sqlite begin transaction example

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SQLite Commands and general usage

Reference: https://www.pantz.org/software/sqlite/sqlite_commands_and_general_usage.htmlSQLite is an embedded open source relational database (db). It is the very portable, easy-to-use, compact, efficient, and reliable. Being an embedded database it

A detailed tutorial on SQLite database transaction processing

When it comes to business, it must refer to acid, the atomicity, consistency, isolation and permanence of the transaction. For a database, the ACID properties of transactions under normal and exceptional conditions are usually ensured through

SQLite Tutorial (V): Database and transaction _sqlite

One, attach database: The ATTACH database statement adds another database file to the current connection, and if the file name is ": Memory:" We can treat it as a memory database and the memory databases cannot be persisted to disk files. If you

sqlite-Advanced-Transaction (Transaction)

transactions (Transaction)A transaction (Transaction) is a unit of work that executes against a database. A transaction (Transaction) is a unit or sequence of work that is completed in a logical order, either manually by the user or by a database

SQLite tutorial (5): database and transaction, sqlite tutorial

SQLite tutorial (5): database and transaction, sqlite tutorial I. Attach database: The attach database statement adds another DATABASE file to the current connection. If the file name is ": memory:", we can regard it as a memory DATABASE, and the

SQLite Using tutorial 2 syntax

Http://www.runoob.com/sqlite/sqlite-syntax.htmlSqliteGrammarSQLite follows a unique set of rules and guidelines called grammar. This tutorial lists all the basic SQLite grammars and gives you a quick start to SQLite.Case sensitivityOne important

SQLite Knowledge Digest---Transaction

In many cases, when we use big data, we will find that although the implementation of the SQLite database is very fast, but can not meet our needs, it is easy to consider the use of concurrent access to the SQLite database, However, the unique

ANDROID-ADB Common Commands and SQLite

In the Android development environment, ADB is our most frequently used debugging tool for Android development, and its use is of course what our Android developers have to master.ADB overviewAndroid Debug Bridge,android Debug Bridge, abbreviated as

SQLite database Overview

Hello everyone, today I will introduce the knowledge of SQLite and use Java to perform operations on the SQLite database. SQLite is an open source embedded database engine written by D. Richard hipp in C language. It supports most sql92 standards

SQLite's affairs and locks, a very thorough explanation of "turn"

Original: SQLite's transaction and lock http://3y.uu456.com/bp-877d38906bec097sf46se240-1.htmlTransactionA transaction defines the bounds of a set of SQL commands that are either fully executed as a whole or are not executed. A typical instance of a

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