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Summary of problems in JSP connecting SQL 2000 database

js| Data | database | Problem due to system requirements, recently in the development process of the system from the original MySQL transferred to SQL 2000, which encountered a lot of problems, it took me a lot of time. Now take my experience to

SQL 2005/2008 Connection SQL 2000 Report 18456 error

Before reading the article, you should take a look at the following two questions, test your grasp of the mssms tools:1:sql 2005/2008 can I connect to the SQL 2000 database server?2:sql 2000 can I connect to the SQL 2005/2008 database server?The

Unable to initialize ms SQL 2000 problem solution after installing Huawei t2000 Software

After installing the Huawei t2000v2 network management software, install the ms SQL 2000 software manually or automatically, and install the SP4 patch pack. When initializing the network management database, the following error occurs: The

Use XML and SQL 2000 to manage stored procedure calls

Creating multiple stored procedures with different parameters to complete the same task is always a great burden. Sending parameters to your stored procedure using an XML string can simplify this task. This also simplifies the design of the COM

Using XML and SQL 2000来 to manage stored procedure calls _xml/rss

Creating multiple stored procedures with different parameters (stored procedure) is always a huge burden to accomplish the same task. Using XML strings to send parameters to your stored procedures simplifies this task, and makes COM components

SQL 2000 Custom Function call GETDATE () times wrong

When GETDATE () is invoked in a custom function in a SQL 2000 database, the result compiles the times incorrectly, prompting errors as follows: Invalid use of ' getdate ' within a function I'll give you a test example as shown below, --===========

Creating a user-XML stream with SQL 2000

xml| Create You might want to use XML in your program, but you can't get information from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with just one simple query.Let's say you want to connect an HTML table to an XML data island, but you're pretty sure it's complicated

Server Windows 2003 installation SQL 2000+SP4

( SQL 2000 is installed in Windows 2003, there are no 32-bit and 64-bit points for 03 systems)(32-bit system needs to restart the machine, 64 not required)Download the database at the siteTwo folders after decompressionInstall first SQL2000 Step 1:

SQL 2000 bug: When you modify an existing view in the Enterprise Manager, the column name is automatically changed to expr1, expr2, and so on.

This problem has been encountered before, and it seems to be solved after I reinstall SQL. Today I encountered the same problem. When I modified an existing view of SQL 2000, once the previous good view is modified with the Enterprise Manager, all

[SQL Server] SQL 2000 function Recursion Algorithm

-- SQL 2000 function RecursionAlgorithmIf object_id ('f _ test') is not null drop function f_testGoCreate Function f_test (@ dt int)Returns intAsBeginDeclare @ I intSelect @ I = @ DT + isnull (DBO. f_test (number), 0) from Master .. spt_values where

Download SQL 2000 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition (including SP3 SP4 download address)

ArticleDirectory Download SQL 2000 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4 Download SQL 2000 Simplified Chinese Enterprise Edition Recently I found this SQL on the Internet, but Microsoft's

MS SQL 2000 Assigning permissions

/** Assigning Permissions **/Use [master]Create login [Ln-tf\liaobin] from windows;GoGrant control server to [Ln-tf\liaobin]; --Give administrators Full Control permissionsGoCreate login [ln-tf\shipping staff] from windowsWith

Installing SQL 2000 Server on XP)

Today, I found the method to Install SQL 2000 Server on XP on the network. Previously, I always thought this was not feasible. I can check it later by Google, many websites have said that this method is feasible. I will try it out with LP. The

JDBC bug for MS for SQL 2000

MS for SQL 2000 JDBC bug in fact many people should know, that is In fields that contain blob or clob, that is, the image and text types. The query must be in the select order, and repeated queries are not supported. In this case, you only need

vb.net enumerate all SQL 2000 servers in the network

Server | network For SQL Server2000, open the SQL Server client ready to connect, and when the list of servers is pulled out, all SQL Server servers are listed for the entire LAN. vb.net enumerate all SQL 2000 servers in the networkFor SQL Server2000

Javax.transaction.xa.XAException:java.sql.SQLException: The XA control connection could not be created. (SQL 2000,sql2005,sql2008)

Javax.transaction.xa.XAException:java.sql.SQLException: The XA control connection could not be created. Error: The stored procedure ' master ' could not be found. Xp_sqljdbc_xa_init '.Configure JTA SQL Server Xadatasource Reference:

Add GD library and SQL 2000 support for PHP

These support are not installed by default, so you need to manually add: Download it here Http://www.php.net/downloads.php#v4 In: Windows Binaries All windows binaries can be used on Windows 98/me and on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.

SQL 2000 cannot execute the query because some files are missing or are not registered & quot;

A demo machine is installed for a friend. The system is Windows Server 2003 and the database is SQL Server2000. After the installation is complete, the system is okay and the SQL Enterprise Manager can be opened normally, the database and table can

Split-page stored procedure Code sharing for SQL 2000 _mssql

Copy Code code as follows: ---------------------------------------------------- --Paging stored procedures for SQL 2000 --time:2008-9-25 ---------------------------------------------------- ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo]. [Uosp_recordpager] --The

Add GD Library and SQL 2000 support for PHP _ Extraterrestrial virtual Host

These support defaults are not installed, so you want to manually add: Here to download Http://www.php.net/downloads.php#v4 In the following: Windows Binaries All Windows binaries can is used on Windows 98/me and on Windows nt/2000/xp/2003. PHP 4.4

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