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SQL Server (i) Introduction to the database SQL Server Environment configuration database basics

Tags: dynamic combined with MAC Max Sem named create summary Uninstall Preface This is my work more than two years later, starting from the most basic SQL start, seriously learn SQL Server, Leackage Check and consolidation have all; because I was just beginning to learn, always upset, recently changed work, found 1-2 years of experience, asked the basic thing or

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: SQL Server Tools-sql Mail

the following steps: (1) Start SQL Server Enterprise Manager, log on to the specified server, and open the Support Service folder. (2) Right-click the SQL Mail icon to open the SQL Mail Configuration dialog box, as shown in Figure 19-1. Select the mail profile that you

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: Agent services-Configuring SQL Server Agent

Operator: indicates failure ann A full operator that, if the message cannot reach the specified operator for an indeterminate reason, the SQL Server Agent passes the message to the failed-safe operator; (5) Select the Job System tab, as shown in Figure 17-4; Job History log: This area specifies the size of the log and the maximum number of rows per piece of work to avoid filling the msdb database; jo

0 Basics SQL Server 2005 Electronic Tutorials/books CD-ROM Thunderbolt download address _ Common Tools

emule resources can also be downloaded with thunder The following is a list of files that are shared by users, and you can download them by clicking on them after you install emule [0 Basic science sql.server.2005. E-Tutorials/cd].0sql with books. Server.2005.iso Details 12.2MB [0 sql.server.2005 of basic science. E-Tutorials/books CD].0sql.server2005dianzijiaocheng.rar Details 52.3MB

Note-microsoft SQL Server 2008 Tech Insider: T-SQL language Basics-02 single-Table queries

byValExecution Result:Case-Search expression:SELECTOrderID, CustID, Val, Case whenVal 1000.00 Then ' less Then' whenValbetween 1000.00 and 3000.00 Then 'between' whenVal> 3000.00 Then 'More than' ELSE 'Unknown' END asvaluecategory fromSales.ordervalues;Execution Result:Sorting rulesIf you want the collation of a column to be case-insensitive, you can modify the collation of an expression as follows:SELECT Empid, FirstName, LastName fro

Note-microsoft SQL Server 2008 Tech Insider: T-SQL Language Basics-07 perspective, inverse perspective, and grouping set

Inverse perspective transformation is very clear to implement 3 logical processing phases: generating replicas, extracting elements, and deleting unrelated intersections.SELECTEmpid, CustID, CaseCustID when 'A' ThenA when 'B' ThenB when 'C' ThenC when 'D' ThenDEND asQty fromdbo. Empcustorders Cross JOIN(VALUES('A'),('B'),('C'),('D')) asCusts (CustID);The results of the implementation are as follows:If you want to further filter out data that contains null values, you can:SELECT * from(SELE

SQL Server Tuning Series Basics (subquery operations Summary)

Original: SQL Server Tuning Series Basics (subquery operations Summary)ObjectiveIn the previous articles, we introduced a series of descriptions of operators and the optimization methods and techniques for each operator. This includes a series of our common operators, including how to view execution plans, how several datasets are commonly used, how to join opera

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: New features for SQL Server 2000

New features for 1.2 SQL Server 2000 SQL Server 2000 fully expands the performance reliability and ease of use of SQL Server 7.0 to make it an outstanding database platform for large online transaction processing data warehouses

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: Version and System requirements for SQL Server 2000

The common versions of SQL Server 2000 are as follows: • Enterprise Edition (Enterprise Edition) Supports all SQL Server 2000 features and can serve as a product database server for large Web sites, enterprise OLTP (online transaction processing), and data warehousing syst

Note-microsoft SQL Server 2008 Tech Insider: T-SQL Language Basics-09 Transactions and concurrency

Label:A transaction must have four properties: atomicity, consistency, isolation, persistence, and the first letter of these four attributes can be abbreviated as acid. The following code defines a transaction that inserts New Order data: --Start a new transaction BEGIN TRAN; --Declare A variable DECLARE @neworderid as INT; --Insert A new order into the Sales.orders table INSERT intosales.orders (CustID, Empid, OrderDate, RequiredDate, ShippedDate, ShipperID, freight, ShipName, Shipad Dres

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: Tools for SQL Server 2000

1.3.4 Profiler SQL Server Profiler is a graphical management tool for monitoring the use of SQL Server databases for system administrators It is a spy that monitors user activity 1.3.5 Client Network Utility SQL Server Client N

SQL Server Tuning Series basics (Parallel operations Summary chapter II)

operation This is it, the next we add to SQL Server on the use of the index and dynamic index content, About indexes I believe that many people who understand database products are familiar with it, but the way in which some statements in SQL Server take advantage of the index may not be clear, our next analysis of th

MS SQL Basics Tutorial: Introduction to SQL Server 2000

SQL Server is a relational database management system it was originally developed by Microsoft Sybase and ashton-tate three companies to launch the first OS/2 version in 1988 after Windows NT launched Microsoft and Sybase On the development of SQL Server. Microsoft porting SQL

MS SQL Basics: Installing SQL Server 2000

2.2.3 Install SQL Server 2000 Installing SQL Server 2000 is simpler and the process is similar to other Microsoft Windows products. We have installed SQL Server Standard Edition as an example, the installation process and instruc

SQL Server Tuning Series Basics (subquery operations Summary)

. Orderid,o1. Freightfrom Orders o1where O1. Freight>( SELECT AVG. O2. Freight) from Orders O2)The goal of SQL execution is to query orders that have more than the average shipping charge in the order.The clause that extracts the average freight here is a completely independent subquery that executes independently of the main query. At the same time here we take advantage of a scalar computation (AVG) so that it returns exactly one row.Look at the

SQL Server Tuning Series basics (Parallel operations Summary)

Label:Original: SQL Server Tuning Series basics (Parallel operations Summary)ObjectiveLast three articles we describe how to view query plans, as well as some of the commonly used join operators, Union operators optimization techniques.In this paper, we analyze the parallel operation of SQL

SQL Server Tuning Series basics (Parallel operations Summary)

, next we will add some of the SQL Server parallel operations, Then analysis of our daily write additions and deletions to these operators to optimize the items, interested in advance attention, about the SQL Server performance tuning of the content is very broad, followed by the analysis in the article.If you have any

SQL Server Tuning Series basics (Parallel operations Summary chapter II)

which some statements in SQL Server take advantage of the index may not be clear, our next analysis of this piece, to understand the indexing method and optimization techniques, interested in advance attention, about SQL Server performance tuning involves a wide range of content, followed by an analysis in the next ar

SQL Server 2008 Basics

BIGINT))/1024/1024 as ' Plan Cache size (MB) ',AVG (usecounts) as ' avg use Count 'From Sys.dm_exec_cached_plansGROUP by ObjTypeQuerying the database pathUse masterGoSELECT Physical_nameFrom Sys.master_filesWHERE database_id = db_id (' rjbdb ')Check certificatesSelect Name, Start_date, expiry_dateFrom Sys.certificatesWhere name not like ' ##% 'View Mirroring EndpointsSELECT * from Sys.endpoints EQuerying mirroring statusSELECT *From sys.database_mirroringwhere database_id=db_id (' rjbdb ')This

Permissions control basics that SQL Server context series must know

DATABASE heavidb MODIFY FILE (Name = heavidb,size = 20,filegrowth = 20,maxsize = UNLIMITED) Modify the database using the DDL of the ALTER DATABASE statement to modify the file using the Modify files statement. For a complete database modification SQL, see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/ms174269 (v=sql.120). aspx. Deleting a database The deletio

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