sql view naming convention

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MS SQL Development naming convention

name}{tg}_{table name}_{after}_{column name}Or{tg}_{table name}_{insert}_{column name}{tg}_{table name}_{update}_{column name}7: User type naming rules{ut}_{name}8:primary KEY Naming conventions{pk}_{table name}_{field}9:foreign Key Naming conventions{fk}_{The referenced table name}_{the current table name}_{field}10:default Constraint

MS SQL Development naming convention

function function eg Ufn_fromunixtimestamp 6: Trigger naming rules {tg}_{table name}_{instead}_{column name} {tg}_{table name}_{after}_{column name} or {tg}_{table name}_{insert}_{column name} {tg}_{table name}_{update}_{column name} 7: User type naming rules {ut}_{name} 8:primary KEY Naming conventions {pk}_{table name}_{field} 9:foreign Key

[Go] program Development Basic Learning II (C + + Google Style naming convention)

:"file name to all lowercase, can contain an underscore (_) or hyphen (- ). According to the project contract, for example: Cmd_save_player_info "I like the naming rules of the underlined way, and we should prevent the conflict with the function names in the standard library when naming them.2. Class naming rulesClass is a user-defined data type, the rules that G

Ruby on Rails development from scratch (Windows) (33)-naming convention

example, your program may contain a model class to manipulate line item, and you can use the Rails naming convention to name the class LineItem, and by that name rails will infer the following: L The table in the database is named Line_items. l have a line_item.rb file in the App/models directory. The name of the rails controller (Controller) has a different convent

MySQL case sensitivity and naming convention _ MySQL

class and field naming rules, this is not consistent with the naming rules recommended by mysql, as a result, the question of which naming convention is follow. In general, this will be determined by the team and DBA through negotiation. the use of mysql naming conventions

Using IPV6 addresses in UNC (universal Naming Convention) paths and URLs

established in RFC2732. If you specify a text IPV6 address as the server name for the POP3 receive adapter, the SMTP send adapter, or the SQL send and receive adapter, the IPV6 address is not enclosed in square brackets. using IPV6 addresses in UNC (universal Naming Convention) paths and URLsAlthough you should typically rely on DNS names, yo

Error: property's synthesized getter follows cocoa naming convention for returning 'owner' objects I

Label: Error propertys synt Error: property's synthesized getter follows cocoa naming convention for returning 'owner' objectsIn File sorted ded from/users/developer/documents/starshow/showwall/View/newshowitemview. M: 9:/Users/developer/documents/starshow/showwall/View/newshowitemview. h: 13: 41: Note: property decla

Doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention, dos environment variable

Doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention, dos environment variable JAVA Day 1 note -- doscommand-Environment Variable-data type-naming convention1. Differences between JDK and JREJDK (Java Development kittings is the Java Development Kit (javac.exe+java.exe) used by developers, including JRE (Java Runtime Environment ).JRE (Java Runtime Environ

SQL Server performance Optimization (4) naming and writing specifications

"ID". F. Foreign key named: "fk+_+ table name (or abbreviation) +_ primary table name (or abbreviation) +_+ primary Key ID" If user ID foreign key column in user log table: fk_user_id. 6. Index A. The index is named: "Table name (or abbreviation) +_+ column name +_idx". The index of multiple columns only writes the first column. 7. Trigger? A. After trigger: System name +tr_+ B. INSTEAD of type trigger: Any combination of system name +ti_+ 8. The view

SQL Server Naming conventions

least two lowercase letters before the capital letters, against uid/oid6. Avoid Chinese pinyin7. Avoid the underline connection8. Avoid too long a name9. Avoid reserved wordsObject1. Stored procedures are prefixed with sp_2. Trigger is prefixed with tr_3. The function is prefixed with fn_4. The primary key is prefixed with pk_5. Index is prefixed with ix_6. Capitalize the first letter of the prefix, with multiple words, capitalize the first letter of the word, such as Sp_countfee7. All letters

SQL view syntax and principles

functionality of domains can be implementedUsing views and the with check option clause. 6. Column renaming : To rename columns, and 7. Single solution View: To provide solutions which can not be accomplished without views The final view usage situation might actually be the mostPractical usage for views-When views are the onlySolution!9.DoNot needlessly create SQL

Syntax and principles for using SQL View

.needlessly create SQL Server objects that is not necessary. The cost of using viewin terms of views, for every unnecessary view this is created SQL Server would insert rows into the following system C Atalog Tables:syscolumns, syscomments, sysdepends, sysobjects, sysprocedures, and sysprotects. If Uncontrolled view cr

SQL Server View Index

Tags: using IO ar data problem on ad EF CAnother benefit of creating an index on a view is that the query optimizer begins to use the view index in the query instead of commanding the view directly in the FROM clause. As a result, data can be retrieved from an indexed view without recoding, and the resulting efficienci

Simple introduction and operation of SQL Server Index and Views (view)

index is set for the PRIMARY KEY constraint and a unique nonclustered index is set for the unique constraint . To create an index, you can use either the manager or the T-SQL language.Create [unique] [clustered| nonclustered] Index index name --create represents the creation, index represents the indexes. The index name must conform to the naming convention and

SQL Server: Creating an indexed view

clustered index is created on the view, and the result set is stored in the database in the same way as the table with the clustered index. Note You can create an indexed view only if you have Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Development Edition installed. Another benefit o

17. View--sql

First, what is a view The view is a virtual tableWhy use views Reuse SQL statements. simplifies complex SQL operations. After you write a query, you can easily reuse it without having to know its basic query details. Use part of the table instead of the entire table. Protect data. You can gra

SQL Server materialized View Learning notes

Tags: database _id left join Uniq htm 16px NTA www. BasicFirst, the basic knowledge Excerpt from http://www.cnblogs.com/kissdodog/p/3385161.html SQL Server Index - Index ( materialized ) View Nineth article > An indexed view is actually a view that "materialized" a set of unique values into a clustered index (the vern

SQL must-know note the 18th Chapter uses the view

Tags: sql18.1 viewsThe view is a virtual table. Unlike a table that contains data, attempts to include only queries that retrieve data dynamically when they are used.The entire query can be wrapped into a virtual table named Productcustomers, which makes it easy to retrieve the same data as follows. SELECT cust_name,cust_contact FROM ProductCustomers WHERE prod_id = ‘RGAN01‘; Productcustomers is a view that

SQL Server index-index (materialized) View < Nineth >

Tags: itblog custom function ANSI get TCA ORDER by how many ISS goodFirst, the basic concept of indexed viewsAn indexed view is actually a view that "materialized" a set of unique values into a clustered index, which is materialized almost as a table, and its data is stored in one copy (it consumes hard disk space, but the query is fast, for example, you can set count (), sum () in an indexed

Discussion: How to view and get the SQL Server instance name _mssql

First, see the example name available 1, the service-sql Server (instance name), the default instance is (MSSQLSERVER) Or when connecting to enterprise management-View local instances 2. Through the brochure formHkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/microsoft SQL server/installedinstance 3, with the commandSqlcmd/osqlSqlcmd-lSqlcmd-lcOsql-l To get the availa

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