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Exception handling in T-SQL Programming-exception capture (try catch) and throw exception (throw)

Original: Exception handling in T-SQL Programming-exception capture (try catch) and throw exception (throw)The source of this article: http://www.cnblogs.com/wy123/p/6743515.htmlT-SQL programming, like applications, has exception handling mechanisms,

Programming experience-avoid using try catch in database access functions

The code examples in many books use try catch in database access functions to mislead beginners. Let's analyze a common function (Some large companies in ChinaCode, negative examples, cannot be imitated), 1 public int updateData(String sql)

How much efficiency does Try Catch affect the program?

Try Catch. I believe everyone has used it! In fact, I often use it because recently when I was working on a sharepoint-related project, I did not return null when calling its object method, but throw an exception message, there are a lot of try

Use Try ... in enterprise development. Catch... Will it affect efficiency?

Remember not long ago, a colleague of the company once said: "If the WinForm is developed, because the program is local, use Try ... Catch does not have much performance problems, but if it is on a Web server, try ... is not recommended. Catch... ,

SQL Server->> throw sentence vs. RAISERROR sentence

SQL Server 2012 begins by introducing a throw clause to replace the RAISERROR that has been used since SQL Server. Since the function is the same, it is all in try ... What is the difference between catch code blocks that do not catch errors and

The throw statement in SQL Server2012 tries to compare RAISERROR and throw

SQL SERVER2012 implements a throw statement that resembles C # throws an exception. It is a small improvement to use the @ @ERROR before SQL Server2005, and to throw an exception after SQL Server2005 using RAISERROR ().1.SQL server2005/2008, use

Reconstructing the charge system of the computer room you're going to use--exception handling and throwing exceptions (try Catch finally)--(vb.net)

Can you guarantee that your program will not be a problem?NoWhen your program runs to a place where you don't want the results, do you want to make it wrong again?Don't want toDo you want your program to take up manger and not poop?Don't want toDo

Throw an error message with throw

The Throw command does not have the exception severity parameter, the exception severity is always set to 16.Raises an exception and transfers execution to a CATCH block of a TRY ... CATCH construct in SQL Server 2012.[ {error_number |


Example:Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->1 public void ExecuteSql (string conString, string region string) 2 { 3 4 SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection (conString ); 5 6 try 7 8 {

Detailed application description of asp.net Throw new exception

Throw new exception I have seen some people use throw new to participate in business logic in simple functions. For example, the following code: Catch (exception ex){String error = ex. message;} Public object dosomething (string username){Try{If (

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