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Synchronize sqlce and SQL Server databases using RDA

Abstract: This article uses a simple example to describe in. in the. NET environment, how to use the remote data access (RDA) method to synchronize databases between sqlce and SQL Server, and how to use the related classes of sqlce to create and

Go Understanding SQL Server Memory Grant

This article describes how to query memory grant works in Microsoft SQL Server. It applies to both SQL2005 and SQL2008. Written by Jay Choe, Microsoft SQL Server

Initial membership user management

One of the best features added in ASP. NET 2.0 is the new membership service, which provides easy-to-use APIs for creating and managing user accounts. ASP. NET 1.x introduces form authentication on a large scale, but requires you to write a

. NET anti-SQL Injection Method

SQL statement Using SqlCommand to pass parameters:String strSQL = "SELECT * FROM [user] WHERE user_id = @ id ";SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand ();Cmd. CommandText = strSQL;Cmd. Parameters. Add ("@ id", SqlDbType. VarChar, 20). Value = Request ["id"].

ASP Database Backup Code

The code is as follows Copy Code Server.ScriptTimeout = 99999Admin_header' Response.Write ' "'=====================================================================' Software name: New Cloud Website Management system' Current

SQL Server Character Handling problems similar to regular expressions,

SQL Server Character Handling problems similar to regular expressions, SQL Serve provides simple character fuzzy match functions, such as like and patindex. However, it is not enough for some character processing scenarios. The following problems

SQL Server Common stored procedure paging code

The paging stored procedures are roughly the following 1. Use not in and select top 2. Use ID greater than number and select top 3, using the cursor in SQL 4. Temporary table You can see the following links on the web Summary of common paging

Discussion on the practicality of membership

Discussion on the practicality of membership The first contact with membership is attracted by its powerful functions and convenient use. However, if you understand SQL Server 2005 express by default in Vs, what should you do if you want to use

Use of the membership and membershipuser classes (2)

From huohuo's blog The membership API is made public through two new classes: Membership and membershipuser. The former includes static methods for creating users, verifying users, and completing other work. Membershipuser represents a single user.

ASP access and MS SQL2000 2005 shared Database Operations class

'====================================' H----------Access and SQL Common database action classes, all SQL statements are SQL'====================================Class DbclassPublic ConnPrivate ConnStrPrivate ErrorInfo ' Initialize classPublic Sub

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