sql oracle case statement in where clause

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Oracle experiences 1 -- oracle introduction @ basic SQL statement @ conditional query @ sort data theory and case studies

Oracle experiences 1 -- oracle introduction @ basic SQL statement @ conditional query @ sort data theory and case studies1. Oracle IntroductionOracle is the first word for English translation of

ORACLE PL/SQL Instance refinement fifth conditional control: Case statement

cannot give the literal value null to EXPRESSION1,2. Coalesce[,k??? ' Les] FunctionsThe COALESCE function compares each expression in the expression list to null and returns the value of the first non-null expression. The COALESCE function has the following structureCOALESCE (Expression1,expression2,........., expressionn)If expression1 equals null, EXPRESSIOIN2 is computed. If the expression2 evaluates to NULL, the function returns EXPRESSION2 and returns null if the result of all expressions

Use of the CASE keyword in an Oracle SQL statement

Tags: style cas double quote Log ACL query table SEL statementExample 1: A) double quotation marks are required for column names that begin with "_" in the Query column. b) Use the "case" keyword to determine whether the pass is directly based on the score. create table Tbl_score (id number (4 ), -- id name" Span style= "COLOR: #0000ff" >varchar2 (30 ), -- name score number3 ), -- fraction otherscore number (3 ) -- other scores ); sel

Oracle case where complex SQL statement

UpdateHr_user uSetU.is_approve=( Case whenu.curr_org_idinch (Selectt.org_id fromhr_organization t start witht.org_id= 10001263Connect byPrior org_id=T.org_id_parent) Then 'N' ELSE 'Y' END); UpdateHr_user uSetU.is_approve=( Case whenu.curr_org_idinch (Selectt.org_id fromhr_organization t start witht.org_id= 10001263Connect byPrior or

U-Mail system injection (SQL Injections in MySQL LIMIT clause case)

U-Mail system injection (SQL Injections in MySQL LIMIT clause case) SQL Injections in MySQL LIMIT clause, which happens to be a defect in the email system. This is a case study. The administrator password can be obtained through i

Execution sequence of each SQL statement clause

An SQL statement contains many clauses. When writing SQL statements, it is very important to understand the priority of executing SQL clauses. Otherwise, a simple SQL statement may become multiple nested

Oracle: Control statement IF. elsif statement, Case statement, for Loop statement

');    when ' Green light ' thenDbms_output.put_line (' line ');    when ' Yellow light ' ThenDbms_output.put_line (' et ');   ELSEDbms_output.put_line (' The information you entered is incorrect. ‘);   END case;END; --for Loop ( Note: BEGIN end,loop. EXIT when TRUE: END LOOP)BEGIN   LOOPDbms_output.put_line (' information ... ');   EXIT when TRUE;   END LOOP;END;--Let the above loop execute 5 timesDECLAREV_i Number (10): = 0;BEGIN   LOOPDbms_outp

"Correct open mode" in the Not-in clause in an SQL statement

, which is an error that SQL beginners can easily commit and find difficult to discover. So try to replace the NOT in clause with a different form of SQL statement, or in a subqueryNULLFor example, Oracle can use theNVL,NVL2OrCoalesefunction processingNULL;

The FROM clause of the SQL statement

First_Name | | "' | | "' | | Last_Name name from s_emp;Or:Select First_Name | | "'" | | Last_Name name from s_emp;Processing of NULL values (Null values)null value (null value) and any value to the result of the operation is nullDemo:One year according to 12 months to calculate, consider the Commission, the total annual salary is the monthly salary multiplied by 12, plus the Commission (the table has the Commission is commission_pct)salary*12+salary*12* (commission_pct/100)Or:salary*12* (1+

The SQL statement generated when using the generic data type in the Linq To EF clause queries the entire table.

The SQL statement generated when using the generic data type in the Linq To EF clause queries the entire table.1. Symptoms public class LinqHepler [HttpGet] [Route ("LinqWhere")] public IActionResult LinqWhere () {string uname = ""; _ context. userInfo. where (c => c. userName = uname ). toList (); // LinqHepler with conditions Production

PRB: "compute by statements not supported" (compute by statement not supported) exception occurs when the compute by clause is used in SQL Server.

This document references the following Microsoft. NET Framework class library namespace:• System. Data. oledb• System. Data. sqlclient SymptomWhen you try to provideProgramWhen the compute by clause is used in, the following exception message is received:An unprocessed "system. invalidoperationexception" exception occurs in system. Data. dll. Other information: the compute by statement is not supported.No

LoadRunner execute a clause SQL statement

= 1, @IsCopyBox = 1, @IsCopyScheme = 1, @IsCopyschemecolor = 1, @IsCopySchemeSize = 1, @IsCopyWork = 1, @OperateID = @OperateID, @OperateTime = @OperateTimeexec p_ed Itsale @Flag = ' save_new ', @SaleID = @SaleID, @OperateID = @OperateID, @OperateTime = @OperateTimeexec P_editsale @Flag = ' Clear ', @SaleID = @SaleID, @OperateID = @OperateID, @OperateTime = @OperateTimeLoadRunner connect to SQL database, get CAPTCHA script1. Script protocol: Select W

SQL statement HAVING clause usage, many times you've forgotten

Displays the total population and area of each region. Only those areas with more than 1000000 area are shown.SELECT region, sum (population), sum (area)From BBCGROUP by regionHave SUM (area) >1000000Here, we cannot use where to filter more than 1000000 of the area, because there is no such record in the table.Instead, the HAVING clause allows us to filter groups of data after the group.SQL statement HAVING

The escape character in the SQL statement like clause [reproduced]

Label:If you want to query in SQL like with an underscore ' _ ' or a '% ' equivalent of a record, write directly to like ' xxx_xx ', then ' _ ' will be treated as a wildcard character like. The escape clause is provided in SQL to handle this situation, and escape can specify what escape character is used in like, and the character after the escape character will

SQL statement-case when then else end, SQL-case

SQL statement-case when then else end, SQL-case Output the following results based on the preceding table information: The following are the database and table structure data: create table DeptSales(deptID int,SubjMonth int ,sales int ,deptname varchar(50)) insert into

Preliminary & oracle-18-select Statements Using the arithmetic expression & alias in SQL & join operator%distinct&where clause

An expression ;( 3 ) where Column Name comparison operator Column Name ;Oracle provides examples of the following commonly used comparison operators:(1) >(2) (3) =(4) (5) >=(6) (7) between ... and ...(8) in(9) Like? Example 8: Use the WHERE clause to filter out student information with a name of 3 characters in the student table.Solution: Query Student Table all dataWatermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5

PL/SQL daily question: difference between a CASE statement and a CASE expression

PL/SQL daily question: the difference between a CASE statement and a CASE expression: there are many different types of guinea pigs in the world, some of which have identifiable characteristics. For example, the "Abyssinians" skin has a pleated garlands www.2cto.com "Texels" with long curly hair. In contrast, the White

ORACLE-34-IF statement, Case statement, loop Loop, while loop, for loop

One, if statementIn PL/SQL, keywords such as if, then, else, elsif, endif are used to perform conditional logicSyntax format:if conditions 1 Then Statement 1elsif conditions 2 Then Statement 2Else Statement 3End If; Example 1: Practice If structureSolution: Note the program in:Second,

Oracle Tutorial: CASE statement and CASE expression

NUMBER; 4BEGIN 5 v_flag: = MOD (v_num, 2 ); 6 7CASEV_flag 8WHEN0 9THEN 10 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (v_num |'Is even number'); 11WHEN1 12THEN 13 DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (v_num |Is odd number'); 14ELSE 15NULL; 16ENDCASE; 17END; 18/ Enter valueForIn_num: 5 5IsOdd number PL/SQLProcedureSuccessfully completed. Ii. Search-type case statement --> Syntax

Oracle/plsql case Condition Statement usage

. Every... clause is considered as a 2 comparison. Applies: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g InstanceYou can use the case statement in the SQL sta

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