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Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation.

This is the definition of collate on books online. When I was helping my colleagues solve a database problem today, I encountered the cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation,Update sec_usrdata Set userid = new_id From sec_usrdata,

How the MSSQL database collation changes _mssql

1.sp_helpsort SELECT serverproperty (' collation ')See your sorting rules.But you should have something to do with the character set.2. Change Server Collation Changing the default collation of an instance of SQL Server 2005 can be complex,

Sort out the SQL Server collation _mssql

SQL Server collation is not usually used a lot, perhaps many beginners are still relatively unfamiliar, but there An error should be often encountered: SQL Server database, in the cross-Library multiple table connection query, if two data The

Collation of character types

In SQL Server, the character type primarily refers to single-byte characters (Char,varchar) and Unicode characters (Nchar,nvarchar). The sort and comparison of character types is determined by collation. For single-byte characters, collation

Mysql Character Set and collation (Mysql collation)

The concept of character set is clear to everyone. Many people do not understand the proofreading rules. This concept is not used in general database development. mysql seems very advanced in convenience. The concept of character set is clear to

Collation supported by memory-optimized tables

In SQL Server, Collation determines the byte representation and code Page of a varchar or char field. In a memory-optimized table, the column of the character type (Varchar,char,nvarchar,nchar) must use the collation of code page=1252, if

Mysql Character Set and collation (Mysql collation)

Brief Description Character Set and verification rulesCharacter Set is a set of symbols and encoding. A collation is a set of rules used to compare characters in a character set.MySql provides strong support in collation, and mongoel does not find

SQL SERVER---collation, data type

First, sorting rulesSometimes when we insert text into the database, there is a garbled "?", it is possible that we created the database is not set up collationTaking Chinese_prc_ci_as as an exampleThe first half of CHINESE_PRC refers to the

SQL Server Optimization data collation (ii)

stored procedure authoring experience and optimization measures One, suitable for the reader object: Database development programmer, database of a lot of data, involving the SP (stored procedure) optimization of project developers, the database has

Collation of SQL SERVER

Sometimes when querying the database will be found (such as when the name of the duplicate check): The database query is not sensitive to case, that is, a and a are the same. That is to say select * from tabletest where name = ' A ' and select *

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