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Mobile phone SIM card can not read how to solve the mobile phone SIM card can not read 5 kinds of solutions

1, to confirm whether the SIM problem After the mobile phone restart, card reseat and other steps useless, find a phone to confirm whether the SIM has been bad, such as in other mobile phones are still no response is the card i

What if the SIM card cannot be read? What if the SIM card cannot be displayed on the mobile phone?

What to do if the SIM card cannot be read 1 first to say the simplest one reason, check the SIM card is not plugged in, the reverse, the phone must not be able to read the SIM card, then we need to reinsert the

SIM card not recognized by mobile phone? Why cannot I identify the SIM card on the mobile phone?

Step 1:1. First shut down the mobile phone, and then as shown in the figure below, we will deduct the rear cover of the mobile phone, and re-insert the SIM card for multiple times.Step 2:2. If we are sure that SIM card insertion i

Mobile SIM card is locked how to do mobile phone SIM card lock to understand the method of lock

Classification of two cases If PUK lost less than 10 times, take the ID card, SIM card to the Business hall can query the correct PUK code, to unlock "some of the province's online business hall can also check PUK code or through 10086 can also query PUK code", if the Ruyi card and standard Shenzhou line

Samsung ON7 mobile Phone How to switch SIM card 1/sim Card 2 mobile Data Internet (g6000)

1 on the Standby page, click "Application". 2 Click "Set". 3 Slide up the screen, locate and click the "SIM Card Manager". 4 Click on the Data Services network. 5 Select "SIM 2". 6 after reading the "Switch mobile network" description, click "Toggle". 7 The Data Service network is switching. 8 page Pop-up prom

What type of SIM card does the millet max phone use? Millet Max Mobile SIM card installation method

"note" Millet Max will be designed with a triple two card slot, either with dual SIM cards (Micro Sim+nano SIM) or Tanka +TF card, the highest support for 128GB external memory card expansion. : Support Dual-

Phantom Blue e Mobile phone How to insert card/card charm Blue e mobile phone SIM card installation steps detailed

Charm Blue E continued the charm blue consistent multi-color style, providing starry ash, moonlight Silver, Champagne gold, rose gold, glacier blue Five kinds of color optional, below we will introduce you to install the SIM card steps. Charm Blue E How to insert card notice: Charm Blue E support All Netcom, users can use

Xiaomi 4 mobile phone SIM card? Illustration of SIM card insertion method for Xiaomi 4

Introduction to Xiaomi 4The SIM card of Xiaomi 4 mobile phone is SIM card and does not need card cutting. We can directly insert the SIM card

What if the SIM card of the mobile phone is not recognized? Solution to Invalid SIM card

Step 1:First shut down the phone, and then try inserting the SIM card of the phone several times, as shown in the figure.Step 2:If this is the case, start KO. If not, go to "Settings"-"SIM card management" on the mobile phone to check whether the sim1 and

Mobile Security Guard ------ sim card binding on the mobile phone anti-theft page & amp; read contacts, ------ sim

Mobile Security Guard ------ sim card binding reading contacts on the mobile phone anti-theft page, ------ sim Implemented functions: SIM card binding Read contacts Technical poin

Glory Note8 Mobile phone How to mount card/card glory Note8 mobile phone SIM card installation Tutorial

Glory Note8 Card tips: 1. Network format Glory Note8 is a full netcom mobile phone, all three major operators of all networks, and support 4g+ network, in addition to support high-speed rail mode and support volte high-definition voice calls. 2, SIM card slot type Glory Note8 used a

Phantom Blue Note Mobile phone SIM card How to install the Phantom Blue Note SIM card installation graphics and text method

The Charm Blue Note adopts the integrated fuselage design, the card slot is located on the right side of the fuselage, needs to use the Kari that takes out the card slot, then completes the SIM card installment. Therefore, the Charm Blue Note installs the SIM

OPPO r9s How to install card/card OPPO r9s mobile phone SIM card installation graphics and text tutorial

Oppo has released a new upgraded model Oppo r9s and r9s Plus in the previous release, and these two models have received a good level of attention. There is not much room for upgrades compared to previous products. Network, still support the whole netcom, support dual-card double, still used with or Cato design. So oppo r9s How to install card? The following small set of simple for everyone to bring the Opp

Red Meter 3 Mobile phone SIM card How to switch card?

   Red Meter 3 Card-changing method Tutorial: The first step: the first Red meter mobile phone 3 off; Step two: Remove the pin in the box and remove the SIM card from the upper left side of the fuselage, as shown. Step three: will be prepared Micro-sim small

Red Rice Note3 Mobile phone SIM card how to install card

Red rice Note3 Install SIM card steps: 1, in the red Rice mobile phone has a card to take the needle, we buy a mobile phone in the packaging card will have a card to take the needle ac

Mobile Security defender------mobile phone anti-theft page SIM card bindings & Read Contacts

,2.class);Startactivityforresult (Intent, 0); Where the number 0 is the request code, in a moment will be used-Second Step-In 2.class:Intent Intent = new Intent ();Intent.putextra ("key", value);Setresult (0,intent); Where the number 0 is the return code, in a moment will be used-Step Three-In 1.class:Overriding the parent class method: Onactivityresult/**requestCode 为请求码*resultCode 为返回码*data为2.class传回来的Intent*/protectedvoidonActivityResult(intint resultCode, Intent data) { super.onAct

Samsung Note7 Mobile Phone How to insert cards/cards Samsung Note7 SIM card installation graphics and text tutorial

Samsung Note7 Card Tips: Network format Samsung Note7 Support Netcom 3.0, can support China Mobile, Unicom, telecom all three major operators 4G network, and support 4G and dual SIM card. In addition, Samsung Note7 also supports VoLTE high-definition voice calls. How to install dual

"Side Do Project learning Android" Mobile security defender 10-set the wizard's bundled SIM card

);} else{ cb_bind.settext ("unbound sim card"); Cb_bind.setchecked (false);}And the boolean Android.content.SharedPreferences.getBoolean (String key, Boolean Defvalue) method, Retrieve A Boolean value from the preferences. Parameters:key the name of the preference to retrieve. Defvalue Value to return if this preference does not exist. Returns:returns the preference value if it exists, or

Read SIM card information of mobile phone in Windows Mobile

Recently, I am working on a mobile police project. I need to obtain SIM card information for identity verification. Considering the acquisition of the international mobile device identification code (IMEI: International Mobile Equipment identification number) and the Interna

How can I install a Huawei p7 card? How do I install the SIM card of a Huawei p7 mobile phone?

1. Look at the following figure is not two looks like the place, in fact, here is a SIM installed, the other is the installation of the phone SD card, oh, we want to cancel out of the use of the phone to buy the needle to poke it. 2. Insert the needle into the small hole in the phone, and don't be afraid to stab it when you poke it. But the intensity should pay attention to Oh, do not spoil the bad. 3

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