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sql--aggregate function (Aggregate functions): Avg,count,first,last,max,min,sum

sql--aggregate function (Aggregate functions): Avg,count,first,last,max,min,sumavg () functionDefinition and UsageThe AVG function returns the average of a numeric column. NULL values are not included in the calculation.SQL AVG () syntaxSELECT AVG

SQL aggregate function (AVG, Count, first, last, Max, Min, sum)

The operation of the Aggregate function targets a series of values and returns a single value. Note: If a SELECT statement is used in many other expressions in the list of items in the SELECT statement, the select must use the GROUP by statement!

SQL MIN () function

MIN () functionThe Min function returns the minimum value in a column. NULL values are not included in the calculation.SQL MIN () syntaxSELECT MIN (column_name) from table_nameNote: MIN and MAX can also be used for text columns to get the highest or

Select/distinct and Count/sum/min/max/avg of LINQ to SQL statements

The previous article described LINQ, and by the way, the where operation, this begins with the LINQ to SQL statement, which allows you to understand from a statement's perspective that Linq,linq includes LINQ to Objects, LINQ to DataSets, LINQ to

LINQ to SQL statements select/distinct and COUNT/SUM/MIN/MAX/AVG (GO)

select/distinct operatorApplication Scenario : O (∩_∩) o ... Query for Bai.Description : Unlike the SELECT function in the SQL command, the SELECT and the clauses in the query expression are placed at the end of the expression and the variables in

Oracle Max () function and min () function

You can use the max () function when you need to know the maximum value in a column, and you can use the min () function when you need to know the minimum value in a column. The syntax is as follows.SELECT MAX (column_name)/MIN (column_name)From

LINQ to SQL (Group by/having/count/sum/min/max/avg operator)

Original: LINQ to SQL (Group by/having/count/sum/min/max/avg operator)Group by/having operatorScenario : grouping data to narrow the scope for us to find data.Description : An enumerable object that is assigned and returned after a group operation

SQL MAX () and Min Function Example tutorial

SQL Max () and Min Function Example tutorial Okay, let's take a look at the SQL Max Tutorial. SQL MAX () syntax. SELECT MAX (column_name) from table_name Here's a look at the SQL Max instance. Id OrderDate

Linq to SQL (Group By/Having/Count/Sum/Min/Max/Avg operator ),

Linq to SQL (Group By/Having/Count/Sum/Min/Max/Avg operator ),Group By/Having Operator Applicable scenarios: Grouping data. narrow down the scope of data for us. Description: Assigns and returns the enumerated objects after grouping the input

LINQ to SQL Count/sum/min/max/avg Join

public class Linq{Mxsicedatacontext Db = new Mxsicedatacontext ();LINQ to SQLCount/sum/min/max/avgCountpublic void Count (){Description: Returns the number of elements in the collection, returns an INT type, and no delay. The generated SQL statement

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