sqlite dll download for windows 7

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Learning SQLite database within one hour

1. Introduction SQLite is an open-source embedded Relational Database Engine for SQL database with self-contained, zero configuration, and transaction support. It is highly portable, easy to use, compact, efficient, and reliable. Unlike other

sqlite-Open source, cross-platform, compact relational database-1

sqlite-Open source, cross-platform, compact relational database-1Learn SQLite database in 1 hours1. IntroductionSQLite is an open-source, embedded relational database that implements a self-contained, 0 configuration, transactional SQL database

Using SQLite in Windows Phone 7/successful to deal with the problem in WP to use like select Chinese

ArticleDirectory Using coolstorage for easy SQLite access on Windows Phone Shipping A SQLite database file with your app In the current version of Windows Phone, there's no support for a built-in local database. this will be taken

C # connect to SQLite database

If you just want C # to reference DLL development programs and don't want to create a database, you can start with the third part . first step, create SQLite database1) CLP in shell modeDownload CLP FirstOfficial Site

Lightweight local database SQLite used in WinRT, sqlitewinrt

Lightweight local database SQLite used in WinRT, sqlitewinrt Development Environment: Windows 8.1 Development tools: Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows  SQLite database Introduction 1. SQLite is a lightweight embedded database developed using C +

Unity3D direct connection to Sqlite Database

URL: bbs.9ria. comforum. php? Modviewthreadtid168629fromuid308561 over the past few days, I also studied how Unity3D can be directly connected to the Sqlite database. Don't talk nonsense. Let's talk about it directly. The original Article is from:

SQLite (1) for Microsoft WP7 local database solution)

From the perspective of users and developers, Windows Phone 7 brings us many new and exciting features. At the same time, the current Windows Phone 7 series does have shortcomings that disappoint many users. One typical pity is that Windows Phone 7

Analysis on common management tools of SQLite database development

SQLite database development is mainly for mobile phones and other mobile devices. Generally for the SQLite database development, many developers are not unfamiliar. Here will introduce several SQLite database development of the practical tools, I

In view of my experience, I do not recommend using SQLite for WP. Windows Phone (2) WP7 database connection (SQLite database) to: http://www.cnblogs.com/ry123/arc

  Address: http://blog.csdn.net/arcgis_mobile/article/details/7597519 References This article is a brief WP7 database connection (SQLite database) operation process, illustrated in Chinese, adapted to a variety of people, O (∩) O ~... Preparation:

Use of the lightweight local database SQLite in WINRT

Development environment: Windows 8.1Development tools: Visual Studio Express for WindowsIntroduction to SQLite Database1.SQLite is a lightweight embedded database, developed using C + +, with a very wide range of2.SQLite is a cross-platform database

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