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Data Warehouse Application (III): Data Warehouse application for SQL Server 2005-Online analytic OLAP

Tags: OLAP online analytics for Data warehouse applicationsRelated articles:Data Warehouse Application (i): Data Warehouse model designData Warehouse Application (ii): Data extraction,

Azure SQL Database warehouse Data Warehouse (2) schema

Tags: ash t-SQL query _id important SSD round mode for copy tableWindows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  In the previous article, I introduced the basic content of the MPP architectureIn this chapter, I introduce you to the architecture of Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL

Learning: Using partitions in the SQL Server 2000 Data Warehouse

server|sql| data Partitioned views join horizontal partitioned data from a group of members so that the data looks like it comes from the same table. SQL Server 2000 distinguishes between local partitioned views and distributed partitioned views. In the local partitioned vie

The construction and analysis of SQL Server Data Warehouse

server|sqlserver| data The construction and analysis of SQL Server Data Warehouse (i) Basic concepts: 1. Cubes: Cubes are the primary object in online analytical processing (OLAP) and are a technology that allows fast access to data in a

SQL Server Data Warehouse concepts and building process

. 13. Slice: partition data defined by a member of a dimension, called a slice. 14. Data drilling: the end user selects a single unit from a regular, virtual, or linked cube, and retrieve the result set from the source data of the Unit to obtain more detailed information. This operation process is data drilling. 15.

SQL Server Data Warehouse Construction and Analysis

Instance construction process and analysis 1Now we will analyze and discuss it with a simple example.Ms SQL ServerData warehouse construction process. In fact, the construction of the Data Warehouse is quite complex. It combines the front-end technology of the data

Use partitions in SQL Server 2000 Data Warehouse

The partition view joins the horizontal partition data from a group of Members to make the data look like it is from the same table. SQL Server 2000 distinguishes the local partition view from the distributed partition view. In the local partition view, all related tables and views reside on the same instance of SQL Se

Partitioning policy of relational data warehouse in SQL Server (1)

We recommend that you read and understand the following articles: ◆ Use a partition in a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 data warehouse-http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp? URL =/library/techart/PartitionsInDW.htm◆ SQL Server 2000 step by step batch import case study-http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/

Automatic Data Warehouse extraction: use the data conversion Service (DTS) designer in the SQL Server Enterprise Manager to create analysis services to process tasks.

This course aims to achieveIn the SQL Server Enterprise ManagerData conversion Service (DTS) designerCreate an analysis services processing taskTo achieve automatic extraction, conversion, and filling of the data required by the Data Warehouse-------------------------------(For details, refer toCreate an analysis servi

Data Warehouse scalability of SQL Server 2008 new features (i)

1. Introduction Microsoft SQL Server 2008 provides a comprehensive data warehouse platform. It allows you to build and manage your data warehouse using a separate, integrated suite of products, and allows you to provide insights to your users. It can meet the needs of the l

Building a high-performance Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2005

A Introduced Some "super users" with access to data have learned professional Transact-SQL. The convenience of the Report Builder in SQL Server 2005 Report Services (SSRS) extends to the creation of powerful Transact-SQL queries, making it easier for more users to use it. Their ability to consume system resources is b

Analysis of large data solution based on Microsoft SQL Server Parallel-Warehouse

Review As more and more organizations of data from the GB, TB level to the PB level, marking the entire social informatization level is entering a new era-the big data era. The processing of massive data, analytical ability, increasingly becoming the key factor in the future of the organization in this era, and based on the application of large

Introduction to SQL Server 2008 Data Warehouse scalability-related features

SQL Server Technical Documentation Author: Eric N. Hanson, Kevin Farlee, Stefano Stefani, Shu Scott, Gopal Ashok, Torsten grabs, Sara Tahir, Sunil Agarwal, T.K. Anand, Richard Tkachuk, Catherine Chang, and Edward melomed, Microsoft Corp. Technical Inspector: Eric N. Hanson, Microsoft Corp. release date: December 2007 Applicable products: SQL Server 2008 Summary: SQL

SQL performance optimization in the Data Warehouse (MySQL chapter)

a UV, then every day from the log data out of the corresponding visitor data, the last seven days of guest data stored in a single table, the calculation of weekly UV directly with this table to do the calculation, and do not need to grab a lot of data from the original log data

Oracle Data Warehouse Creation Tutorial ____oracle

Oracle Data Warehouse creation tutorial. How to create a data warehouse, create an example, think of graduation design requirements, recently began Oracle's Warehouse modeling practice, detailed records of the graphical interface

Using partitions in the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Warehouse

Overview This article discusses the role of data partitioning in data warehouses. Relational data warehouses and Analysis Services cubes support data partitioning. The logical concept of partitioning is the same in the two engines of Microsoft®sql Server™: Horizontal partit

Data Warehouse-New optimization features for SQL Server 2008

Tags: Data Warehouse optimizationin the absence of a real data warehouse database, now all data warehouses are just a relational database created based on the dimension model, but the Data War

Kickfire: SQL chip boosts MySQL data warehouse _ MySQL

Kickfire: the SQL chip boosts the MySQL data warehouse to equip every MySQL database server with an SQL chip. this is a vision of Kickfire to focus on the data warehouse market. Kickfire launched the Kickfire Database Appliance t

Data Warehouse-New optimization features for SQL Server 2008

Label:In the absence of a real data warehouse database, all data warehouses are now just a relational database created based on the dimension model, but the Data Warehouse database itself has some differences, such as the unique features of an OLTP database, such as the most

Relational data Warehouse partitioning strategy in SQL Server (1)

Partitioning a relational data warehouse The following sections will briefly explain the concept of a relational data warehouse, the benefits of partitioning a relational data warehouse, and the benefits of migrating to Microsoft

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