split comma separated string in jquery

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Basic selector usage in jquery learning tutorial _jquery

A Simple Selectorwhen using the jquery selector, you must use the $ () function to wrap the CSS rules. The CSS rules are passed inside the jquery object as parameters, and then the jquery object that contains the corresponding elements in the page

jquery Learning Note--jquery General Selector

A Simple SelectorWhen using the JQuery selector, we must first use the "$ ()" function to wrap our CSS rules. andAfter the CSS rule is passed inside the jquery object as a parameter, the jquery object that contains the corresponding element in the

Jquery 1.4 released, Happy 4th birthday jquery

Message from jquery Official WebsiteThe latest jquery version 1.4, the most popular JavaScript/ajax Library, has been released, to present a big gift to the 14-day anniversary of the jquery project. The compressed version of 1.4 is only 23 K, and

[Plugin] jquery shortcut menu plug-ins

From: http://hi.baidu.com/%CE%D2%BA%DC%B0% AE %D5%C5%B2% AE %C2%D7/blog/item/061bc251abf8a24b1138c2e3.html   You can use the custom right-click menu on the webpage to disable the default right-click menu of the browser by using JavaScript. Then,

JQuery Validate Verification Plug-in usage detailed

One, optional (options)[1] Debug type: Boolean Default: FalseNote: Turn on debug mode. If true, the form will not commit and will display some error messages on the console (requires Firebug or Firebug Lite). When you want to prevent the form from

Boxy the pop-up Layer dialog box based on jquery plugin extension application pop-up layer selector _jquery

We use the popular jquery to design, at the same time we choose the effect of the more excellent boxy pop-up plug-ins to expand (on the boxy of the relevant information, please refer to Rok Zhang Xinsen Xu blog http://www.zhangxinxu.com/wordpress/?p=

JQuery UI AutoComplete experience sharing _jquery

Supported data sourcesThe JQuery UI autocomplete mainly supports string array, json two data formats. The normal array format is nothing special, as follows: Copy Code code as follows: ["Cnblogs", "Blog Park", "embarrassing month"]

Self-written jquery extension Functions

; (Function ($ ){ $. Request = {};$. Validate = {};$. Common = {}; $. Extend (jquery. Request ,{Querystring: function (name ){VaR url = Document. url;VaR arr = URL. Split ('? ');If (ARR. Length Return '';}Url = arr [1]; // Remove the last #

jquery Source Analysis-04 Selector-sizzle-Working principle Analysis _jquery

Author: nuysoft/qq:47214707 email:nuysoft@gmail.com Statement: This article for the original article, if you want to reprint, please specify the source and retain the original link. Before analyzing the sizzle source code, first tidy up the selector

Learning AJAX + JQUERY (Basic JavaScript objects)

What is an object?To put it simply, the objects in programming languages are simplified for things in reality. For example, we are an object, but it is difficult for programming languages to fully describe such a complex object. Therefore, we must

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