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Research on the use of text_factory attribute of Python sqlite3 module

Writing this article originates from writing a script to write a CSV file (which uses GBK or UTF-8 encoding) into the SQLite database.Python version: 2.7.9The Sqlite3 module provides a method such as con = Sqlite3.connect ("d:\\text_factory.db3") to

Sqlite3 multi-threaded and lock, optimized insertion speed and performance optimization

First, do you support multithreading? "Is SQLite threadsafe?" on the SQLite official website. This question and answer. Simply put, starting with version 3.3.1, it's thread-safe. The version of SQLite in iOS is not below this version, of course, you

Reproduced SQLite3 Performance Optimization

SQLite3 performance tuning is achieved primarily through pragma directives.such as adjustment: Space release, disk synchronization, cache size, and so on.I. Space Release 1. How to query:PRAGMA auto_vacuum;Meaning: Query the auto-vacuum tag of the

Sqlite3 Performance Optimization

Sqlite3 performance adjustment is mainly achieved through The Pragma command. Such as space release, Disk Synchronization, and cache size adjustment. I. Space release1. How to query: Pragma auto_vacuum; Description: queries the auto-vacuum tag of a

Solve the slow data insertion problem of SQLite3

When you use sqlite3 to insert data, it takes about ms to insert each data entry. For batch import, You can import things to increase the speed. However, assume that your business is separated by several seconds. When you use sqlite3 to insert data,

Application of Sqlite3 queuing mechanism

SQLite is single-threaded, and performing other operations while executing a transaction in the Node-webkit software fails. Therefore, the queuing mechanism is created, and all execution waits for the transaction to complete before executing. The

One of Android development tools: emulator, adb, and sqlite3

Emulator can be used to start the simulator. Emulator-avd G8-partition-size 150-memory 855 G8 is the name of my simulator, the size of the ROM set by partition-size, memory is the size of the Set RAM adb is the most commonly used tool, called

The problem and solution about Sqlite3 Chinese garbled in Linux system

A new project is not a problem in the local (WIN8) test, but the data that is queried from the Sqlite3 database when it is uploaded to the server (Linux) is garbled (normal in the database), and the PHP files and HTML files are set to unified UTF8

QT implementation of SQLITE3 cascade Delete

1. The demand has two tables, bar code table and Product detail table, the barcode table RFID for the product table RFID foreign key, the request to delete the product table related items can realize the bar code table Cascade delete 2. Resolves

Sqlite3 encryption Scheme Sqlcipher, and Sqlcipher User Guide

SQLite is an open-source lightweight database that is now used by both Android and iOS to store structured data, but the encrypted version is not open source. Compromise only open source solution, Sqlcipher is a good choice, it can be encrypted with

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