sql server 2005 default username and password

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SQL Server 2008 conversion to SQL 2005 database script generation

This article discusses how to reduce the database from SQL Server 2008 to 2005, because local development is done in the SQL Server Express Edition version, and the host provider now provides the MSSQL only to 2005, So we need to get the database

SQL Server 2012 Authentication (authentication) _mssql

In keeping your servers and data secure from the current complex attacks, SQL Server has everything you need. But before you can effectively use these security features, you need to understand the threats you face and some basic security concepts.

Implementing usability Analysis with SQL SERVER 2005 database Mirroring _mssql2005

Let's first take a look at what data mirroring is: Now almost all applications are based on the database, then the load of the database is relatively large, in 24 hours a day, any time there will be data to be saved to the database, or from the

SQL Server 2005 Installation configuration method graphics and text tutorials perfect compatibility Win7 all versions _mssql2005

Impression, the previous computer is not developed, their own programming experience, because of Microsoft SQL Server version of a large number of different versions of Windows must be installed in the appropriate version of SQL Server, or there may

SQL Server 2005 Installation Instance environment diagram 1th/2 page _mssql2005

Critical Installation Considerations Although most SQL Server installations use the default parameters, this is a simple process, but failure to understand the installation parameters can also lead to confusion or future security attack problems.

SQL Server 2005 Mirror Build Manual (sql2005 Database Synchronous mirroring Scheme) _mssql2005

A brief introduction of mirroring 1. Introduction Database mirroring is the move of database transactions from one SQL Server database to another SQL Server database in a different SQL Server environment. Mirroring is not directly accessible, it

C # connects to the SQL Server database instance and determines whether the object exists

C # Connecting to SQL Server databases For the different. NET data provider, ADO. NET uses different connection objects to connect to the database. These connection objects mask the specific implementation details, and provide a unified

Win2003 server configures the method of SQL Server 2005 remote connection _mssql2005

The first time you play SQL Server 2005 today, you need to configure remote connections. I said less, straight into the subject, summed up from the novice stand in the WIN2003 server environment to configure the process. The first step is to set up

New SQL Truncation Attack and Defense methods

The SQL injection vulnerability attacks have aroused widespread concern because they can penetrate the firewall and Intrusion Detection System to damage your data layer. Whether it is the first or second-level injection attack, if you look at the

SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 Shrink log method and cleanup log method _mssql

1, set the database mode to Simple mode: Open SQL Enterprise Manager, in the console root in turn, click the Microsoft SQL Server-->sql Server group--> double hit Open your server--> double-click to open the database directory--> Select your

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