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SQL Server OLE DB error code 0x80004005 problem

Label:Before doing a backup of the database planning tasks, suddenly one day, the scheduled task is not executed, for some reason, then go manually to perform the task is also a mistake. Think about whether or not to re-build a scheduled task, or not, delete does not let delete. The error prompts are as follows:Then is this to find the reason, a certain degree of error

IE Error: module "Scrrun.dll" has been loaded, but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005

On my WIN10 system to open an internal page login when the "module" Scrrun.dll "has been loaded, but the call to DllRegisterServer failed, error code is 0x80004005 ' wrong information, did not do well for a long time, finally Baidu found registration file "Clock.zip" successfully landed after running the batch file.Registry File Links: Http://files.cnblogs.com/fi

WIN8 system installation software prompts error code 0x80004005 how to resolve

WIN8 system installation software prompts error code 0x80004005 how to solve? We often install the program software in the WIN8 system, the installation process will inevitably encounter some strange problems, such as a user in the WIN8 system installation software, prompted error

Win7 error code 0x80004005 how to solve?

In the process of using a computer, we will encounter the problem of error code 0x80004005. Win7 system computer does not correctly register some dynamic link library files, or between the computer and the Internet, there is a disallowed HTTPS connection Firewall, there may be 0x80004005

Win8.1 System installation Failure 0x80004005 error code how

error 0x80004005 may occur if some dynamic-link library files (. dll files) are not registered correctly, or if there is a firewall between the computer and the Internet that does not allow HTTPS (SSL) connections. You can use the regsvr32 command to register several. dll files: 1, win+x key combination, select "command Run" (Administrator ID) 2, in the "command run", type the following commands, and en

No error info. Return code: E_FAIL (0x80004005) component: ProgressProxy interface: IPro

No error info. return code: E_FAIL (0x80004005) component: ProgressProxy interface: IProgre solves the problem of getting the centos created by the vm to the oracle vm virtualbox for running in the last few months, some settings of ubuntu 11.10 In the original oracle vm virtualbox are modified. When ubuntu 11.10 is started again, the system prompts: you cannot op

Error type: Provider (0x80004005) a method of handling an unspecified error _ Application Tips

=j+1 Rsxsl.movenext Loop Response.Write "Total import .Response.Write "Set rsxsl=nothing Set rssql=nothing Set myconnection=nothing Set cmd=nothing End Sub ... ... ... File1=request.form ("filename2") Strtj=mid (Request.Form ("filename2"), InStrRev (File1, "\") +1, (InStrRev (File1, ".") - InStrRev (file1, "\")-1) If file1= "" Then Response.Write "Please select the Excel table you want to import!%> Response.End End If Myconn= "Driver={sql SERVER};

64-bit Win7 start VirtualBox error error E_fail 0x80004005

System: Win7 x64VirtualBox version: 4.3.28Problem:" failed to create COM object , application will be interrupted" when starting virtual machine, error code is 0x80004002Click OK to display the " unable to start the virtual machine " BlaBla problem, forget that the error code is E_FAIL0x80004005Workaround:Swap with the

What to do when Win8 install software to prompt 0x80004005 error

How to troubleshoot Win8 installation software prompts 0x80004005 error We use the computer process, sometimes need to install some software, but in the process of installing software, encountered some problems, such as "error code 0x80004005" problem. Users who have just u

SCCM 2012 R2 system distribution client error (0x80004005)

Tags: Client I reported an error (0x80004005) during the installation of the SCCM distribution client. After a few days, when I created a task sequence for deployment, check [use remote distribution point when no local distribution point is available]. This error will not be reported again. 650) This. width = 650; "Title ="

An error occurred while installing Win8.1: 0x80004005 solution

Upgrade Win8 Professional Edition to 8.1 through the Store app Store. After the download is complete, 'prepare to restart' at the last step, the 'error 0x80004005' is displayed, as shown in the figure:Cause analysis:Microsoft pointed out that if some dynamic link library files (. dll file), or there is a firewall between the computer and the Internet that does not allow HTTPS (SSL) connectio

xp_sendmail: Failed due to message error 0x80004005

I received an email today saying there was a problem with one of our SQL Server 2000 servers sending mail. I found the following error in my test:exec xp_sendmail '[email protected]', ' Hello, 123 'xp_sendmail: Failed resolution due to message error 0x80004005There has been little focus on the SQL Server 2000 Server at

OSD Deployment Failure Code (0x00000001) 0x80004005

driver you selected is not applicable to any platform", I would like to see the log file DriverCatalog.log.the log found an error: Driver is not applicable to any supported platforms. Code 0x80070661Finally found some problems in the final level solution:https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/configurationmgr/2015/08/05/ fixed-importing-windows-10-drivers-in-configmgr-2012-fails-with-driver-is-not-applicable-

Error message: sqlmapclient operation; uncategorized sqlexception for SQL []; SQL State [null]; error code [17

[ORG/springframework/jdbc/support/sql-error-codes.xml]Info [org. Spring framework. JDBC. Support. sqlerrorcodesfactory]-sqlerrorcodes loaded: [DB2, Derby, H2, hsql, Informix, MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase]Org. springframework. JDBC. uncategorizedsqlexception: sqlmapclient operation; uncategorized sqlexception for

SQL Server imports flat File source data, error 0XC02020A1 error 0xc020902a error 0xc02020c5, return status value 4 and status text "text truncated, or one or more characters in the target code page ...

Tags: SQL ServerWhen using SQL Server to import flat File source data, error 0XC02020A1: Error 0xc020902a: Error 0xc02020c5; Error 0xc0047022: Return status value 4 and status text "text is Truncation, or one or more characters th

SQL Server 2012 Installation Error Case: Error while enabling Windows feature:netfx3, Error Code:-2146498298

Tags: style blog http color os io ar strong forCase Environment:Server environment: Windows Server R2 StandardDatabase version: SQL Server SP1Case Description:When you install SQL Server 2012 on the Windows Server R2 standard version, the installation process pops up with the following error message:Error while enabling Windows FEATURE:NETFX3,

SQL Server 2012 Installation errors: Error while enabling Windows feature:netfx3, error Code: 2146498298

When I recently installed SQL Server 2012, I encountered an error: Error while enabling Windows feature:netfx3, Error Code:-2146498298. It was supposed to be a smooth ride with SQL Server 2012 on Windows 2012. Here is a descriptio

SQL Server replication Snapshot execution error error code 14068

: Http://www.g-productions.nl/index.php?name=sp_MSrepl_changesubstatusThrough analysis, it is not difficult to find, in fact, the error is 2 possible, will throw 14068 error:1.sp_msget_qualified_name, when querying object_name through object_id.2.sp_mslockmatchid, when you lock an object.Then first, or through the above site, find Sp_msget_qualified_name source code

Excel Import SQL Server Error-"text truncated, or one or more characters do not match in target code page" error resolution

Label:Some people say you should turn to access first and then to SQL Server. In fact, the use is not big, to truncate or be truncated.The reason is that the import and export of SQL Server determines the field type of the data table, taking the first 8 lines of the Excel file. If the first 8 is a string of less than 255, it is set to the nvarchar (255) type, but if there are more than 255 lengths in the re

Invalid column type error in ibatis Stored Procedure SQL State [null] error code [17004]

During the development process, you must call the stored procedure and configure the parameter ing in the configuration file of ibatis. However, the "invalid column type" error (SQL State [null] error code [17004]) occurs. Many people have encountered this problem online, and are finally located on the jdbctype in the

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