sql server naming conventions

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SQL Server database Naming conventions

+ table name, such as: Trg_productsinsert 7. Index 7.1) Use format such as: idx_{table name}_{index column name}_{unique/nonunique}_{cluster/noncluster} 8. Primary key 8.1) use format such as: pk_{table name}_{primary key column name}9. Foreign key 9.1) Use the format such as: fk_{Main Table name}_{the column name of the primary table}_{the reference table name}_{the column name of the reference table} 10. Default 10.1) Use format such as: df_{table name}_{column name}11. Constraint 11.1) Use

SQL Server Naming conventions

least two lowercase letters before the capital letters, against uid/oid6. Avoid Chinese pinyin7. Avoid the underline connection8. Avoid too long a name9. Avoid reserved wordsObject1. Stored procedures are prefixed with sp_2. Trigger is prefixed with tr_3. The function is prefixed with fn_4. The primary key is prefixed with pk_5. Index is prefixed with ix_6. Capitalize the first letter of the prefix, with multiple words, capitalize the first letter of the word, such as Sp_countfee7. All letters

Naming conventions for database tables

Label:Naming specification database naming conventions for database tables Data files Database tables Only one system There are multiple systems Association table name database field Naming conventions Other View Name Stored Procedure Name

SQL Server performance Optimization (4) naming and writing specifications

(pub_idinch('1389','0736','0877','1622','1756') ORpub_id like '99[0-9][0-9]'), pub_namevarchar( +)NULL,--nameCityvarchar( -)NULL,--CityStateChar(2)NULL,--StateCountryvarchar( -)NULL --National DEFAULT('USA') ) B. SELECT statement Query statements are written using the following guidelines (to maximize the reuse of SQL statements in a shared pool to improve application performance):? Divide the SELECT statement into 5 parts: Select,from,where

Oracle Naming conventions

blockAdd comments before each major part of the block, explaining the purpose of the group statement, preferably explaining the purpose of the statement and the algorithm and the results to be obtained, but do not describe too much of its details4.2.5 You can also add information such as the database you want to access in the comments at the beginning of the block and procedure4.3 Writing specifications for common SQL statements4.3.1 Create statement

Database Naming conventions

, the customer, and so on. This enables a simple mechanism to trace the database, This is especially useful for non-client/server environments when customers complain that their databases are not meeting the desired requirements.NBSP; 4) contains the version mechanism NBSP; A version control mechanism is introduced in the database to determine the version of the database in use. The user's needs will always change as time goes on. The database struc

Database Naming conventions

Data file namingMode 1: Data file naming takes system name +_+ file type. mdf, such as system name Comsys, the database file is namedComsys_database.mdf, there are several database files, such as SQL Server has 2, one is the database textAnd the other is log files, then their files are named Comsys_database.mdf, Comsys_log.log, respectively.Mode 2: If the databas

Web UI site user interface design naming conventions

Web UI site user interface design naming conventions The Web UI design naming convention, which is the site user interface design (web design) naming convention.This set of specifications is not purely CSS, HTML, or JavaScript naming

Oracle database management scripting naming conventions _oracle

The Oracle tutorial you are looking at is: Oracle database management scripting naming conventions. The data dictionary in Oracle is a very important part of the database, providing information about the relevant databases, which is a very important source of information for all Oracle users, from the end-user of the application, the design developer of the application, to the database administrator. The cr

PFC learning notes (3) naming conventions for PFC

I. object naming conventions 1. pfcobject_type_objectname 2. pfcobject indicates whether the object is a PFC layer or an extended layer. 3. type indicates the object type. PrefixDescriptionM _MenuN _Standard user objectN_cstCustom User objectsS _Global StructureU _Visual user objectW _Window Ii. variable naming conventions

Plsql Writing Naming conventions

directly.such as: Num_cust_code Tablename.cust_code%type3. The cursor should start with "Cur_", please describe it at the beginning of the code, and describe the definition of the cursor.such as: Cur_cust_info4. All variables must be marked with the variable type before the variable, the number type adopts NUM,VARCAHR2 with VAR, and the incoming method of the function and so on In_var_cust_name,out_num_code,inout_num_code The way to differentiate whether the type of the variable is bit in,out,i

CAKEPHP2 Naming Conventions ____php

Category: Cake Tags: cake chinese document 4,312 people browse Cake's naming conventions are quite important, and follow the naming conventions of the cake framework to get the various features built into the framework. After the release of CakePHP2, the naming convention do

Database Design-Naming conventions _ Picks

Tags: style blog http io color ar os using SPVariable (object) namingA Database:1. Basic naming rulesTable 1. Base Database object namingDatabase objectsPrefixTables (table) TField (Column) CViews (view) VWStored procedure (Stored procedure) SPTrigger (Trigger)Indexed (index) IDXPrimary KEY (Primary key) PKForeign key (Foreign key) FKCheck constraint (check Constraint)Default constraint (default Constraint)User-defined data type (user-defined)User-def

. Net naming rules and Development conventions

situations clearly between multiple members. C # Document Layout Generally, the copyright, developer, development date, and other information must be added to the C # file first, which can be implemented by registering the class template without the need to add or rewrite the file one by one. /*************************************** ************************* Developer: netsoul soldier * * Cache instance. * * Last modification: 2011-10-28 **************************************** ***************

Some design and naming conventions in database development

the key.Each table will have an automatic ID as the primary key, the logical master as the first set of candidate key to define, if the database is automatically generated by the code, the unified name is: Czid; If a custom logical encoding is abbreviated with an "ID" method named.If the key is a numeric type, you can use _no as the suffix, or the _code suffix if it is a character type. A standard prefix and suffix should be used for column names.All column names are appended to the suffix of t

Oracle X $ table naming conventions

Oracle X $ table naming conventions [plain] X $ table naming conventions [plain] [K] ernel Layer [2]-Phase Commit [G] lobal [T] ransaction [E] ntry X $ K2GTE-Current 2 PC tx X $ K2GTE2-Current 2 PC tx [C] ache Layer [B] uffer Management Buffer [H] ash X $ BH-Hash Table Buffer LRU Statistics X $ KCBCBH-[C] urrent [B] uf

Specifications recommended by Delphi Programming 2---naming conventions

Longint variable lowercase L Lentrustno Int64 variable lowercase i64 I64serialno BYTE variable Lowercase BT Btflag Word variables lowercase W Wcount DWORD variable Lowercase DW Dwcount Boolean variable Lowercase b Bfound Char variable lowercase C Ckind String variable lowercase s SName Float

fleaphp Development Guide-4. Naming conventions and directory structures

Specification | Development Guide Fleaphp's naming rules and directory structure look more complicated at first, but after you get used to it, you'll see a lot of benefits from this naming convention. The same approach is therefore used in the Zend Framework. Of course, fleaphp has no mandatory requirements for application naming rules and directory structures. S

Common HTML, CSS, JavaScript front-end naming conventions

. Use CSS Sprite technology to centralize small background images or icons to reduce page HTTP requests, but note that you must draw a reference line in the corresponding sprite PSD source map and save it to the IMG directory. Annotation Specification 1. HTML Comment: Note format 2. CSS Comments: note Format/* Here is the comment */;3. JavaScript comments, single-line comments using '//Here is a single-line comment ', multiline comments using/* There are multiple lines of comments */; developmen

Microsoft recommended. NET naming conventions

Many naming conventions are related to the case of identifiers. It is important to note that the common language runtime (CLR) supports case-sensitive and case-insensitive languages. The casing conventions that are described in this topic help developers understand and use libraries.Case styleThe following terms describe the different casing forms of identifiers.

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