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SQL Server (chapter I) Create a table Delete table create a PRIMARY KEY constraint, a unique constraint, a foreign key constraint, a check constraint, a DEFAULT constraint

TABLEdbo. Orders; CREATE TABLEdbo. Orders (OrderIDINT not NULL, EmpidINT not NULL, CustIDVARCHAR(Ten) not NULL, Orderts DATETIME2 not NULL, QtyINT not NULL, CONSTRAINTPk_ordersPRIMARY KEY(OrderID)); /** Add PRIMARY KEY constraint **/ ALTER TABLEDbo. OrdersADD CONSTRAINTFk_orders_employeesFOREIGN KEY(Empi

MySQL add foreign key completion constraint for table error can ' t create table ' Sfkbbs. #sql -513_25 ' (errno:150)

CodeAlter Table Add constraint Foreign Key References on Delete Restrict on Update Restrict;(constraint can be appended with the constraint name)The reason for the error is that the IDs of the previous two tables are of different types, one when int, and one when bigintWorkaround when modifying the table,Alter

SQL frequently used to create TABLE constraints main foreign key Delete and change the statement

* from tblstudent where tsname like ' Zhang [a-z0-9] sister ' --The wildcard is not considered a wildcard if it is escaped in the []. "" is the system default transfer characterSELECT * from tblstudent where tsname like '%[%]% ' Find When you want to search for names with [or] characters SELECT * from tblstudent where tsname like '%[]]% ' We're not going to find this, we need to use the custom transfer character ESCAPE SELECT * from tblstudent where tsname like '%/[% ' ESCAPE '/'

Foreign key names in the same database when you create a foreign key table cannot use the same

CREATE TABLE day_news (id smallint unsigned auto_increment, title varchar (), content text, author varchar (20 0), Num int unsigned default 0, ntime int unsigned, CNAME varchar (x), hotarticle enum (' Y ', ' n ') default ' n ', Flag enum (' Y ', ' n ') default ' Y ', primary key (ID), Constraint NFK foreign

CREATE table in database (including create primary key, foreign key, non-empty column, unique)

Tags: establishing required Oracle log includes SDN and cancels. comCREATE TABLE (including create primary key, foreign key, non-empty column, unique)-PROS-Blog Park http://www.cnblogs.com/CodingArt/articles/1621921.html ****************

2016/3/10 Database simple operation (CREATE database CREATE table numeric type primary key foreign key auto increment)

1, right-click on the root directory under the connection to create the databaseEnter the database name, set it up, and click on the page to determine the success of the creation2. Double-click to open DatabaseThe first of these is the table, the most important and fundamental of the table.3, CREATE

The "MySQL" Create table and foreign key Delete table are in order.

Label:1. The following is a table statement that is exported directly from the database. 1-- ----------------------------2--Table structure forFiles3-- ----------------------------4 DROP TABLE IF EXISTS ' files ';5 CREATE TABLE ' files ' (6' ID 'int(11) not NULL,7' FileName

MySQL foreign key and cascade delete && table storage engine with CREATE INDEX && delete database and table

table, for example forums causes a row in the messages table to point to the forums table that is not in, and we want the database to automatically delete all messages that belong to the table when we design the Web application, then we can further modify the foreign

Query for all field names in a table with known table names in Oracle, whether each field is a primary key, a foreign key, or an empty SQL statement

Tags: on as SQL type Oracle table text class ROMQuery all columns and their properties for a table:Select From User_tab_columns t,user_col_comments Cwhere t.table_name = c.table_name and T.column_name = c.column_name and t.table_name = women;To find the primary key for a table:Find the foreign

When you use navicat v8.0 to create a database, the foreign key error 1005: Can't create table (errno: 121) is returned)

error 1005: Can't create table (errno: 121) Errno 121 means a duplicate key error. Probably the table already exists in the InnoDB internal data dictionary, though the. frm file for the table has been deleted. This isMost common reason for getting errno 121 in

Unable to delete the table due to SQL Resolution, prompting that the table is referenced by a foreign key constraint

The SQL statement cannot be used to delete a table. The system prompts that the table is referenced by a foreign key constraint. For more information, see. The SQL statement cannot be used to delete a

MYSQL fails to create a foreign key. The record Can't create table cannot be created.

You cannot create one. the error of the frm file seems to imply an error in the file permission of the operating system or other reasons, but in fact, none of these are actually. In fact, this mysql error has been reported as a mysql bug and has been found in the mysql developer list for many years. However, this seems misleading.In many instances, this error occurs because mysql has never been able to support the problem, unfortunately, it does not s

SQL query table structure, process, view, primary key, foreign key, constraint

. major_id and F. minor_id = 0 where D. Name = 'query table name' II,-- Query stored proceduresSelect case. xtype when 'p' then' Stored Procedure 'end as lx,. name, B. text from sysobjects a left Outer Join syscomments B on. id = B. ID where xtype = 'P'-- Query viewSelect case. xtype when 'v'then' view 'end as lx,. name, B. text from sysobjects a left Outer Join syscomments B on. id = B. ID where xtype = 'V' -- Primary

Examples of SQL Server triggers:--the secondary deletion of course table data, the use of triggers to replace the delete operation, first delete the foreign key table related data, and then delete the course. It's hard to understand

intoScoreValues(3,'3-105', -)Insert intoScoreValues(4,'3-105', -)Insert intoScoreValues(5,'3-105', -)Insert intoScoreValues(6,'3-105', -)--Business: To ensure the complete implementation of the entire process, all without problems, unified submission, once there is a problem, back to the origin. Like bank transfers.Begin Tran--z The start of the transaction--start writing the process statement--After the statement is finishedIf @ @ERROR >0Rollback tran--ROLLBACK TRANSACTIONElseCommit Tran--

SQL statement used to query the foreign key information of a table's primary key

In my BSOOC, I need an SQL statement to query the foreign key information of the table's primary key. Last night I studied it at AM and finally achieved this goal:Oracle:Select o. obj # as objectId, o. name AS tableName, oc. name AS constraintName,Decode (c. type #, 1, &

SQL _PHP tutorial for querying the foreign key information of a table's primary key-php Tutorial

SQL statement used to query the foreign key information of a table's primary key. In my BSOOC, I need an SQL statement to query the foreign key information of the table's primary

SQL server2008 How to create a foreign key

" means that when we delete or update data from the primary key table, all rows of related data involved in the foreign key table are deleted or updated."Set NULL" means that when we delete or update data from the primary key

MySQL Create foreign key error (Note database table field sort)

1. The type or size of the two fields does not match exactly. For example, if one is an int (10), then the foreign key must also be set to int (10), not int (11), or tinyint. In addition, you must determine whether the two fields are one signed, and the other is unsigned (i.e. unsigned), which must match exactly, more information about signed and unsigned, see:/http www.verysimple.com/blog/?p=572. The field

SQL statement Build table, set primary key, foreign key, check, default, UNIQUE constraint

must be enclosed in the database .Stu_namenvarchar( $)Unique--qunique Constraints)Insert intoStudent2Values(1,6000,'male','Zhang San');--OKInsert intoStudent2Values(2,6000,'male','Zhang San');--error violates the unique constraintInsert intoStudent2Values(3,6000,'male','John Doe');--OKInsert intoStudent2Values(NULL,6000,'male','Harry');--The error primary key cannot be null, the error message is "Cannot insert value null into column ' stu_id '"In

Entity Framework Core CREATE table one-to-one, foreign key "constraint" between tables

Entitybuilder.hasone (M => m.managerole) . Withone () . HasforeignkeyThe following table structure will be generated create TABLE [dbo]. [Fxkuserrolempping] ([Id] INT IDENTITY (1, 1) not NULL, [Banforumtimeend] DATETIME2 (7) is not NULL, [Banstor Etimeend] DATETIME2 (7) is not NULL, [CustomerId] int is not NULL,

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