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JS,JAVA,JSTL multi-delimiter split string

1. JS multi-delimiter split stringvar username = "Zhao,li;wang, Liu";var arr = str.split (/; |;|,|,|,/); The parentheses can be used to write multi-split symbols, both in English and Chinese, and note that the "|" Between each separator Separated,

Hive SQL Split delimiter

Hive string splitting functionSplit (str, regex)-splits str around occurances that match regexTime taken:0.769 seconds, fetched:1 row (s)The return value is an arrayA. Basic usage :Example 1:Split (' A,b,c,d ', ', ')The results obtained:["A", "B",

Rewrite Oracle's wm_concat function, custom delimiter, sort

In Oracle, the WM_CONCAT function is an aggregate function similar to the GROUP_CONCAT function in MySQL, but the Group_concat function is powerful and can define delimiters and sorts, and of course the so-called strong is relative, If we don't know

T-SQL splits a string using the specified delimiter (split string)

For example, there is a table, we need a statement like Select Otherid, splitdata WHERE someid = ' abcdef-....... ', and then you can return the split into separate rows.Original table:| Someid | Otherid | Data+----------------+-------------+--------

Truncate a specified delimiter to slice a string split

Python Split () method Describe Python split () slices a string by specifying a delimiter, separating the NUM substring only if the parameter num has the specified value Grammar Split () method syntax: Str.split (str= "",

Java split with a vertical bar as a delimiter

Today, we used the split function in Java to use the "|" As a separator, when the input bar, found an error, this problem should have been encountered long ago, but too long to forget!Online a search, found the answer, this is because split inside

Split text into temporary table (Fn_split_text) by delimiter

/************************************************************** Name: Fn_split_text feature Description: [Split text into temporary table by delimiter] parameter introduction: [@ Text] to be split back: Table: Subcolstr: Split String Special

A SQL SERVER row is split into multiple rows by a delimiter-stitched field

Database applications are often encountered where a field store connects key-value strings through delimiters, such as the following table in the filehistory structure column: KeywordsWe may convert in some business scenarios into the following

SQL Split field string by delimiter

CREATE VIEW [dbo].[Split_businessunit] as withTT as ( SELECTBusinessunit.businessunitid, Businessunit.businessunitid zz_id, Businessunit.new_name , Businessunit.parentbusinessunitid,1Lev fromBusinessunitWHEREIsdisabled= 0 UNION

SQL Server Split function supports delimiter multibyte

SQL Server Split function--Description:--Support for multi-byte delimiters--How to use--select * from DBO. F_sqlserver_split (' 1203401230105045 ', ' 0 ')--select * from DBO. F_sqlserver_split (' abc1234a12348991234 ', ' 1234 ')--select * from DBO.

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