years'}, Stringsplitoptions.removeemptyentries) [0]; stringStrmonth = CmbMonth.SelectedItem.ToString (). Split (New Char[] {'Month'}, Stringsplitoptions.removeemptyentries) [0]; //convert to integral type intYear =Convert.ToInt32 (stryear); intmonth =Convert.ToInt32 (Strmonth); //declaring a variable to represent the number of days intDays =0; Switch(month) { Case 1:

HTML5 Tank Wars (2) Draw tank Review

HTML code:12"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">34"Content-type"Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8"/>5678"Movetank (Hero)">9"Canvas"Width=" +"height=" -"style="border:1px solid red; display:block; margin:50px auto; background-color:black;">Ten One $ -JavaScript code:function Tank (x, y, direct, speed) {//create tank class, horizontal ordinate, direction, speed This. x =x; This. y =y; This. Direct =Direct; This. Speed =Speed ; This. moveUp =function () { This. Y-= This. Speed; } This. Move

JavaScript jQuery entry Review 2, javascriptjquery

JavaScript jQuery entry Review 2, javascriptjqueryJQuery slide JQuery allows you to create sliding effects on elements. SlideDown () slide down the element. SlideUp () slides up the element. SlideToggle () switches between the slideDown () and slideUp () methods. $ (Selector). slide (speed, callback );{The optional speed parameter specifies the duration of the effect. It can take the following values:

View C # (2) through IL -- switch statement (below)

View C # (2) through IL) Switch Statement (lower) Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/AndersLiu/archive/2008/11/06/csharp-via-il-switch-2.html Original: Anders Liu Abstract: The switch statement is a common jump statement in C #. Different codes can be executed based on differen

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