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SQL Server queries all stored procedure information, triggers, indexes

Label:1.[Code]Querying all stored Proceduresskip to [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [Full screen preview]? 123456789101112131415161718 select Pr_Name as [存储过程], [参数]=stuff((select ‘,‘+[Parameter]from (select Pr.Name as

SQL server-Stored Procedures

Label:--================================-- ylb:存储过程创建与操作--================================use pubsgo--一、无参存储过程--1,创建存储过程create procedure PTitlesasselect * from titlesgo--2,执行存储过程execute PTitlesgo--3,移除存储过程--drop procedure PTitlesgo--=================

SQL Server Paging

Label:create PROCEDURE [dbo].[GetPageDataOutRowNumber](@tn nvarchar(30),--表名称@idn nvarchar(20),--表主键名称@pi int = 1,--当前页数 @ps  int = 7,--每页大小 @wh nvarchar(255) = ‘‘,--wehre查询条件@oby nvarchar(255) = ‘‘,--orderby 排序@rc int output,--总行数(传出参数)@pc int

SQL Server update view stored procedure function script


SQL Cross Service server operational data

Label:/*不同服务器数据库之间的数据操作*/--创建链接服务器 execsp_addlinkedserver   ‘ITSV ‘, ‘ ‘, ‘SQLOLEDB ‘, ‘远程服务器名或ip地址 ‘execsp_addlinkedsrvlogin  ‘ITSV ‘, ‘false ‘,null, ‘用户名 ‘,&n

Querying a stored procedure for SQL Server database deadlock

Label:The use of SQL Server as a database application system, will not be able to sometimes create a deadlock, after the deadlock, the maintenance personnel or developers will mostly only through the sp_who to find the deadlock process, and then

SQL Server Backup Recovery efficiency

Tags: ESC too via Sele CTS SQL positive integer Problem classHow to improve the speed of backup?In fact, this problem and how to make the system run faster is the same, to want the system to run faster, nothing else is: optimize the system, or even

Introduction to Exec and sp_executesql usage in SQL Server

Tags: SQL Server exec sp_executesqlSQL Server Introduction to the use of exec and sp_executesqlMSSQL There are two commands for dynamically executing SQL statements, exec and sp_executesql, and generally, sp_executesql has the advantage of providing

SQL Server: Exploring the difference between exec and sp_executesql _mssql

SummaryThe use of 1,execThe use of 2,sp_executesqlMSSQL provides us with two commands for dynamically executing SQL statements, namely, exec and sp_executesql; Typically, sp_executesql has the advantage of providing an input-output interface that exe

SQL Server Connectivity Issues-TCP/IP

Label:Original: SQL Server connectivity Issue-TCP/IPOriginating From: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/apgcdsd/archive/2012/02/24/ms-sql-server-tcp-ip.aspxBasic principles of how TCP/IP works here's not a waste of saliva. Now this network age, who does not

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