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Spring 5.0+spring boot+security+spring Cloud Oauth2+redis Consolidation details, recording some of the pits that were encountered __spring5.0

1, the use of technology and version number JDK8.0 Spring 5.0 oauth2.0 redis2.0 2, the project uses MAVEN management. Pom File Add: Dependency> groupId> Org.springframework.cloud groupId> Artifactid> Spring-cloud-starter-security Artifactid> Dependency> Dependency> groupId> Org.springframework.cloud groupId> Artifactid> Spring-cloud-starter-

Spring Oauth2 Related Information

Understanding OAuth 2.0 * * * *Http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2014/05/oauth_2_0.htmlSecure REST API with oauth2 (translator) * * * * *http://blog.csdn.net/haiyan_qi/article/details/52384734https://spring.io/guides/tutorials/spring-boot-oauth2/The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Frameworkhttps://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6749Http://projects.spring.io/

Spring-boot & Spring-security-oauth2

(omitted 2000 word nonsense here), the first time to write a blog, directly into the topic.From a beginner's point of view, the first step to using Spring-boot and spring-security-oauth2 integration is to build a "Hello world" to run first. So apart, first a spring-boot "Hello world".This side dish uses the Idea+maven

Spring Security +oauth2 +spring boot dynamically define permissions

the "service provider" to provide services, in fact, there is no authorization problem.Spring Security Introduction:Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing authentication and authorization for Java applications, filtering requests for URLs using the servlet filter internally, and doing some security processing before the application processes the request. Spring Security provides a number of filters that can intercept servlet request

Use spring security and OAuth2 for RESTful service safety certification

This tutorial shows how to set up a OAuth2 service to protect rest resources. Source code download GitHub. (https://github.com/iainporter/oauth2-provider) You can download the source code and start writing a service that is protected by the OAuth method. This source contains features:* User Registration and Login* Email Verification* Password lostThe following techniques have been adopted:*

Spring Security and OAuth2 Introduction

Personal OAuth2 all articles Spring Security and OAuth2 (introduction): Https://www.jianshu.com/p/68f22f9a00ee Spring Security and OAuth2 (authorization server): HTTPS://WWW.JIANSHU.COM/P/227F7E7503CB Spring Secur

Spring Security and OAuth2 (introduction)

Https://www.jianshu.com/p/68f22f9a00eeSpring Security and OAuth2 (introduction)Lin Yuan2018.01.23 11:14* words 3097 Read 3660 comments 1 likes 6 Personal OAuth2 all articles Spring Security and OAuth2 (introduction): Https://www.jianshu.com/p/68f22f9a00ee Spring

Spring Cloud OAuth2 (i) Build a licensing service

ProfileThe main content of this article is the construction of the Spring Cloud Licensing service, using JWT certification.GitHub Address: Https://github.com/fp2952/spring-cloud-base/tree/master/auth-center/auth-center-providerAdd dependencyOAuth2 extension of Spring Security and security Start class annotationsStart class Add @EnableAuthorizationServer an

"OAuth2 Learning Path" Spring Security OAuth Official document translation

Now the development of the document translation, because it is difficult to read English. first Look at the official guide. Developers Guide , all two versions of OAuth are available. This article looks at the development guide for OAuth2. translate as follows: Spring Security OAuth2 Development Guidelines (OAuth 2 Developers Guide) 1. Getting Started (Introd

The framework uses Springboot + Spring security Oauth2 +postman

Framework using Springboot + Spring security Oauth2Mainly completes the client authorizationcan be validated by reading the current client table information from the MySQL database, token stored in the database 1. Introducing Dependencies OAUTH2 relies on spring security, which requires the introduction of spring, Mysq

Spring Security Oauth2 Permitall () method Small note

Weasel in a chicken farm on the edge of a monument, wrote: "Not brave to fly down, how do you know that you are an eagle to fight the sky?" ” Since then The weasel can eat the fallen chickens at the bottom of the cliff every day! ObjectiveIn Friday, a netizen asked, in use spring-security-oauth2 , although configured .antMatchers("/permitAll").permitAll() , but if carried

Springboot use spring security+oauth2 to do permission control

Article Source: http://lxgandlz.cn/404.html A previous article spring+spring security+oauth2 to implement REST API rights control, spring+spring security+oauth2 to implement REST API permission control, for fast implementatio

Oauth2.0 is very simple with spring-security-oauth2 __oauth

Last week, I wanted to develop an example of OAuth 2.0. I checked the spring-security-oauth2.0 sample, OAuth 2 provider SPARKLR2 and OAuth 2 client Tonr. I explored the internet for a moment, sorting out the relevant documents. Compile and run the OAuth 2 provider SPARKLR2 and OAuth 2 client Tonr and check all authorizations. Now, I'm here to understand spring-security-oauth2.0 from a practical perspective

Code Analysis for the integrated Zuul Gateway of Spring Security OAUTH2 Certification Center

Zuul as a business gateway needs to control its internal services, the use of OAUTH2 resources server integration into the Zuul can be very good protection of Zuul internal services, need to build a service registry, certification center, authentication Center, three major sections, The authentication center is integrated with Zuul to act as a façade design, Zuul to determine which services need token which do not need.Service registry: Drei-eureka-se

Spring Boot Oauth2 Cache userdetails to Ehcache

; }}Cachinguserdetailsservice the default Usercache property value is new NullUserCache() that the object does not implement caching. Because I'm going to use Ehcache to cache userdetails, I need to use Spring's Ehcachebasedusercache class, which is the implementation class for the Usercache interface, primarily the caching operation.The specific implementation of cache userdetails to Ehcache is as follows:Ehcache.xmlUserdetailscacheconfig.java@Slf4j @configurationpublic class Userdetailscacheco

thymeltesys-Scan login framework based on spring Boot Oauth2

ThymeltesysThymelte is a spring Boot Oauth2-based scan login framework that uses PostgreSQL to store data and then slowly supports other relational databases. Even if you don't use the entire framework, you can easily integrate into existing projects by using only the modules.Project Address Https://github.com/jeesun/thymelteI hope you will support us and point out the shortcomings.If you have any questions

Oauth2 (Spring Security) Error method_not_allowed (Request method ' GET ' not supported) workaround

Error messagemethod_not_allowed#39;GET#39; not supported 39 is a single quotation mark ReasonOnly post is supported by defaultWorkaround Download Install Postman tool (or other post tool)Using Post calls Ways to add code to a get@Configurationpublicclassextends AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter {...@Overridepublicvoidconfigurethrows Exception { ... endpoints.allowedTokenEndpointRequestMethods(HttpMethod.GET, HttpMethod.POST);// add get method ... endpoin

Springcloud Micro-Service series--Single sign-on OAUTH2+JWT

Study a long time Springcloud micro-service architecture, here to summarize, do a comb and memo. This is a summary of the certification between micro-services. A new set of self-authentication frameworks for apps and browsers for single and distributed applications based on spring security has recently been implemented. There is a bit more in-depth understanding of spring security, and here's a

oidc– Next Generation Identity Authentication authorization protocol based on OAUTH2

: Eyjhbgcioijsuzi1niisimtpzci6ijm3mtc2nja0otexodeynzkwnzgifq.eyjpc3mioiixmtexiiwiyxvkijoimtexmsisimf0x2hhc2gioii4zjgxythjos 1jnwjiltqwowmtyji0ni1lmzeyzmuwyzm4nwmilcjyzwdpc3ryyxrpb24ioiixmjm0nty3ocisimv4cci6mtq2mzyymja4niwianrpijoirnl5agzoynqtu0n Lr2tptwrgmvg2dyisimlhdci6mtq2mzu3odg4niwibmjmijoxndyzntc4odi2lcjzdwiioijsc3otb2lkyyj9.hdccs8pisdwupp6eyd-9jceetj2ztscbeup Itit43gmybddiublc90ut9bxke6e3awhels3asemreftlnly09pwdcxxvhjyceixo_ Dnzqu-zqxeshzpee6d1wszucbj6yxoxmh0laba24uu3cbqsrqborsymh2_xa5q5ep

Springboot Integrated Oauth2

1. About Oauth2Vaguely feel integrated oauth2, with good it is a less simple thing, need to understand oauth2.Oauth2 better reference, are others original article: integrated OAuth2 Getting Started detailed tutorial Understanding OAuth 2.02. Integration process 2.1 Adding dependencies

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