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Azure SQL Database Point-in-time restore feature

Microsoft China TechNet 7 Oct 9:17 PM Comments 0 Likes Original address: Http://blogs.technet.com/b/azuretw/archive/2014/10/06/azure-sql-database-point-in-time-restore.aspxThis article describes the point-in-time restore feature

Rman database recovery; key/non-key files, image copies, control files, restore points

Perform full recovery: the key data file of the SYSTEM is lost in ARCHIVELOG mode. If a data file is lost or damaged and the file belongs to the SYSTEM or UNDO tablespace, perform the following steps: 1. the instance may or may not be automatically

MSSQL Server Database Backup Restore method

Tutorial on MSSQL Server database backup Restore method Full backup: Backs up all selected folders and does not rely on the archive properties of files to determine which files to back up. (During the backup process, any existing tags are cleared,

MSSQL Server 2005 Restore Database Bak file differs from "Database backup in Backup set to existing XX database" workaround

MSSQL Server 2005 Restore the database Bak file, Web site using virtual Host station will often encounter, in general, the host has an online management program, but sometimes not, you need to restore the backup SQL database locally. In this case,

SQL Server database backup and restore awareness and summary (i) _mssql

Many students may have some knowledge of SQL Server backup and restore, it is also possible to use Backup and restore functionality frequently, and I believe that most of our developer teams, with the exception of DBAs, use only the most basic

PowerShell Application MSSQL Batch RESTORE database (complete, variance, transaction log)

Directly into the subject, today we continue to describe an application of PowerShell, which implements a batch restore of SQL Server databases and can support SQL Server 20052008 databases. In this chapter, we will cover several points:

SQL Server database backup and restore awareness and summary

Start with the database "recovery Model", because the database cannot be restored if the recovery mode is set incorrectly. SQL Server 2012 does not substantially change database backup and restore with SQL Server 2008, only minor changes to the

SQL Server Restore Database operations

Restore Database Enterprise Manager --Right Key "database" --All Tasks --Restore Database --"Revert to Database Library" to enter the restored database name --Restore Select "From Device"--Select device--add--Add your backup file--OK, back to

Restore Point and flash back database

Flash back database and restore origin are two types of data recovery-related functions, they are used to replace restoration by time point to Cancel Changes to the database. Flash back to the database allows you to change the entire database Flash

Chapter One, backup and restore of SQL Server databases (sp_addumpdevice, backup, restore)

In a SQL Server database, backup and restore are only performed on the server, the backed up data files are on the server, and the restored data files are only available on the server, when the SQL Server client is started on a non-server machine.

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