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RPM (RedHat Package Manager)

Rpm(RedHat Package Manager) The RPM Installation Package Manager, developed as RedHat, is used to install and manage downloaded packages on the Internet or CD. It is very useful. In centos, it usually generates files ending with. rpm. These packages

Redhat6 RPM Common commands for software management

The basis of operating system management during software installation. Different from windows, there are many methods for Linux software management. The most common method of RedHat is rpm, which allows you to install RPM packages integrated into

How to connect a SQLite database with entity Framework 6 (RPM)

To EF6 Code First mode support SQLite has a few steps:One, need to install Sqlite-netfx451-setup-bundle-x86-2013- to let vs add ado with SQLite optional1) go to Http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wiki to

The YUM installation rpm package is not clear locally after installation, yumrpm

The YUM installation rpm package is not clear locally after installation, yumrpm [Root @ wwww yum. repos. d] # sed-I's # keepcache = 0 # keepcache = 1 # G'/etc/yum. conf [root @ wwww yum. repos. d] # grep keepcache/etc/yum. confkeepcache = 1 [root @

SQLite Installation Tutorials

SQLite download page: http://www.sqlite.org/download.htmlWindows installationYou need to download sqlite-tools-win32-*.zip and sqlite-dll-win32-*.zip compressed files.Create folder C:\sqlite, and extract the above two compressed files under this

Linux Install SQLite Lightweight database

SQLite is a lightweight database that adheres to the acid-based relational database management system, which is contained in a relatively small C library. It is the public domain project established by D.richardhipp. It is designed to be embedded ,

The difference between the char,varchar,text,nchar,nvarchar,ntext of the SQLite database (RPM)

SQLite Database Storage Table1, CHAR. Char is convenient to store the fixed-length data, the index on the Char field is more efficient, such as the definition of char (10), then regardless of whether you store data reached 10 bytes, take up 10 bytes

Skills required for automated deployment-deployment of yum warehouses, custom rpm packages, and yumrpm

Skills required for automated deployment-deployment of yum warehouses, custom rpm packages, and yumrpmDeploy the yum repository and customize the rpm package directoryChapter 2 extension-yum Cache   1.1 yum Cache Usage steps... 1 1.1.1 introduction..

WinForm Read and Write SQLite database example (RPM)

. Net SQLite Database driver and System.Data.SQLite.dll download the latest address:Http://system.data.sqlite.org/index.html/doc/trunk/www/downloads.wikiSQLite Management tools:Http://www.cr173.com/soft/94247.htmlApp. Config file

The use of initial-rpm for Linux package management

On Linux systems, generally, there are three categories for package managers:debian:dpt,dpkg; (Package suffix. deb)rhel:rpm (Package suffix. rpm)suse:rpm (Package suffix. rpm)So, how does the package manager understand it?Package Manager: The

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