sql server express login failed for user

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SQL Server express Installation Problems

From http://download.microsoft.com/download/e/5/3/e53a74e2-9f13-4736-b263-df72af00a8f0/ReadmeSQLEXP2005Advanced.htm#_3462_setup_issues_238p 3.0 Installation Problems This section describes how to install SP1. SQL Server 2005 express edition

SQL Hints Login failed for user ' sa ' wrong solution

Phenomenon:--------------------------------------------------- 1, connect SQL Server database hint: Login failed for user ' sa '. Reason:not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection error Question:--------------------------------------------

Login Failed for user computer \ ASPnet

My database connection string is like this: Server = machinename \ sqlexpress; database = test; trusted_connection = true It is strange that it is okay when you deploy and run the Web Service separately, but publish it to IIS. The access is

Sql-server Configuring remote connections and C # connection strings

SQL Server 2008 does not allow remote connections by default, the SA account is disabled by default, and if you want to connect to SQL Server 2008 on a remote server with SSMs locally, you need to do a two-part configuration: Use the SA account to

[Common SQL server connection failure errors and solutions]

Common SQL server connection failure errors and Solutions   A--SQL server does not exist or access denied The following error may occur:A. the SQL server name or IP address is incorrectly spelled.B. The server network configuration is incorrect.C.

The database dbname requested by the login cannot be opened under Windows. Login failed. User ' IIS apppool/defaultapppool ' login failed. The Solution __ Database

The problem is the application connection pool. Some friends on the internet say it is a problem with the permissions of the Temp folder. There may be other situations that arise.The problem is that the database is SQL Server Express, that the

SQL Server + Express mixed-mode logon settings

After the VS2005 is installed, you will have the SQL Server2005 Express Edition, and for ease of management, you need to install an Enterprise Manager that downloads Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express ( Download name:

SQL Server Related issues

Solution SolutionsUser ' sa ' login failed. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connectionissue One, forgot login password for the SA that logged on to Microsoft SQL Server 2005Workaround: log in with Windows Authentication first,

Some security issues with SQL Server

server| Security | Questions about security issues with SQL Server By xundi Xundi1@21cn.com www.xfocus.org At present, there are many ways to invade NT Server, such as exploiting the vulnerabilities of IIS, but People don't know notice no,

Solve the problem that the sa account of each SQL Server Version cannot be logged on. sqlserversa

Solve the problem that the sa account of each SQL Server Version cannot be logged on. sqlserversa 1. use Management Studio Express, log on with "Windows Authentication", select the SQL server name, right-click and select properties, and select

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