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《. The preface of net Software technology learning and practice

, and the specific compiler such as VBC (Microsoft developed vb.net program compiler) is the technology, the principle of the operating system is a theory, and Windows is the theory applied to practice products, and therefore due to the technical category. here, readers may understand that computer scientists refer to those who are engaged in computer theory research, and at present, most of the courses offered by the computer department in our unive

Shenzhen software Training-software development training-Wui Tao it Practice

"Wui Tao" software training to open 16 courses: iOS Development, Android Development, Java training, Shenzhen Art training, Shenzhen UI design training, PHP training ... Time starts from Monday every week, until Friday, a total of 5 classes, weekly weekend in Shenzhen Software Training free Audition (Saturday and Sunday), a class of about 3 hours.Shenzhen Software

Software Engineering Practice Job 2--Stud games (Java) Practice Report

].substring (2)) *0.0001+this.getpoint ( Pukes[1].substring (2)) *0.000001+this.getpoint (pukes[0].substring (2)) *0.00000001;}Return This.getpoint (pukes[4].substring (2)) *0.01+this.getpoint (pukes[3].substring (2)) *0.0001+this.getpoint ( Pukes[2].substring (2)) *0.000001+this.getpoint (pukes[1].substring (2)) *0.00000001+this.getpoint (Pukes[0]. SUBSTRING (2)) *0.0000000001;}public void init () {while (true) {This.createpuke ();This.sortedpuke ();This.createplayer ();if (flag) {This.showpuke

Software Requirement specification of software project requirement development process Practice

Reference template is shown in the following table.In short, the software needs only in accordance with the user needs of the literal interpretation of the way to understand and develop, which will be a nightmare is just beginning. The real need is to pseudo-truth, the real demand is not by ordinary users (business interface person) can provide all, level enough, coverage is not enough, really originates from the business domain knowledge, national p

2017-2018-2 20179205 "Network attack and defense technology and practice" 11th Week operation SQL injection attack and practice

"Network attack and defense technology and practice" 11th Week operation SQL injection attack and Practice 1. Research on the principle of buffer overflow, at least for two kinds of database to study the buffer overflow principle?? Inside the computer, the input data is usually stored in a temporary space, the temporary storage space is called a buffer, the lengt

Introduction of development practice of mobile phone network application client software

client software is not a browser, it should always be kept in mind. Client software can handle the server side of the content and business processes are relatively limited, but also because the client application software for other aspects of the restrictions required to ensure that client applications to the browser to apply a better user experience. For exampl

"Original Hadoop&spark hands-on Practice 10" Spark SQL Programming Basics and hands-on practice (bottom)

"Original Hadoopspark hands-on Practice 10" Spark SQL Programming Basics and hands-on practice (bottom)Goal:1. Deep understanding of the principles of spark SQL programming2. Use simple commands to verify how spark SQL works3. Use a complete case to verify how spark

2017-2018-2 20179204 "Network attack and Defense practice" 11th Week study summary SQL injection attack and practice

that the injection gets the data very fast, and the other biggest feature is the automatic search for writable directories. 生成配置文件 编辑配置文件 修改 our $url_start = "":写入地址 启动并且测试`sqlsus test.conf` 获取数据库数据 查看全部数据库名字 sqlsus > get database Kali Linux Database evaluation software Sqlsus Tutorial4.3 sqlninja In the field of SQL injection has always been sqlmap as magical, but Sqlninja also has its own c

Theory, method and practice summary of software architecture

Scene view). On one side of the system of care for each view, 5 views are combined to reflect the entire content of the system's software architecture.The logical view mainly supports the functional requirements of the system, that is, the system provides the service to the end user; The development view is also called the Module View, which mainly focuses on the organization and management of the software

Let you know software development in advance (35): How to modify SQL scripts to meet your needs ?, Software Development SQL

Let you know software development in advance (35): How to modify SQL scripts to meet your needs ?, Software Development SQL Part 1 Database SQL language How can I modify an SQL script to meet my needs? The

Software quality challenges and practice recommendations

customers every day, and these applications may not be developed using any standard. However, people are still buying them. Ignoring standards is not directly related to poor software quality and less demand for final products (as long as the software is not vital to life, such as medical software in the United States that requires FDA approval and compliance wi

The method and practice of software engineering theory

, demand symposium, observing user workflow, prototyping method, use case-based approach.The fifth chapter, the formal method in software engineering from the broad sense, formal method refers to the method of discrete mathematics to solve the problem of software engineering field, mainly including the establishment of accurate mathematical model and analysis of the model activities. In the narrow sense, th

Agile Software Development Practice: a summary

At the invitation of my friend, I am prepared to write a group of articles on Agile software development practices, but also to help the vast number of people who have not used agile or just stay on the book content to visit the Agile software development of this thrilling process. The so-called agile, there are many books on the introduction, I do not want to repeat the invention of the wheel, anyway, on

Software project Management (CMMI Maturity) Practice--Decision analysis (1)

set of decision-making analysis management process to decide which program to choose.In the design stage of the project, the technical staff put forward multiple sets of alternative front-end development technology solutions, for such decision-making analysis, on the face of selective decision-making, and through in-depth analysis, found implicit multiple technology portfolio structure decision-making, in order to speed up the decision-making progress, seize the core, a number of technologies c

Keyboard blind Practice software which is good

  Keyboard blind Practice software which is the best blind to play software list recommended Blind definition: A blind call is when you are typing on a computer without looking at the keyboard. Blind Play is the basic requirements of typists, to have a certain type of speed, must learn to blind. The blind call requires the type of person who has a good positioni

An introduction to the practice of software engineering

  "Introduction to Software Engineering Practice" This book is published by Tsinghua University Press in 2005, the author of Fairmont and. The choice of this book as the job selection, is because a senior hand has the book, but also recommended to me this book is worth a look. But the book is relatively thick, and the content is not simple, so I can only be a little bit.The book in front of some of the

Discussion on Software System Development from Engineering Practice

From the perspective of engineering practice, this article describes software system development-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. I am very happy to have this opportunity to communicate with you about software development. I should be a typical computer science class. From my bachelor's de

SQL Server Enterprise Platform Management Practice book notes--about how SQL Server databases are backed up

-level Full database backup Differential database backup GeneralLog backup FILE-level Full file backup Differential file backup Of course, there is a kind of violent backup method that is to copy the database file directly, and then use the file Attach (Attach) way to back up and restore the database, this way when the case is paralyzed, helpless can try to take, but this way is not recommended as a standard way.There are several reasons for not

Software Engineering: Theory, Method and practice Introduction

methods of calculation and modeling to improve the computational approach itself. Products Software (such as Office packages and compilers). Algorithms (such as the hill Sort method) and abstract questions (such as philosophers eating questions). Schedule and schedule Software projects have specific schedules and schedules Research projects generally do not h

Software Engineering Practice Summary job--Personal work

that everyone in the team to maximize the role played. Although our final result is not perfect, it is important that what we have learned in the process, these things, will probably accompany our life.In team project practice, the whole project was completed in a fragmented time due to the need to attend classes every day, to write homework at night, to meet exams, and to have a few weekends. Although there is a project sprint, but I think time is n

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