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Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-13. T-SQL and SQL query Analyzer

13. T-SQL and SQL query AnalyzerWhat is SQL?What is T-SQL?Introduce new features of T-SQLHow to Use T-SQLSummaryIn this chapter, we will introduce some basic concepts about the Structured Query Language and transact-SQL and their differences. This

SQL Server version patch system and upgrade

Let's start by understanding several definitions:RTM: Represents the release to manufacturing, which is the default version of the original release version of the product when downloaded from the CD or MSDN. However, there are also versions of the

ORA-28000 the account is locked error Simulation

ORA-28000 the account is locked error Simulation The error message is as follows:OCI-Call Error SQL code 28000, the account is lockedSQL>! Oerr ora 28000.28000,000 00, "the account is locked"// * Cause: The user has entered wrong password

SQL Server user-defined Function usage, sqlserverfunction

SQL Server user-defined Function usage, sqlserverfunction I. FUNCTION:In sqlserver2008, there are 3 custom functions: scalar functions, inline table valued functions, and multi-statement table valued functions. First, summarize the similarities and

IOS Development Series--a detailed introduction to data access _ios

Overview The way data is stored in iOS development can be grouped into two categories: one is stored as a file and the other is stored in a database. For example, the previous iOS development Series-objective-c's foundation framework article

T-SQL coding standard [reprinted]

T-SQL coding standard http://www.microsoft.com/china/msdn/library/data/sqlserver/sp04l9.mspx Release date: 4/15/2005|Updated on: 4/15/2005 Brian Walker It may be strange, but it seems that there is nothing"Formal"T-SQLEncoding standard.

Should the field type of the date stored in the database be either varchar or datetime?

background: a period of time in the Baidu experience saw an article "How to display your (beloved) name in the lower right corner of the computer", before also heard this little trick, but did not really set up, so out of curiosity to practice a bit.

Reprinted-HowtorenameeverythingonOracleDatabase (re

I have read a summary article about the oraclerename syntax. The original address Renamingredologmembers; Renamingtablespaces; namespaces; Renamingconstraints; Renamingschemaobjects (tables, views, sequences, privat I have read a summary article

SQL Server Custom Function functions use introduction _mssql

A. FUNCTION:In sqlserver2008, there are 3 custom functions: Scalar function/Inline table value function/Multiple statement table-valued function, first summed up their grammatical similarities and differences: Same point:1. Create the definition is

SQL Server Custom Functions function

A. Function: There are 3 custom functions in sqlserver2008: scalar function/Inline table-valued function/multi-statement table-valued function, first summarizes their grammatical similarities and differences: The same point: 1. Create definition is

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