sql server 2008 r2 port number

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SQL Server 2008/sql Server R2 metabase mail

Original: SQL Server 2008/sql Server R2 metabase mailStarting with 2005, the Database Mail feature was introduced. and replace SQLMail. The original SQLMail can continue to be used.SQLMail requires an application programming interface (Extended

2008 and to check if the SQL Server 2005 Express Tool solution is installed

SQL 2005 is installed on the work computer, but SQL 2008R2 is installed on the client computer, sometimes it is inconvenient to connect their library debugging. Then installed a SQL2008 R2, during these two problems, the Internet search for a

Windows Server 2008 Setting up a WEB server tutorial (text) _win server

First, install IIS 7.0: Although I is 7.0 built into Windows Server 2008, it is not installed by default. Because the IIS services installed in Windows Server 2008 are significantly different from previous operations, you first need to install the

Resolution is not enabled in Windows Server 2008 when you install SQL Server R2 1433 port

SQL Server typically has a default port of 1433, but sometimes encounters an issue where port 1433 cannot be connected, and checking whether port 1433 is enabled is as follows:Start –> input cmd–> Enter –>telnet localhost 1433-> A black screen

SQL Server R2 installation illustrated tutorial

Installation diagram:Install. NETThere's something wrong, can't do that, then go to Server Manager to installOpen the Feature Setup Wizard and select. NET, which requires installation. Other roles required by netStart installationIIS role, default

Access Oracle through SQL Server 2008

Previously wrote an article about SQL Server access to the MySQL database, and recently just encountered the need to access Oracle, the configuration process is recorded for your reference.Preparatory workDo the following on the host that requires

How to configure a multi-host computer to allow SQL Server access

When the server must provide a connection to two or more networks or network subnets, a typical solution is to use a multi-host computer. This computer is usually located in a peripheral network, also known as DMZ, a peripheral security area, or a

SQL Server uses scripts to create updatable subscriptions for distribution services and transaction replication, and SQL server scripts

SQL Server uses scripts to create updatable subscriptions for distribution services and transaction replication, and SQL server scripts [Create a local distributor] /************************ [Use local distribution server configuration release ]****

Value, use cases, and methods for effective use of SQL Server containers

Microsoft announced in the autumn of 2014 that it plans to increase support for Docker containers in Windows Server 2016. The statement further underscores Microsoft's growing concern about Linux and Open-source tools. In the next few months,. NET

solution for configuring SQL Server for ODBC errors under Win 7 (port 1433 is not a pass)

The win 7 installation of SQL Server 2008 under configure ODBC always prompts similar errors:650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://a.hiphotos.baidu.com/zhidao/wh%3D600%2C800/sign= Ceae5dfa0b7b02080c9c37e752e9deeb/0824ab18972bd4079552a6a27a899e510eb309d3

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