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Ubuntu Create WiFi hotspot (mobile phone is recognizable)

default mode: Ubuntu comes with the network manager only schema and Ad-hoc mode, and kubuntu-desktop version of the network manager has an Access Poin mode, and can choose to create wireless (shared), and Ubuntu can only choose New WiFiFifth Step:So we go to install KDE network Manager, set it up, go to Ubuntu Software Center, enter search network, choose Kde-nm-connection-editor installation.Sixth step:After installation, open terminal, Input kde-nm (tab, Auto-complete), enter the popup screen

Win7 system with notebook sharing WiFi hotspot let mobile phone free internet

have been using this method to turn their notebook into a WiFi hotspot, so that the phone can also directly connected to the WiFi, saving network fees and router purchase fee.It turns on the hidden features of Windows 7: virtual WiFi and Softap (Virtual wireless APs). Turn y

ubuntu14.10 build hotspot WiFi share to mobile phone

In the Windows system, to open the AP hotspot, directly from the network management inside, it can be turned on, but very unstable, and the speed is particularly slow. And with ubuntu14.10, it's a lot easier. And it's very stable.Tools/Materials ubuntu14.10 Method/Step "Edit link" in Network management Open "Edit Link", click "Add" button In the popup dialog box, select "Wi-Fi" Now configure the network,On the General tab, tick

Will win7 computer to become WiFi hotspot, let mobile phone, notebook share internet use win7 set up wireless LAN.

will win7 computer to become WiFi hotspot, let mobile phone, notebook share internet use win7 set up wireless LAN. Turn on Windows 7 's hidden features: virtual WiFi and Softap (that is, virtual wireless AP), you can make the computer into a wireless router, sharing the Internet, saving network fees and router purchas

"Other" win7 create WiFi hotspot share to phone use

"Allow other network users to connect through the computer", share to Network Select "Wireless network Connection 2", "XX control or disable XX" can be canceled3. Enable shared WiFi, then your phone will be able to search for the hotspot you createdNetsh wlan start hostednetworkThe hosting network has been started.Other--Deactivate and delete operations:A) If yo

Turn Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot and share the Internet with your mobile phone and iPad!

Change the wireless network of Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that mobile phones and laptops can access the Internet. We use win7 to establish a wireless LAN, which enables shared Internet access and local network games. As we all know, the "set temporary network" in the laptop network settings cannot be connected by a mobile phone. In this way, the notebook can be identical to the

The function of Auto popup after mobile phone connected to WiFi hotspot

/ipv4/ip_forward2. Set forwarding NatIptables-t nat-a postrouting-d tcp-j masquerade-o ppp0Iptables-t nat-a postrouting-d udp-j masquerade-o ppp0the parameter after-t specifies which table to modify, we select Nat- A describes how rules are added,append"append"Postrouting, explaining the modified chain-D is one of the matching rules that represents the destination IP-P is the network protocol-jjump, refers to which target is to be processedMasquerade is a disguise

How to use drive life solution mobile phone not even WiFi hotspot

when WiFi software can not open the WiFi hotspot, many times the wireless network card driver has a problem, although the 160WiFi with wireless network card repair function, but sometimes may repair unsuccessful, this time need to use additional driver tools to repair the Let's use the following two methods to solve this problem. When using 160WiFi, when the mo

Set up WiFi hotspot in XP system so that mobile phone and computer can surf the internet

Http://wenku.baidu.com/view/372c5b1fa300a6c30c229f42.htmlHere record the XP system to establish a shared wireless network connection, if supported on mobile devices, the network adapter must be WiFi! Win7 comes with, XP system to see whether the computer support, many computer models are not, so want to wif hot, change win7 system bar, simple and good. Don't be engaged for 3 hours like this XP.Preparation: Two notebooks, wireless, broadband line noteb

Win8.1 connect the mobile phone to send WiFi hotspot will be blue screen how to solve?

Win8.1 connect the mobile phone to send WiFi hotspot will be blue screen how to solve? Cause of the problem: The Wireless Signal Transfer Protocol (802.11n mode) in the Intel network card driver is in conflict with the signal mode of some WiFi hotspots and has little to do with the wireless network driver version.

Android solution part of the phone connection hotspot WiFi caused to be switched, Enablenetwork (NetID, true) Invalid problem

before you write a brief introduction to the problems found: A mobile phone to create hot "mini", b mobile phone in connection with hot spots, the connection of the SSID is called "haha", then use Enablenetwork (NetID, True) method, connection a created hot "mini", the general process is to disconnect the "haha", connect " Mini "hot spots, in this process, most of the mobile

Win10 built-in mobile WiFi hotspot settings tutorial, win10 built-in wifi hotspot

Win10 built-in mobile WiFi hotspot settings tutorial, win10 built-in wifi hotspot Windows 10 laptops can turn their own into WiFi hotspots, so that other mobile phones or mobile terminals can connect to the shared Wifi

Android solves the problem that the mobile phone cannot find the hotspot after the hotspot is opened through custom settings ., Android hotspot

Android solves the problem that the mobile phone cannot find the hotspot after the hotspot is opened through custom settings ., Android hotspot During the development process, the mobile phone cannot find the hotspot after the

Samsung S5 portable hotspot How to use? How is the Galaxy S5 set to a WiFi hotspot?

Let's talk about a portable hotspot. What is a portable hotspot is waiting for a wireless router, we can set our own mobile phone to a WiFi router function, so that other wireless devices like the Apple phone, Samsung mobile phones, laptops can be connected to your mobile

Ubuntu 14.04 using Ap-hotspot to establish WiFi hotspot failure

There was a problem with setting up WiFi hotspots on Ap-hotspot on Ubuntu 14.04 today. After you have configured the SSID and key, run sudo apt-mark hold HOSTAPD after you have been in the sudo apt-mark for HOSTAPD status. Later found a solution, hope to see this article's friends can also successfully solve:First, we install Ap-hotspot:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8sudo apt-get updatesudo

How does a Win10 laptop create a WiFi hotspot?

, find the notebook shared Wi-Fi hotspot wireless network, click Connect, and use just set the WiFi password connection, You can have your phone, tablet, or even other laptops in the vicinity turn on the wireless internet, as shown in the picture. Mobile/flat-panel connection Win10 laptop WiFi

Quickly turn your laptop into a wireless WiFi shared hotspot script

used as a mobile phone, flat WiFi, speed that is the lever drop! Four, turn off WiFi hotspots Eh, said to create and open a WiFi hotspot, I finished the "open" part of the next to say "off" part of the.Turning off a WiFi

How to set up a WiFi hotspot

How to set up a WiFi hotspot A number of ways to establish a WiFi hotspot, but also believe that there are many heroes early know the method of the younger brother, hope that the master do not spray, if there is wrong, please advise. The important part of this article, I have been marked with red. This method does no

Win10 realize mobile hotspot sharing WiFi

Computer wired internet has wifi network card, want to share WiFi to phone also in for download Cheetah WiFi, 360WIFI, WiFi sharing genie? Worried about password leaks? Worried about cyber security? Now it doesn't bother. WINDOWS10 system comes with

Windows 7 WiFi Hotspot Configuration

action.The administrator will pop up the Allow action, click [Yes], you can go to the command line interface (because the configuration of the WiFi command requires administrator privileges, so need to run administrator), the command line input (Input method into English state) configuration statement,Two. Command configuration explanation1. Configure the WiFi commandCommand syntax:netsh wlan set hostednet

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