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SQLite -- in 3 minutes, you can create and run it on. NET ----- reprint

SQLite is an open-source database and has become increasingly popular. It is very small and widely used in various types of applications. What is SQLite? The official website of SQLite defines SQLite as follows: SQLite is a software

SQLite-you can create and run it on. NET within 3 minutes.

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Use Cases of SQLite

I used SQLite Literacy last time, and some people commented on it later.Q: How can I use it in a project? Let's talk about this topic today. ★How to weigh?When you weigh whether SQLite should be used in an application, consider at least the

SQLite application scenarios

★How to weigh?When you weigh whether SQLite should be used in an application, consider at least the following points (at the technical level:◇ Can we leverage some of SQLite's strengths?◇ Is there any other alternative?◇ Is there any potential

Analysis on common management tools of SQLite database development

SQLite database development is mainly for mobile phones and other mobile devices. Generally for the SQLite database development, many developers are not unfamiliar. Here will introduce several SQLite database development of the practical tools, I

Develop common management tools for SQLite Databases

Although I have been using SQL Server2000 and 2005 for development projects, it is not appropriate to use such databases to develop small applications, But I always think that ACCESS is a thing of the past and is not very compatible with C. So I

Examples of SQLite applications

Introduction to SQLite:SQLite is an open source library written in C, which implements an open source self-contained SQL relational database engine that can store large amounts of associated data using SQLite. can be embedded on iphone or ipad

Use the Sqlite database in the asp.net Program

This article describes how to use the Sqlite embedded database in the asp.net web program. The sqlite database can be stored as a file in the APP_DATA directory of the site. It is suitable for small websites and does not need to buy SQL server space

Use the SQLite database in the Asp.net web program

This article describes howProgramUsing SQLite embedded database, SQLite database can be placed in the app_data directory of the site as a file, suitable for small websites, it does not need to buy SQL server space to use it, and it is said that its

"Go language" Connection Database SQLite, MySQL, Oracle

directory of this document 1.Go Connect SQLite 1_1.sqlite Recommended Drivers 1_2.sqlite Connection Sample Code 2.Go connecting MySQL 2_1.mysql Recommended Drivers 2_2.mysql Connection Sample Code

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