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Sqlite3: Command Line shell for SQLite

Address: http://blogold.chinaunix.net/u3/90025/showart_1764687.html Address: http://www.sqlite.org/sqlite.html The SQLite library contains a name calledSqlite3It allows you to manually enter and execute SQL commands for SQLite databases. This

Features of SQLite anatomy

SQLite is an acid-compliant, lightweight database engine that is contained in a relatively small C library. It is a public domain project created by D.richardhipp. Unlike the common client/server architecture paradigm, the SQLite engine is not a

SQLite learning Manual (command line tool)

To do well, you must first sharpen your tools. Learning SQLite's command line tool is very helpful for us to learn SQLite itself. The most basic one is that it makes learning SQLite easier and more enjoyable. To put it bluntly, the official download

Uclinux under the SQLite database transplant full Raiders (PHOTOS)

Introduction | data | Database This article discusses the more popular embedded development combination arm+uclinux, namely the target Development Board for Samsung S3C4510, complete SQLite on its uclinux transplant. This article assumes that you

ANDROID-ADB Common Commands and SQLite

In the Android development environment, ADB is our most frequently used debugging tool for Android development, and its use is of course what our Android developers have to master.ADB overviewAndroid Debug Bridge,android Debug Bridge, abbreviated as

SQLite Tutorials (iii): Introduction to datasheets and views _sqlite

First, create the data table: The syntax rules and usage of this command are essentially the same as most relational databases, so we illustrate the various rules for creating tables in SQLite. However, for some sqlite-specific rules, we will give

SQLite Tutorial (Eight): Introduction to command line tools _sqlite

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Learning SQLite's command line tools is very helpful for us to learn the SQLite itself. The most basic one is that it makes us learn the SQLite process more relaxed and happy. Let's go back to the official download site at

SQLite Learning Manual (command line tool)

工欲善其事, its prerequisite. Learning SQLite's command-line tools is very helpful for us to learn about SQLite itself. The basic one is that it makes the process of learning sqlite easier and more enjoyable. let's go back to the official website of

SQLite learning Manual (data tables and views)

1. Create a data table: The syntax rules and usage of this command are basically the same as those of most relational databases. Therefore, we use examples to demonstrate the rules for creating tables in SQLite. However, we will provide additional

Embedded SQLite Database Construction

Install SQLite database on the host PC 1. Download and decompress the source code of the SQLite Database Here the SQLite database version is used in sqlite-3.5.9, is: unzip Linux operating system/root directory, and then in the terminal to enter the

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