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Implementation of original subcommit in SQLITE

From: http://blog.csdn.net/LocalVar/archive/2008/02/13/3620555.aspx  1. Introduction An important feature of a database that supports transactions like SQLITE is "Atomic commit ". Atomic commit means that all modification actions in a transaction

Features of SQLite anatomy

SQLite is an acid-compliant, lightweight database engine that is contained in a relatively small C library. It is a public domain project created by D.richardhipp. Unlike the common client/server architecture paradigm, the SQLite engine is not a

SQLite tutorial (1): SQLite database introduction, sqlite Database

SQLite tutorial (1): SQLite database introduction, sqlite Database I. Introduction: SQLite is currently the most popular open-source embedded database. compared with many other embedded storage engines (NoSQL), such as BerkeleyDB and MemBASE, SQLite

Embedded SQLite Database Construction

Install SQLite database on the host PC 1. Download and decompress the source code of the SQLite Database Here the SQLite database version is used in sqlite-3.5.9, is: unzip Linux operating system/root directory, and then in the terminal to enter the

SQLite Tutorials (iii): Introduction to datasheets and views _sqlite

First, create the data table: The syntax rules and usage of this command are essentially the same as most relational databases, so we illustrate the various rules for creating tables in SQLite. However, for some sqlite-specific rules, we will give

SQLite initial knowledge (SQLite download installation and create Database method)

interface, like MySQL, is the cmd interface, but not the database created in SQLite.exe:First or the CMD under the use of SQLite online has been a lot, do not do too much to repeat. Roughly speaking the corresponding command on the line, as a

ANDROID-ADB Common Commands and SQLite

In the Android development environment, ADB is our most frequently used debugging tool for Android development, and its use is of course what our Android developers have to master.ADB overviewAndroid Debug Bridge,android Debug Bridge, abbreviated as

C # access the SQLite database instance

C # access the SQLite database instance SQLite is a lightweight relational database system that supports most SQL92 standards. SQLite does not need to be installed and configured before use, and does not need to start, stop, or configure processes.

SQLite learning Manual (data tables and views)

1. Create a data table: The syntax rules and usage of this command are basically the same as those of most relational databases. Therefore, we use examples to demonstrate the rules for creating tables in SQLite. However, we will provide additional

How to install JSON-supported SQLite 3.9.1 on Ubuntu 15.04

How to install JSON-supported SQLite 3.9.1 on Ubuntu 15.04 Welcome to read our article on SQLite. SQLite is the most widely used SQL database engine in the world today. It can run without configuration or management. SQLite is a public-domain

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