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Spring Boot + Nginx + Tomcat + SSL configuration notes

Spring Boot + Nginx + Tomcat + SSL configuration notes If your tomcat application requires ssl to enhance security, one way is to configure tomcat to support ssl, And the other way is to use nginx reverse proxy tomcat, then, confi

Little rookie Learning Spring BOOT--SSL configuration

to generate self-signed certificates; open cmd, go to jdk/bin path, enter commandKeytool-genkey-alias Tomcat  Generate the. keystore file under the user path, which is the certificate file that we want to use.  2.spring Boot Configuration SSLCopy the. keystore file to the project root and configure the SSL


written:Server.tomcat.remote_ip_header=x-forwarded-forserver.use-forward-headers=trueBut you cannot write only one line:Server.use-forward-headers=trueSee http://docs.spring.io/spring-boot/docs/1.3.0.RELEASE/reference/htmlsingle/#howto-enable-https for details, which says:Server.tomcat.remote_ip_header=x-forwarded-forServer.tomcat.protocol_header=x-forwarded-proto on the valveIn addition, although our Tomc

"Spring-boot Multi-database" Spring-boot JDBC with multiple DataSources sample

String test () {log.info ("test"); return "OK"; } @RequestMapping ("User") public user GetUser (@RequestParam ("id") long ID) {log.info ("Get user"); return Users.getuser (ID); } @RequestMapping ("item") Public item GetItem (@RequestParam ("id") long ID) {log.info ("Get item"); return Items.getitem (ID); } } Application.java Package SB; Import org.springframework.boot.SpringApplication; Import org.springf

HTTPS Series II: SSL Certificate for HTTPS deployment on the server side, based on tomcat,spring boot

the generated certificate file to a file in JKS format, the conversion command is as follows:Keytool-importkeystore-srckeystore {path}\keystore.p12-destkeystore {path}\xx.jks-srcstoretype PKCS12- Deststoretype JKS2): Create the Cert directory under the Tomcat installation directory and copy all downloaded files to the Cert directory3): Locate the file Server.xml installed in the Tomcat directory, the general default path is in the Conf folder.完整的配置如下,其中port属性根据实际情况修改:Four: CA certificate deploy

Spring-boot actual Combat "08" "Go": Spring Boot Property configuration file detailed

It is believed that many people choose spring boot primarily because it takes into account the power of spring and the ease with which it can be developed quickly. In the spring boot use process, the most intuitive feeling is not the original integration of the

Spring Boot Reference Tutorial (v) The configuration class usage used by the Spring boot configuration

4.2. Springboot configuration uses the configuration class to useMost of the automatic configuration of spring boot can meet the application requirements, but if you want to control the application precisely, or if you want to override the automatic

intellij+spring boot+spring MVC Create HelloWorld sample full steps

>testscope>Dependency>dependency>???? groupId>org.springframework.bootgroupId>???? artifactid>spring-bootartifactid>???? version>2.0.1.releaseversion>Dependency>Add the WebApp directory with the following structure:Add a View page under the JSP directory.Add the following configuration in the Application.properties/web-inf/jsp/. jspAdd a mapping to the controller@RequestMapping ("/welcome")String Welcome ()

Spring boot Getting Started five spring MVC Spring boot mybatis configuration consolidation

remark: A basic understanding of spring boot has been made through the previous chapters, but spring boot is just a box that encapsulates an integrated reference and needs to be combined with a specific project to really use it. The main record is to use spring

DataSource configuration (Spring boot DBCP2 Data source configuration) in spring boot __spring

database connection pool selection algorithm By default, database connections can be configured automatically using the DataSource pool. Here is an algorithm for selecting a specific implementation: because of the performance and concurrency of the Tomcat data source connection pool, we always use it preferentially when Tomcat is available. If HIKARICP is available, we will use it. If Commons DBCP is available, we will use it, but it is not recommended in the production environment. Finally, if

Springboot source code parsing: implements automatic spring boot configuration and spring boot source code

Springboot source code parsing: implements automatic spring boot configuration and spring boot source code The last two articles show how to implement automatic spring boot

Learn Java "Spring Boot" 03-Start Spring Boot basic configuration and project structure

This section contains a brief introduction to:1. Spring boot configuration file, using @springbootapplication annotations2. Spring Boot modify Java version and project code3. A standard spring

"Spring Boot" (13), Spring boot automatic configuration Springmvc

1, SPRINGMVC automatic configuration of official documents Spring Boot Official Documentation: SPRINGMVC configuration document in spring boot 2. Spring MVC auto-

Spring Boot automatic configuration (auto-configuration), @EnableAutoConfiguration, spring beans and Dependency injection __spring-boot

automatic configuration (auto-configuration) Automatic configuration (auto-configuration) is one of the most important features of spring boot, because the feature is based on the classpath of the application (this is mainly based

Spring Boot. 4--Custom Spring Boot Configuration "2"

In addition to the automatic configuration changes used in the first article using overwrite, you can also change the runtime configuration of your app with the Application.properties file provided in Spring Boot. This configuration is very granular in the way it is configur

Little rookie Learn Spring boot--take over the web configuration of Spring boot

Rookie new to the big God do not spray, a little Daigo, grateful. Because I always pretend to be humorous, because I want to make myself happy. Spring MVC, which is provided by the spring boot, does not meet its own requirements, and it can write a control class plus @EnableWebMvc annotations to control the MVC confi

Spring Boot Learning--spring boot configuration file application

The Spring boot configuration file is available in two formats: Application.properties and APPLICATION.YML. Only one of the two profiles needs to be used.There are some differences in the syntax of the two configuration files, as follows1. Application.propertiesServer.port = 8080--Tomcat portServer.context-path =/webna

Spring boot integrates Shiro's sample code for single-point logon, springshiro

Spring boot integrates Shiro's sample code for single-point logon, springshiro What is Shiro? Shiro is an open-source permission framework of the Java platform for authentication and access authorization. Specifically, the following elements are supported: Users, roles, permissions (only operation permissions, data permissions must be closely integrated with b

Spring Boot Tutorial-Spring boot integrated mybatis (annotation configuration)

Previous article: Spring Boot Tutorial-Spring boot Integrated MyBatis (XML) describes the spring boot integration mybatis XML-based configuration, this article focuses on annotation mod

Spring Boot. 4--Custom Spring Boot configuration

Classes that overwrite Auto-configuration Dynamic configuration with external properties "this article" Customizing the Error page "second article" The automatic configuration of Spring boot can save a lot of uninteresting c

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