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The combination of the ring-letter SDK and Apple Watch (3)

: (wkinterfacetable *) Table RowIndex: ( Nsinteger) RowIndex;in WkinterfacecontrollerThe code example in the previous step has given the wkinterfacetable how to use it, see Demo for specific code.5, each individual page has been written, now want to let them move up.WatchKit provides three types of page navigation.The first kind UINavigationController of control of a similar stack of navigation, the corresponding interface-(void) Pushcontrollerwithname: (NSString *) name context: (ID) context;

The non-"smart watch" selling point of Apple watch

another 3 days is the day that Apple Watch opens online bookings. In order for more consumers to understand and buyApple Watch, the company is also a lot of spelling. 1 , Apple Watch can be purchased at half priceaccording The Ve

How Apple Watch uses the Apple Watch method

Apple Watch supports paying banks with third party payments have China UnionPay: BOC, ICBC, CCB and merchant bank Third party payments At present, only pay the treasure family, or a lot of functions have been deducted Alipay, but Alipay payment and balance treasure can still be used. How to use Apple watch 1.

Game&watch, 30 years ago, is more innovative than Apple's watch (People's post, "Happy Travels," 53)

already very mature at the time. But precisely this technology, the tedious process of computing into a game process, the subtraction and the digital keyboard into one or two game keys, the real realization of disruptive innovation.When Apple redefined the smartphone with the iphone, it simply solved the problem of "why must have a keyboard" with the touch screen, and solved the "why the main function of the mobile phone" is the user's little perplex

Download 25 exquisite IPHONE 6 and apple watch prototypes !, IPhone Apple

Template Apple Watch Free Template PSD Apple Watch Time Piece inc. PSD Mockup Apple Watch Mockup Apple Watch Mockup Kit Free PSD Objec

Apple Watch and Apple Pay will help the company become the first trillion-dollar firm to market

Apple's Tuesday market capitalisation topped $700 billion for the first time, making it the first company to have a market capitalisation of more than $700 billion, up from 1.7 times times the second Exxon. Analysts predict that Apple's market capitalisation will close to $800 billion next year, but the estimate should be preceded by the word "conservative" if it were to refer to the algorithm of the famous activist investor Carl Icahn.Currently, Iphone,ipad and Mac businesses are Apple's main p

Apple September 9, 2014 content (iphone6, iphone 6 Plus, Apple Watch)

At 10 in the morning of this 2014/9/9, you can also watch live broadcasts on the Apple Web site, which you can see with Safari.650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone wp-image-5842 "src=" http://www.powenko.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/ 2014/09/screen-shot-2014-09-09-at-09.58.25.jpg "alt=" screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 09.58.25 "width=" 560 "height=" 317 "/ >Tim Cook's lead came out,650) this.width=650; "cl

Karnaugh Map's first intimate contact with Apple Watch

illustrate why you might be disappointed with Apple Watch, here we first meet Professor Noriaki Kano of Tokyo Polytechnic University. In 1980, Professor Noriaki Kano created a model to analyze the theory of customer satisfaction.Kano that the product has some special attributes directly related to the user's liking for the product. He found that some of these attributes had a more pronounced effect than ot

Apples watch Apple Watch use tips to share

1, fast switching applications: Previously, we have heard, Apple Watch part of the operation is somewhat similar to the IPhone, for example, only need to click the Digital crown (Digital Crown) two times, can be applied to switch operations, and then click two times to return to switch before the application, For example, double-click the crown on the dial to switch to music, and then double-click again aft

Apple Watch knows more about women's hearts

designer more understand female heart ~ that gorgeous golden red collocation, really called people. said moto360 good-looking cheese,really stunning, but do you think that the real hundred? Maybe a pair of T- shirt jeans or a full-body mix, full of casual-style round dials and professional women's suits, lace-up dresses, haute couture suits may not be very harmonious ... The watch on the electronic screen is a problem with the pairing, and I think

The UI design basics of the APPLE watch human-Computer Interaction Guide

into Apple Watch. Just as the screen can sense touch, the retina screen of Apple Watch can also feel the pressure. When the action of pressing the screen appears, the screen will display a menu related to the current screen, which the app can use to show the actions related to the current content. Digital Crown, whic

Save online music? Apple Watch has more to do

download songs as they used to.It can be said that whether it is streaming media or music download, there is an urgent need for the emergence of "savior". And that's challenging Apple, because its launch of the official itunes online digital music downloader is unlikely to see itself in the online music industry. Apple has therefore prepared to spend $3 billion

Use Countly to analyze Apple Watch statistics

iPhone. This value determines how long the update_session request should be sent to the server when your application is in use. The second is COUNTLY_EVENT_SEND_THRESHOLD. The default value is 3 seconds for WatchKit and 10 seconds for iPhone. When the Countly iOS SDK waits for a special event and reaches the critical value of this event, it will send a request to the server until the next update_session request enters. Considering that

What is the effect of an Android wear upgrade or a sniper Apple Watch?

engineering director. ”  Function upgrade Four, support the screen is long bright.Some applications need to be long-lit during use (although with the current life of a smart watch, doing so is like making the Watch sleep earlier), such as a map. A new feature of the Android Wear upgrade includes support for long-lit screens, such as using Google Keep to view a shopping list in a supermarket without having

An introduction to the super Practical Apple Watch design

Later this month, the expected Apple Watch will bring tens of thousands of watch applications, impacting the application market and attracting your attention. Because the screen size is smaller, and always wear on the wrist, the way of interaction is also different. Creating a beautiful, comfortable experience on Apple's watc

4 design ideas to help you simplify the products of Apple Watch platform

story content. In addition, we also use a different color for DNF, make it more visually prominent, users can get information simply glance.   3. Simplified icon Form Over the past few years, the Geocaching app has expanded to many different platforms. About a year ago, we also made the Android version. We did not take into account the future of a variety of platforms in the creation of brand specifications, and over time, the product i

Apple Watch Development Detailed

Apple Watch Development DetailedApple Watch is now more of an extra screen for third-party developers. The temporary WatchKit does not give enough interface. Now the main operational logic of the Watch app relies on Iphone,apple and promises to have a native

Apple Watch how to do debugging and problem Rollup __apple

In our development of iOS or AppleWatch applications, no matter how our code is written, there is always a small desire to be able to run the program to the real machine, not the simulator. And with the release of Xcode7, this idea becomes more simple, even if you did not buy 99 knife developer account, and did not go to escape all kinds of abnormal means, now you can also through the official method of debugging. But I also ran into a lot of pits when I wanted to run on the AppleWatch. I'm here

[Reprint]apple Watch Development Detailed

Apple Watch Development DetailedApple Watch is now more of an extra screen for third-party developers. The temporary WatchKit does not give enough interface. Now the main operational logic of the Watch app relies on Iphone,apple and promises to have a native

The communication mechanism of Apple watch

Communication mechanism(1) Users need to turn on Bluetooth connection watch in the app settings, adjust the interaction between the watch and iphone, Bluetooth distance of 9 meters, over distance, disconnected(2) The iphone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the AppleWatch (or connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot built by the iphone), so long as the signal is present, the distance between the two sides can be(

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