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SQL Server string split (split) method rollup

F_splitstr (@s varchar (8000),--string to be split@split varchar (10)--Data delimiter) RETURNS TABLEAsRETURN (SELECT Col=cast (SUBSTRING (@s,id,charindex (@split, @[email protected],id)-id) as varchar (100))From Tb_splitstrWHERE Idand CHARINDEX (@split, @[email protected],i

SQL Server string split (split) method rollup

)--Data delimiter) RETURNS TABLEAsRETURN (SELECT Col=cast (SUBSTRING (@s,id,charindex (@split, @[email protected],id)-id) as varchar (100))From Tb_splitstrWHERE Idand CHARINDEX (@split, @[email protected],id) =id)GO--Method 4: Use SQL server2005 outer APPLYCREATE FUNCTION [dbo]. [Ufn_splitstringtotable](@str VARCHAR (MAX),@sp

SQL Server string split (split) method rollup

( -)) fromTb_splitstrWHEREIdLEN(@s+'a') and CHARINDEX(@split,@split+@s, ID)=ID)GO--Method 4: Use SQL server2005 outer APPLYCREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[ufn_splitstringtotable]( @str VARCHAR(MAX) , @split VARCHAR(Ten))RETURNS TABLE as RETURN ( SELECTb.id from(SELECT [value] = CONVERT(XML,'' + REPLACE(@str,@

SQL Server implements custom split String function split ()

Often we want to use the bulk operation will be used to split the string, the sad is that SQL Server does not have a split function, so we can only do it ourselves to solve. In order to reduce the number of communications with the database, we will use this method to achieve

SQL Server implementation Split function split string function and usage example _mssql

This article illustrates the function and usage of SQL Server to implement Split function split string. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: /* function Name: F_splittonvarchar function : To realize the function of

Summary of SQL Server string splitting (split) methods

) --data delimiter) RETURNS Tableasreturn (SELECT col=cast (SUBSTRING (@s,id,charindex (@split, @[email protected],id)-id) asvarchar -) ) from Tb_splitstr WHERE ID'a') and CHARINDEX (@split, @split[email Protected],id] =ID) GO--Method 4: Loop string splits the Create FUNCTION [dbo]. [Fun_splitstr] (@originalStr VAR

The SQL Server String splitting (split) method is used to collect and learn carefully)

SQL Server String splitting (split) method summary -- Method 0: dynamic SQLDeclare @ s varchar (100), @ SQL varchar (1000)Set @ s = '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10'Set @ SQL = 'select Col = ''' + Replace (@ s, ',', ''' Union all se

To split a string function in a SQL Server database

Specific ways to split string functions in a SQL Server database: CREATE FUNCTION uf_strsplit ' ', '. '(@origStr varchar (7000),--the string to be split@markStr varchar (100))--split

Split string into multiple columns in SQL Server

Tags: http technology present tar comma Ace SEL Reference codeToday to change to the old man's code, actually put multiple IDs in a column, or use the comma partition ... What do you do when you inquire???Search the internet for half a day, finally found a SQL Server inside there is a parsename function, you can press. (dot) to split the

SQL Server Split string

Label:SQL Server Split stringThe following is a function that creates a split string with ",":createfunctionf_splitstr (@SourceSql varchar (8000), @ Strsepratevarchar (+)) returns @temp table (F1varchar) as begindeclare @ch asvarchar (set@[email) Protected][emailprotected]while (@SourceSql

SQL Server split string function and its application

Label:Use [DataChange] GO /****** Object: userdefinedfunction [dbo].[ F_SPLITSTR] Script date:05/09/2016 15:04:21 Apply SQL: Implement data segmentation such as data: b41j-002/145%b41j-002/15%b41j-003/36%b41j-000/00%b43k-001/00%b41j-002/045%b41j-002/055%b41j-002/21%b43k-008/00 %b81b-007/04%b43k-029/00%b43k-027/00%b43k-029/093 Take the previous digit in each set of% data together to get the data in% split

SQL Server custom string splitting function--split

is only necessary to use the default keyword.2 Select * fromSplit (default,'123,456,789')3 4 Select * fromSplit (default,'123,456,789,')5 6 --Try other character segmentation below7 Select * fromSplit ('ABC','11111abc22222abc33333')8 9 Select * fromSplit ('ABC','11111ABC22222ABC33333ABC')The disadvantage is that you cannot directly act on a table, and you cannot support multi-character segmentation at the same time.Of course, if more than a few parameters, but also reluctantly, but I would

SQL Server Split String functions

--Description: Splitting a string function--SELECT * FROM dbo. Split (' a,b,c,d,e,f,g ', ', ')-- =============================================CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Split](@Text VARCHAR(8000) ,@Sign NVARCHAR(4000) ) RETURNS @tempTable TABLE(IDINT IDENTITY(1,1)PRIMARY KEY,[TempVal] VARCHAR(4000) ) as BEGIN DECLARE @StartIndex INT --where to start looking D

SQL Server String Split

SelectValue fromTf_njvalues ('3c457a2d-188b-4d99-a822-2968054e1fb8,3c457a2d-188b-4d99-a822-2968054e1fb8')CREATE FUNCTIONTf_njvalues (@P0 varchar(Max)--characters that need to be intercepted) RETURNS @OUT_TABLE TABLE(ValueVARCHAR(Max)) as BEGIN DECLARE @SQL varchar(Max), @output varchar( -) Set @P0= Case when Right(@P0,1)=',' Then @P0 Else @P0+',' End while CHARINDEX(',',@P0)>0 begin Set @output=left(@P0,CHARINDEX(',',@P0)-1) I

SQL Server split string to column

Tags: substring ret div character Zid insert case when tab substrCREATE FUNCTION Dbo.sf_ds_splitnvarchar(@strValues nvarchar (4000))RETURNS @tblStrList TABLE (id int identity (), value nvarchar (4000))AsBEGINdeclare @strTmp nvarchar (4000)DECLARE @intPos intSelect @strValues =ltrim (RTrim (@strValues))While @strValues BeginSelect @intPos =case when charindex (', ', @strValues) =0 then Len (@strValues) Else charindex (', ', @strValues)-1 endSelect @strTmp =ltrim (RTrim (substring (@strValues, 1,

SQL split string, SQL split string

SQL split string, SQL split string /* The Delimiter is ',' */declare @ depid varchar (100) declare @ location intdeclare @ length int -- Sample string set @ depid = '2017, 13434, 34, 5

SQL split string, SQL split

SQL split string, SQL split Create function [dbo]. [fn_Split](@ SourceSql nvarchar (max), -- source separator string@ StrSeprate varchar (10) -- delimiter)Returns @ temp table (a nvarchar (max ))AsBeginDeclare @ I intSet @ SourceS

"SQL" SQL version of the Split function. Used to split a string into a single-column table

Original: "SQL" SQL version of the Split function. Used to split a string into a single-column tableFunctionality is similar to the. NET version of the String.Split function, except that. NET returns an array, which returns a single-column table with one row for each

Split string function in SQL similar to split

function | string T-SQL is less capable of handling strings, such as I'm looping through strings like 1,2,3,4,5, and if you use arrays, traversal is simple, but T-SQL does not support arrays, so it's tricky to handle. The function below implements the processing of strings like an array. First, use a temporary table as an array create function f_split (@c varchar

More difficult SQL issues in the forums: 22 (string split, string merge, interval range of noncontiguous digits, random return string)

See a post in the forum, the post has some SQL aspects of the question, I think these questions are very representative.The connection of the original posts is: http://bbs.csdn.net/topics/390884161?page=1#post-398177057Here is my solution, for your reference:1. Splitting stringsCREATE TABLE test1 (number varchar) INSERT into test1 values (' 1,2,3,4,5,6 ') desired result: number------123456 (6 rows affected)My Solution:--1.

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