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In Android, ListView achieves parallel image and text and custom split lines (improved like WeChat APP), androidlistview

In Android, ListView achieves parallel image and text and custom split lines (improved imitation APP), androidlistview In the blog post Fragment and ViewPager in Android yesterday (early this morning), we used Fragment and ViewPager to simulate the layout framework. Today, we will use ListView to implement the basic vi

"Android" Memory card picture reader, gallery app

Previous "Android" read all the pictures on the SDcard card and show that the reading process has a progress bar display (click the Open link) test on the real machine is very problematic, often encountered memory overflow, the situation of the card dead. Because of the memory on the real machine now, 2G has rarely seen, basically all 8G look like. This app is unfriendly because it puts the read-out image o

andorid-How to scale a picture for your Android app

/Dstheight; } } Else { Final floatSrcaspect = (float) Srcwidth/(float) Srcheight; Final floatDstaspect = (float) Dstwidth/(float) Dstheight; if(Srcaspect >dstaspect) { returnSrcheight/Dstheight; } Else { returnSrcwidth/Dstwidth; } }}In DecodeFile (... ) method, we decode a file for the final scaling scale. This is first to decode the source image size and then use the Calculatesamplesize (... ) Calculates the optimal sample size and finally decodes the image using the size of this

"Android App Development technology: User Interface" 9Patch picture design

Guo XiaoxingWeibo: Guo Xiaoxing's Sina WeiboEmail:[email protected]Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/allenwellsGithub:https://github.com/allenwells"Android App Development technology: User Interface" Chapter list The 9Patch image is a special PNG image with a. 9.png suffix, which adds a 1-pixel-wide line around the original image, which determines the scaling rules and content display of the image. D

(Android+ios) is doing a news app, doing almost, listen to everyone's suggestions (picture)

(Android+ios) is doing a news app, doing almost, listen to the advice of everyone!News collector is done, front-end display app interface feeling is not very good, also need to improve the improvement, want to release (Android and iOS version) before listening to everyone's suggestions!News Collector Done, the front-en

Android SlidingTabLayout custom split line and indicator line color, android split line

Android SlidingTabLayout custom split line and indicator line color, android split line This article Reprinted with: http://blog.csdn.net/zhangphil/article/details/48863347 The default slide indicator bar of Android SlidingTabLayout is a default blue color value and the

App development combat 117-app picture optimization

for the Welcome interface diagram, background and guide page diagram, these large-size pictures, we recommend the use of JPG format pictures. PNG format has a transparent channel, is lossless compression, JPG format is not transparent channel, and is lossy compression, using JPG images, although loading slower, but the picture is small, but also reduce the size of the app. 5 Usually, the guide page of mu

Three split-screen display modes of the Android system and android Display Mode

Three split-screen display modes of the Android system and android Display Mode Google introduced a new feature in Android 7.0-Multi-Window support, allowing users to open two applications on the screen at a time. On a handheld device, two applications can be displayed side by side or up or down in the "

jquery Split-screen indicator picture rotation effect instance _jquery

This example describes the implementation of the jquery split-screen indicator picture rotation effect. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: In the Web app's big Way today, the split-screen indicator is used very widely, from Android, to Tencent's Web OS, and so on.

ANDROID N split screen settings

An overviewAndroid N released, the biggest highlight there are 2, native system to the application of split screen support and quick reply. Now only the split-screen feature, the latest Android N system support horizontal screen when the two app side-up, vertical screen when the top and bottom emissions, and on the

Android native app, web app, hybrid app pros and cons analysis

Several projects have been developed recently, involving several development models of Android. For the original ecological development, Web application development and Mixed mode development, I think that is not what is the best, which is the worst, this is entirely based on their own needs, choose a suitable development model. They also have their own a bit, but also have their own shortcomings, we based on the actual situation, take the advantages,

Android Application Performance Optimization Series View--annoying split line left white solution

It is believed that many of the first-line developers have encountered split lines, one of the most common elements of visual design, although simple and easy to draw, but in layout and typesetting often affect the view hierarchy of the important role. Often due to a small split line, not only in the layout of a number of views, but also easy to cause the layout level of deepening, and even need to do logic

0-2-year-old app developer must-read, preparation before Android app development

buy.If you do not consider the low-end device users, the screen density of MDPI prototype can not buy.Friends and the Aurora and other manufacturers will also release a number of different equipment market share and other data statistics report, in the selection of development prototype, can do reference.1.6 app built-in picture resourcesApple's product hardware configuration is high and the screen is good

Android app design guidelines and app design (GO)

size and resolution: 5.1 "1800x1080 pixelsHTC one screen size and resolution: 4.7 "1920x1080 pixelsHuawei Glory 6 Screen size and resolution: 5 "1920x1080 pixelsHuawei P6 Screen size and resolution: 4.7 "1280x720 pixelsHuawei P7 Screen Size and resolution: 5 "1920x1080 pixelsIn our Android app design project, we're not going to design a UI interface for every resolution. It is a state of pursuit of perfect

[Android UI] implements the split Button, which imitates the MIUI setting Button on the top of the page

Function: The spliced Button. Instructions for use: Use RidaoGroup to wrap several RidaoButton pairs for stitching. Still look at the picture, more real !!! The page is relatively simple, and this function is not very difficult .. This is only one of the implementation methods. For more information, see. Let's take a look at the code below: Interface Activity: [Html]Package com. bbswp. topbuttondemo;Import com. bbswp. topbuttondemo. view. SegmentedRa

How does Android jump into the App from the outside and Android jump into the App?

How does Android jump into the App from the outside and Android jump into the App? Solving this problem has two functions: 1. directly access a page without opening the App 2. share an App to the outside, and access the closed loo

How does Android jump into the App from the outside and Android jump into the App?

How does Android jump into the App from the outside and Android jump into the App? Blog Source: http://blog.csdn.net/liuxian13183! All Rights Reserved! This problem has been solved for two days. Because there is no complete solution on the internet, I will share it with you! Solving this problem has two functi

Android 6.0 Fingerprint Identification app development case _android

In Android 6.0, Google finally added fingerprint recognition to the Android system, a feature that has already been implemented on the iphone and has been implemented in-house in a number of custom ROMs by many vendors, a bit late for this feature. In Google's new release of Nexus Devices: Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p are carrying a fingerprint identification chip on the back of the device, as shown in the followi

Click to read pen and write app (1)--Get picture drawing from drawable

"If you want to know the background of this point reading the pen and writing app, please go herehttp://www.jianshu.com/p/ee2a1bb99280 "Until this article, I do not know that in the process of running the Android app need to use the picture file should be placed where appropriate, one can certainly not be directly in t

Reduce app size: Picture article

false positives because it is possible for us to construct the image resources to be loaded in a dynamic manner, so these tools cannot be judged. Remember to check out the resources before deleting them.Insert a sentence, about the above mentioned Fauxpas, it is the fee software, there is a 30-day trial period. If just to clear the picture, try it is enough, but it also provides a lot of good quality of the app

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