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C + + code static analysis tool Splint

1. IntroductionRecently, the static program analysis tool Pc-lint has been used in the project to realize its convenience for developers in project implementation. Pc-lint is a static analysis tool for the C + + language, the Windows platform, and

Summary of usage based on debugging tools in C language (without gdb) _c language

Is it only when you compile that you know that your program has written errors? Did you let the machine help you check the wrong tool without compiling it?The answer is: YES!! Splint tool. In one of the simplest Hello world to express:==============

Summary of usage of debugging tools in C Language (excluding gdb)

Is it true that the program is incorrectly written only during compilation? Is there any tool that allows the machine to help you check for errors when it is not compiled?The answer is: yes !! Splint tool. Expressed in the simplest hello world:======

Open Source Tools FindBugs Usage Summary

First, code inspection method conceptWhite-Box testing is divided into static tests and dynamic tests.Code inspection method is a static test, mainly by manual, give full play to the people's logical thinking advantage, can also be automated with

Centos usage record

Today, I have nothing to do with centos. I have long heard that this system is good. Today, it is really good. Actually, it has commands dedicated to configuring the development environment. You can use Yum groupinstall "development libraries"

Testing, debugging, and performance testing tools available in linux

The testing, debugging, and performance testing tools that are readily available in linux are originally named test, debugging, and performance tools that come with linux, but they are not appropriate. for example, gdb mentioned in this article,

Introduction to testing, debugging, and performance monitoring commands in Linux

For ~ 6 these commands seem simple to be used separately, but they can exert their real power only when combined with redirection and regular expressions to form more complex functions or even automated scripts. Cmp and diff can be used for version

C + + memory leaks and memory fragmentation generation and avoidance strategies

1. definition of memory leaksIn general, the memory leaks that we often say refer to the leaks in heap memory. Heap memory means that the program is allocated from the heap, arbitrarily sized (the size of the memory block can be determined during

Linux getting started Tutorial: gnu c and semi-automated IDE that makes Vim C/C ++

Linux getting started Tutorial: gnu c and semi-automated IDE that makes Vim C/C ++ The importance of C language in Linux is naturally unparalleled and irreplaceable. Therefore, it is impossible for me to write the Linux series without mentioning the

Summary of static code analysis tools

Reprint: http://blog.csdn.net/testing_is_believing/article/details/6601494 Static code scan, borrow a section of the online text to explain (here is called static check): "Static testing, including code inspection, static structure analysis, code

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