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Director, scene, layer, Sprite

Basic concept Introduction--director, scene, layer, SpriteIn the cocos2d-x-3.x engine, the node tree structure to manage the game object, a game can be divided into different scenes, a scene can be divided into different layers, a layer can also

Detect the mouse's move from Movie

In earlier versions of AS, you cannot check whether the mouse is still in Flash Movie. Therefore, the video cannot detect whether the user is following the current Movie. Another problem is that if a custom mouse style is used, after the mouse is

Basic Concepts in the Cocos2d-x

Basic Concepts in the Cocos2d-xRespect for the original: http://cn.cocos2d-x.org/tutorial/show?id=1926You may know a little bit about cocos2d-x before you read this section, but you may want to know more about how to use cocos2d-x to make your own

Learning AS3: Dynamically modifying the frame frequency of a movie

Dynamically in AS3, you can use the stage class to dynamically modify the frame frequency of a movie. The Stage object of the Stage class (Flash.display.Stage) is the stage for all Sprite and MovieClip and other components in the security sandbox.

Two ways to control movie clips with the keyboard in Flash

Control Today to tell you about the use of the keyboard in Flash to control the movement of objects in two ways, is the use of Flash ActionScript updateafterevent and onenterframe to achieve. When viewing the effect, click the Flash movie with your

[Cocos2dx] main concepts of cocos2dx

[Cocos2dx] main concepts of cocos2dx The main concepts in Cocos2dx include application, Director, scene, layer, Genie, animation, and action. The hierarchies are as follows:  CCDirector (Director) in the cocos2d-x engine, CCDirector class is the

AS3 load External SWF movie file implementation detailed

The easiest way to do it The code is as follows Copy Code var my_urlloader:loader=new Loader ();My_urlloader.load (New URLRequest ("swf.swf"));My_urlloader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener

Chapter I: the base of ActionScript

introduce: Using ActionScript, you can create flash programs to do anything you can think of. But before we get to the broader range, let's take a look at the basics. Good news when ActionScript's commands have well-defined patterns, sharing the

Flash as3.0 A summary of color methods for changing movie clips

AS3.0 dynamically change the color of a movie clip The code is as follows Copy Code var a:colortransform = new ColorTransform ();A.color = 0x000000;Mc.transform.colorTransform = A;Stage.addchild (MC);Change the color of

How to use sprites in qml to do the animations we need

In the game the design of the animation is very important. In QML, it provides a rich animation, but sometimes we need to change the image, just like a movie. In today's article, we'll design an animation that can change the image. We can do this

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