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The SD card audio is set to the phone ringtone after deletion, the phone ringtone does not revert to the default problem

1. Android7.0, the MP3 of the memory card is set as a ringtone, after the MP3 is removed, the ringtone in settings does not change, and the call tone does not change.Cause: New features of android7.0Google defaults to this design, in the process of selecting a ringtone, the deleted ringtone will be cached, after the

What should I do if there is no ringtone in the blank S5 ringtone set in Samsung S5?

When you set the caller's ringtone, if the system can not be displayed with ringtones, it may be because in the choice of ringtone position, you have a similar 91 of assistants such as Third-party software set to "always", resulting in the setting of the call Bell, the default is to open the third party software to download the ringtone. Phenomenon Diagram:

How can I set a ringtone for Samsung S5? S5 custom ringtone setting method

1. Find the "app" icon on your phone and click on it to enter the details below the red box. 2. Then we click on the "Music" icon below to enter, as shown in the following figure. 3. Access to the phone's music side will see a lot of songs list. 4. As we now find a favorite song, if we set it to the caller's ringtone, we just need to press this song long. 5. Then in the pop-up dialog we click "Set as" as shown in the

Solution to iPhone ringtone upload and Chinese ringtone

I bought a cool iPhone and threw some cool ringtones to it, but Steve Jobs wanted to scan us. Once the Chinese ringtones were lost, they were not shown in Garbled text, it's depressing that it cannot be deleted. But the magic bus driver appeared again to help you solve these troubles! Currently, the iPhone supports ringtones for m4a, m4p, MP3, mov, and WAV, and only supports ringtones named by letters. To take care of more users, here we will explain in two cases: the first is the normal metho

Modify the ringtone and enable the ringtone.

1) Use audioresgen to convert the target ringtone into data. The converted data is stored in resource_audio.c in the audioresgen directory.The group name is the name of your ringtone file;2) copy the generated array data to // custom/Audio/xx_bb/resource_audio.c in the project;3) change the first in const audio_resource_struct mtk_resource_sounds [] = {to the name of the target array;In this way, you can. T

How does android increase the starting ringtone and android increase the ringtone?

How does android increase the starting ringtone and android increase the ringtone?The AudioMtkPolicyManager. cppICS version is AudioYusuPolicyManager. cpp.# Ifndef BOOT_animation_volume# Define boot_animation_volume (0.25)# EndifChange the value here to # define boot_animation_volume, and the maximum value is 1.How can I increase the ringtones of my Android phone? There is no better solution at present. If

How do I set the ringtone with the apple helper? How to replace the ringtone with an apple helper?

The first step is to install a quick Apple helper on the computer, then we will connect the Apple phone to the computer, and then on the computer quickly with the Apple Assistant "XXX's iphone" Click to enter the page. The second step, after entering the page, left a row of plates, click the ringtones option. The third step, now Baidu to find their favorite mobile phone ringtones and downloaded in the computer, and then directly drag the music to the quick u

How does one set the ringtone for Samsung W2014 to the incoming ringtone for the mobile phone card 1 and card 2?

1. Under the Standby page, click "Application".2. Select "Set".3. Click on "My Device".4. Select "Sound".5. Click on "Voice call Ring (Card slot 1)".6. Choose the ringtone you like, and then click OK.Tip: If you want to set the SIM and second ring, select the card slot 2 backward line settings can be.

Android ringtone Analysis

Source code: Frameworks/base/Media/Java/Android/Media/ringtonemanager. Java Frameworks/base/Media/Java/Android/Media/ringtone. Java Frameworks/base/CORE/Java/Android/preference/ringtonepreference. Java Packages/providers/mediaprovider/src/COM/Android/providers/Media/ringtonepickeractivity. Java Packages/apps/settings/src/COM/Android/settings/defaultringtonepreference. Java (The Code is based on Qualcomm msm8625 4.1.2) General Introduction: ringtoneman

Phone ringtone settings for Android

Phone ringtone settings for AndroidSet a song from the file manager for the incoming call ringtone, enter the dial settings to tap the beep and vibrate, the ringtone will become the default ringtoneSet a song from the file manager for the incoming call ringtone, enter the dial settings to tap the beep and vibrate, the

Letter description of WM ringtone script

I can't remember these settings, but I can't remember them. The original Article address is http://bbs.pcpop.com/090313/5027565.html# script apw3r. This post was edited by tsuihan. My researchThe reason for the Pocket PC ringtone script is that many users will be delayed for 3 seconds when using PPC to answer the call.From solving this problem.1. Eliminate ringtone delay,Open the Registry: HKEY_C

WP7 (8): play a ringtone on the selection page of The ListPicker Control

WP7 (8): play a ringtone on the selection page of The ListPicker Control Written by Allen Lee In the previous lesson, we achieved the playing icon effect on the selection page of The ListPicker control. Then sjcxyf found a new problem: I added an MP3 file to the project and added a MediaElement control to the page. I added the code for playing music to the Image_Tap event, however, the result is that you cannot play music when you click the play ico

Explanation of ringtone playback in Android [Android source code analysis 5]

Now let's talk about playing ringtones in the Android system. From the framework level, let's talk about the playing principle of ringtone. I encountered a problem in playing system ringtones in the android source code, so I carefully studied this knowledge. Now I have sorted it out and provided some help to the readers. Now I am very friendly in playing and setting ringtones, whether it is for text message ringtones or for incoming call ringtones, yo

Android sets a song in the music player as a ringtone, And the setting does not work.

Android sets a song in the music player as a ringtone, And the setting does not work.AudioProfile, scene mode, multi-card ringtone settingThe system enables Multi_ringtone_support. Choose "Music"> "song list"> "Long-press a song" and choose "set as the ringtone". The message is displayed, but the set scene mode is displayed. The default

How does a MacBook use itunes to set an iphone ringtone?

On the MacBook how to modify the iphone ringtones, and win with the PP assistant Itoos and other tools than do a lot of trouble, so far Itoos, pp Assistant Mac version There are many bugs, I have tried, have failed, the only use of itunes, although trouble, It works! 1, the first connection IPhone6 and Macbook,itunes open, into the playlist (and look below), you need to set the music into which, how to put everyone understand, do not elaborate. 2, then observe your itunes interface

Android in music player set a song for incoming call ringtone, setting does not work

Audioprofile, situational mode, multi-card settings ringtonesThe system turns on Multi_ringtone_support. Go to menu--music--song list--long press a song select Set as Phone ringtone, prompt has been set successfully, but into the settings in the profile view, is still the default ringtone. The ringtone is also the default rin

Apple 5s ios7.1.2 How do I set a ringtone? iphone5s ios7.1.2 Mobile Ringtones Setup Tutorial

Set the system's own ringtone 1. Apple 5s ringtones Set very simple, we click on the phone "settings" application, click to open 2. After entering, we find the "sound" option to open the entry. 3. Then we find the "phone ring" in the sound interface and we click on it. 4. Select the system built in ringtones To download and set the ringtone outside the system: 1. This we do not introduce the pro

Black Horse programmer-mac iphone uses how to modify Apple username xxx Mac mac with iphone How to connect pass file for iphone add ringtones ringtone Making---city

appropriate software on the right, 4. Select the "+ import" function in the above column, then select the path of the file to be transferred;5. At the same time, if you select the file to the right of the software, and then select the "6. For transmitting to the mobile phone files, especially code files, using the software to read easily, no garbledIt is recommended to download a good software to receive and read the source code before transferring files or folders:I recommend installing in adv

Linux mobile phone DIY. Shell application extension 1. Random incoming ringtone (e680 Series)

Linux mobile phone DIY. Shell application extension 1. Random incoming ringtone (e680 Series) Papayas 2007-03-18 I. What is shell? Before getting started, I always used to copy some stuff from the Internet to "enrich" the content of the article.Shell is a program with special functions. It is between the user and the Unix/Linux operating system core.An interface between the core program (kernel. In other words, if you want to operate Unix/Linux,It nee

QQ for MAC message ringtone replacement method

Change QQ for Mac ringtone to iphone with default ringtone QQ default ringtone is very sharp and very harsh, and everyone's ringtone is the same, sometimes it is difficult to tell who is QQ in the ring, so want to change the QQ ringtone, but the current QQ for MAC settings

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