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Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS Spoofing Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: 2013-06-27 Affected Systems:Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 60756Samsung Galaxy S is a smartphone of Samsung's Android system.Samsung Galaxy S4 has the SMS spoofing vulnerability in the Cloud Backup function. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to initiate phishing attacks

Android SMS Spoofing Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:For Google Android 3.2Google Android 3.1.4For Google Android 3.0Google Android 2.3.5Google Android 2.3.4Google Android 2.3.3Google Android 2.3.2Google Android 2.3.1Google Android 2.2.3Google Android 2.2.2Google Android 2.2.1For Google Android 2.2For Google Android 2.1For Google Android 1.6Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 56392Android is a project launched by Google through Open Handse

View IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP attack horse and route (route) security from large-scale rule addressing events

would like to discuss what is IP spoofing, none-blind IP spoofing, ARP spoofing, ARP Trojans, and so on for your testing. In addition, we have received many emails or comments from our netizens. We are very enthusiastic and grateful, everyone's encouragement is our greatest motivation. We will continue to work hard to acknowledge your recognition of our studies.

Analysis and defense of Enterprise ARP spoofing: Analysis and Countermeasures for spoofing of different network segments

The combination of ARP spoofing and ICMP redirection can basically achieve the goal of cross-network segment spoofing. This article introduces ARP spoofing Analysis and Countermeasures for different network segments. ARP spoofing Analysis for different network segments Assume that A and C are in the same network segmen

Eliminate Arp spoofing-use Lns to prevent Arp Spoofing

Arp spoofing is a very annoying attack for servers. For ease of description, we first assume a subnet environment:Gateway: IP = IP-1, MAC = 11: 11: 11: 11: 11: 11HOST: IP = IP-2, MAC = 22: 22: 22: 22: 22: 22Host A: IP = IP-A, MAC = AA: AAHost B: IP = IP-B, MAC = BB: BBHost C: IP = IP-C, MAC = CC: CC Any two hosts in the subnet (the gateway can also be regarded as a host) Need to Know each other's NIC address MAC for normal communication. If one party

What is ARP spoofing, how to judge ARP spoofing

ARP spoofing phenomenon: A, the local area network frequent regional or overall drop down, restart the computer or network devices after the normal return. When a computer with ARP spoofing is communicating within the network, it causes frequent drop of the line, and when such problems occur, restarting the computer or disabling the NIC or restarting the network device will temporarily solve the problem, b

PHP-based implementation of the commodity transaction when sending SMS function PHP SMS Verification Code platform PHP SMS Verification Code software PHP SMS Verification Code Pass

[] [' phone ']) {unset ($reg [' demand '] [$key]);} else{$new [] = $value [' Phone '];}} $new = [' = ' = ' ******** '];if (Time ()-strtotime ($rel [] [' Create_time ']) >) {echo "";d ie;} else if (Strtotime ($rel [] [' Finish_time ']) >) {echo "";d ie;} else{$data _demand = [' is_available ' = = ' finish_time ' =Date ("Y-m-d h:i:s")]; $result [' price '] = $this->pricemodel->saveprice ([' id ' =>[' eq ', $id]], [' State ' =>]); $result [' demadn '] = $this->demandmodel->savedemand ([' id ' =>['

The principle of ARP spoofing is introduced with what is ARP and guarding against ARP spoofing 1th/3 Page _ Network security

What is ARP? How to prevent ARP spoofing technology? What is ARP? How to prevent ARP spoofing technology? First of all, what is ARP. If you enter arp-a under the Unix shell (also under 9x), your output should look like this: Interface:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Internet Address Physical Address Type xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 00-00-93-64-48-d2 Dynamic xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 00-00-b4-52-43-10 Dynamic ................... The firs

4, downlink SMS send WebService, downlink SMS Send service-feature detailed design--SMS platform

3, downlink SMS Send WebServiceDevelop a webservice for third-party system calls to send SMS messages. After the webservice receives the data, it stores the information into the database's SMS Send data table.The webservice parameters include: App ID, mobile phone number (string array type), text message content, extension code (3-8 digits), priority (number 1 to

PHP SMS send function--php SMS interface manufacturing SMS send function

PHP SMS send function--php SMS interface making SMS Send function Author: zccst Version One: Sometimes everyone in the PHP integration, often in the Web page to send text messages, then you can send text messages as a function to deal with, so convenient to call later. If the function can be defined in function.php, the code is as follows: function Smsto ($tel

Click the Send SMS button to jump to the SMS interface to send SMS

Create a new Singleview code as follows: #import "ViewController.h" @interface ViewController () @end @implementationviewcontroller- (void) Viewdidload{[superviewdidload];nslog (@ "%@", Nshomedirectory ());uibutton*button=[uibutton Buttonwithtype:uibuttontypecustom];button.frame=cgrectmake (100,100, NBSP;40,NBSP;30); [buttonsettitle:@ "Send" forState:UIControlStateNormal]; [buttonsettitlecolor:[uicolorblackcolor]forstate: uicontrolstatenormal];button.backgroundcolor=[uicolorredcolor]; [self.vi

C + + SMS Interface Demo: Create blue 253 platform SMS Verification Code interface, SMS Marketing interface

PW){Char Params[maxparam + 1];char CP = params;sprintf(cp,"un=%spw=%s", un, pw);Return Http_post (Query_balance_uri, CP);} /** Send SMS /ssize_t send_sms (char un, char pw, char phone, char msg){Char Params[maxparam + 1];char CP = params;sprintf(cp,"un=%spw=%sphone=%smsg=%srd=1", un, pw, phone, msg); Return Http_post (Send_sms_uri, CP);} int main (void){struct sockaddr_in servaddr;Char str[50];//建立socket连接

Sms ui-SMS settings interface-SIM card SMS management

SIM card SMS management 1. Preface SMS management for SIM card, this function allows you to save text messages stored on a mobile phone to the SIM card, automatically save the text messages to the SIM card when you set the storage location as the SIM card, import the text messages in the SIM card to the phone, and display the SIM card. text message content, text message in SIM card deletion, and other funct

PHP SMS Interface sharing: Applicable to the Blue 253 platform for SMS Verification Code, SMS service Interface

Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");Class Chuanglansmsapi { Send SMS Interface Address const api_send_url= ' http://sms.253.com/msg/send? '; Query the balance of the interface address const api_balance_query_url= ' http://sms.253.com/msg/balance? '; Const api_account= ' ******* ';//SMS account is

C # Implementation of Voice reading (SMS & Voice SMS) SMS

A project, customer requirements for the group to send text messages such as, the greeting message, and so on. In addition, support to send voice messages to the leader. The implementation method is as follows. 1, mass SMS has several ways: 1.1 SMS Cat: A common industrial computer, insert a SIM card, you can send a message through the interface, point-to-point transmission, the arrival rate is accurate,

Android realizes SMS encryption (send encrypted SMS, decrypt local SMS) _android

SMS Encryption This kind of function because the demand for novice learning is small, so there are few simple demo on the Internet for beginners to reference. Small make up to do here is also spent more time self concept, the specific process is but more description, talk about the content of the demo. Demo function: 1. Can send SMS and encrypt (by changing char in string) 2. Ability to view

C # Call SMS SMS interface, easy to handle the task of sending SMS ....

First we need to go here http://sms.webchinese.cn/apply for an account and SMS interface key, there are many languages under the demo introduction, below I mainly for everyone to paste a C # helper class:usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Linq;usingsystem.web;usingSystem.Security.Cryptography;usingSystem.Text;usingSystem.Net;usingSystem.IO;namespacestudyprogram.leiku{ Public classMessagehelper {Private stringURL =@"http://utf8.api

Analysis on network spoofing

Part 1: Defense Technology of Network Spoofing Abstract: This article will show you an emerging technology in network security technology-network spoofing through simple language. Definition of network spoofing: In the recent period, Britain, the United States, France, Germany and other countries are actively studying network

Python SMS Interface Demo: Gen Blue 253 SMS Authentication Code interface, SMS Marketing interface

#!/usr/local/bin/python#--Coding:utf-8--author:jackytime:14-2-22 pm 11:48desc: Python code invocation example for SMS HTTP interface * *Import HttplibImport Urllib#服务地址Host = "Sms.253.com"#端口号Port = 80#版本号Version = "v1.1"#查账户信息的URIBalance_get_uri = "/msg/balance"#智能匹配模版短信接口的URISms_send_uri = "/msg/send"#创蓝253账号UN = "xxxx"#创蓝密码PW = "XXXX"Def get_user_balance ():"""Take account balance"""conn = Httplib. Httpc

Java use SMS Device to send SMS message sample (Java send SMS) _java

Copy Code code as follows: Import gnu.io.*; Import java.util.*; Import java.io.*; public class CommTest{Static Commportidentifier Portid;Static enumeration portlist;static int bauds[] = {9600, 19200, 57600, 115200}; The baud rate supported by the detection port public static void Main (string[] args){Portlist = Commportidentifier.getportidentifiers ();SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("SMS Device port Connection test ...");while (Portlist.hasmoreelemen

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