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Threadlocal implementation principle, and use instances to solve the problem of no session or session was closed in non-web projects of spring and hibernate. (2 )!

, while hibernat uses threadlocal as follows: Public static final threadlocal session = new threadlocal (); 1. Initialize a threadlocal object. threadlocal has three member Methods: Get (), set (), and initialvalue ().If initialvalue is not initialized, initialvalue returns NULL.3. Session get returns the corresponding internal thread variables based on the current thread, that is, the net. SF.

Principle [Source resolution]spring in @transactional,propagation.supports, as well as Hibernate Session, and JDBC Connection Association

Label: Spring bundle Hibernate. Clip: One 1. What does Spring do with Propagation=propagation.supports? 2. When does Spring generate hibernatesession? 3. What are the effects, similarities and differences between Propagation=propagation.supports and Propagation=propagation.require on the generation

Principle [Source code parsing]spring @transactional,propagation.supports, and Hibernate Session, and the JDBC connection relationship

-TRANSACTI Onalone Here ");}return session; // Note 6, if no Note 5 is prohibited, then the generated Session is returned}Note 4, note 5 answers the above questions.So there's a b problem , check your code, whether it's in a transactional environment. since gettransaction () binds the session to Threadlocal , if a new independent thread is created, note whether

Principle [Source code parsing]spring @transactional,propagation.supports, and Hibernate Session, and JDBC Connection relationship---Reprint

) {Resume (null, suspendedresources);throw ex;}Catch (Error Err) {Resume (null, suspendedresources);throw err;}}Else {Note 3 This process is the path that is executed when there is no transaction in the thread and the configuration is propagation= propagation.supports. This step does not generate Hibernate Session, JDBC Connection. But Preparetransactionstatus() Does a step, setting springtransactionsynchr

In the new version, spring and hibernate integrate the DaO layer to call the session method.

(From: Beginning Hibernate and spring-framework-3.0.5.RELEASE reference) In the spring and hibernate integration framework, session factory is configured as a springBean. in earlier versions, the hibernatedaosupport and hibernatetemplate classes are used. methods can be dire

Spring to hibernate session effective period (object submission management) Introduction

In Hibernate, every time we do an operation, we are going to start the transaction, then do the data operation, then commit the transaction, close the transaction, the reason is becauseHibernate default Transaction autocommit is False, it is necessary to manually commit the transaction, and if you do not want to commit the transaction manually every time, you canHibernate.cfg.xmlSet it as transaction autocommit in my file: PropertyName = "Hibernate.co

Spring Management transaction configuration, results error: No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and Config does not allow creation of non-transactional One here this anomaly

Java.lang.IllegalStateException:No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow Creati On the non-transactional one here this exception This error, the reason for the internet is a big push, anyway, I this problem is because although I in spring to configure the transaction, the result of running the error, see the configuration is not any

Spring+hibernate Multi-Threaded next session problem

A recent project, with the spring MVC and hibernate3.1 Data Acquisition task function, always executes several times after the page stays in the data refresh state, the query can not be carried out, in-depth understanding of the DAO layer in the program is the Save and update method out of the problem, @Transactionalpublic void Save (E entity) {This.getsession (). Save (entity); The original wording of the project.This.gethibernatetemplate (). Save (e

How hibernate hosts the session for spring in SSH

Import org.hibernate.HibernateException;Import org.hibernate.Session;Import Org.hibernate.SessionFactory;Import Org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory;Import Org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.XmlBeanFactory;Import Org.springframework.core.io.ClassPathResource;Import Org.springframework.core.io.Resource;public class Planmachinetest {private static final sessionfactory sessionfactory;static {try {Resource resource=new Classpathresource ("/applicationcontext.xml");Beanfactory factory=new

[Original]java Web Learning Note 78:hibernate Learning Path---session overview, session cache (hibernate cache), isolation level of the database, setting isolation level in MYSQL, setting isolation level in Hibernate

Label:The purpose of this blog: ① summary of their own learning process, equivalent to study notes ② to share their own experience to everyone, learn from each other, communication, not commercial content inevitably appear problems, welcome to correct, exchange, discussion, you can leave a message, can also be contacted by the following ways. I Internet technology enthusiasts, Internet technology enthusiasts Weibo: Ivan is in 0221 qq:951226918 ---------------------------------------------------

26th day dormant hibernate meets spring warm Yang-spring MVC integration Hibernate use (i)

June 7. Clear. " Red purple has become dust, cuckoo sound in the Shiring." The road of Mulberry hemp is endless. The beginning is known as the Taiping people.”Hibernate and Spring eclectic meet, not only the beans and beans between the lightning-like collision, but also between XML and XML in the ping water gathering. Two singular architectures, hand-lakes, not only shape the thrill of dependency injection.

Configuration of the Hibernate mapping file configure the core file one-to-one pair multiple hibernate implementation paging Hibernate session closure problem summary

Take the message system as an example1. Configure the mapping file: first you have to introduce a constrained DTD"-//hibernate/hibernate Mapping DTD 3.0//en""Http://www.hibernate.org/dtd/hibernate-mapping-3.0.dtd" >Then The 2. Core configuration FilesConfiguration of the Hibernate mapping file configure the core file o

Spring integrated struts, Hibernate----three-frame ssh (Spring, struts, and Hibernate)

The Spring framework accomplishes the design tasks of the business layer, and the struts framework separates the presentation layer from the business layer, while the Hibernate framework provides flexible persistence layer support. The following is a description of the three framework integration environments:1, configuration Struts2.I, import the related jar package.II, modify the Web. xml file. The core c

Failed to lazily initialize a collection of Role: No session or session was closed (hibernate) Solution

When learning to write OA permission management, obtain all the sub-modules of this module through the obtained parent module on the JSP page. JSP code snippet: Java code: @ Onetoworkflow (mappedby = "parent ") Public set Return children; } The Code does not set delayed loading. The error "failed to lazily initialize a collection of Role: No session or session was closed (

Hibernate transaction Management-hibernatetransactionmanager-the management of Hibernate session

" p:sessionfactory-ref = "Sessionfactory" />So the focus on the above TransactionManager this bean, through the query data, a preliminary understanding, Hibernatetransactionmanager This class provides sessionfactory management, in order to achieve data synchronization, The Open and close of the hibernate session are performed inside the Hibernatetransactionmanager, and the opened Hibernaate Sesion is a

Spring Series: When hibernate encounters spring

transaction context to the DOA declarative. Hibernate practices In the Spring frameworkDataSourceOr hibernateSessionFactorySuch resources can be implemented using bean in the application context. The application objects that need to access resources only need to get the reference of such pre-defined instances through bean

Learning Spring from cainiao-60 s learning Spring and Hibernate integration, 60 shibernate

Learning Spring from cainiao-60 s learning Spring and Hibernate integration, 60 shibernate 1. Overview. The integration of Spring and Hibernate is a common practice in enterprise applications. The combination of Spring

SSH integration Hibernate uses spring to manage hibernate level two cache, configuring hibernate4.0 above level two cache

SSH integration Hibernate uses spring to manage hibernate level two cache, configuring hibernate4.0 above level two cacheHibernate:Hibernate is a persistent layer framework that accesses physical databases frequently.Improve application performance by reducing the frequency of application access to physical data sources.The data in the cache is a copy of the data

Hibernate Learning---section 14th: Hibernate session Thread Safety

1. Add the following code to the Hibernate.cfg.xml file to turn on thread safety: Specific as follows: DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration Public "-//hibernate/hibernate configuration DTD 3.0//en" "Http://www.hibernate. Org/dtd/hibernate-configuration-3.0.dtd ">hibernate-config

"Hibernate" (2) Hibernate configuration with session, transaction

1. Hibernate often uses configurationUsing the Hibernate.default_schema property enables all generated tables to have a specified prefix.2. Session Brief IntroductionIt is not recommended to use the JDBC connection operation database directly, but to manipulate the database by using the session.Session can be understood as the object that operates the database. The sess

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