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Direct Connection configuration of ArcSDE10.x for Oracle client

With the release of ArcGIS10.1, more users gradually accept the use of ArcSDE for direct connection, not only because direct connection is a trend (service connections will be discarded later ), more importantly, the direct connection performance is

Oracle Sqlplus commands and common functions

Common commands:Connection SqlplusCommand line to run CMD entry, such as logging in the SYS mode, the command is as follows:(1). Sqlplus "sys/zhb126 as SYSDBA"(2). Sqlplus/nolog Connect sys/zhb126 as Sysdba(3). Sqlplus Scott/tigerStart a DB

Oracle Note (ii) sqlplus command

Oracle Note (ii) sqlplus commandFor Oracle database operations, the command line is used primarily, and all commands are done using sqlplus, and there are two forms for sqlplus. One is the sqlplus:sqlplus.exe of DOS style; The other is

Sqlmap Advanced: Rugged installation of cx_oracle module, direct connection to Oracle to dump

After completing the Oracle connection Information (Ip,sid,user,password) in the sqlmap.conf, you want to connect directly to Oracle rather than through the injection point.Direct Python sqlmap.py-c sqlmap.conf can be, prompt cx_oracle module is not

Oracle Connection Database prompt: Package receive failed: Ora-12637__python

Problem Description: When landing Oracle database, whether from SQL Plus or from Toad Landing, there will be no landing on the phenomenon. Prompt for package receive failed: ORA-12637 appears. Workaround: Modify the Sqlnet.ora file,

[Classic] Summary of Oracle connection (about tnsname and listener)

This article is well written. I have made it very clear about the Oracle background principles. The 10 Gb I have installed on a virtual machine is the most common problem that clients cannot connect to the server, I have benefited a lot from this

Summary of oracle connection (about tnsname and listener)

How to configure to connect the client to the database:To enable a client machine to connect to the oracle database, you must install the oracle client software on the client machine. The only exception is that the jdbc thin mode can be used when

Sqlplus login account with @ Plus database sid

Sqlplus connection to the database in addition to enter the user name and then enter the password way there is a direct input, and use @sid to distinguish the database, in the case of multiple databases can be easily distinguishedConnect Sys/[email

Oracle network configuration and connection management

Oracle network configuration and connection management oracle network configuration, for the use of PL/SQL Developer to connect to Oracle errors, especially when the network environment changes caused by connection errors. The listener. ora, sqlnet.

BDE Direct-attached access to Oracle in Delphi

Using Delphi to develop the database management information system based on Oracle platform, the Oracle background is generally considered in two ways, one is to use the driver provided by Oracle to connect with ODBC; One is to bypass ODBC and use

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