sqlserver management

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Description of some common DLL Functions of SQLSERVER

Description of some DLL public DLL functions if your SQLSERVER is installed on the C drive, the following path is the storage path of the corresponding SQLSERVER version public DLL SQL2005C: ProgramFilesMicrosoftSQLServer90SDKAssembliesSQL2008C:

SQLSERVER's unique Task Scheduling Algorithm & quot; SQLOS & quot;

Background of SQL Server's unique task scheduling algorithm SQLOS developed by Microsoft: as an enterprise-level database platform, SQL Server must be able to process hundreds of thousands of user requests smoothly at the same time, SQL Server needs

Polish your eyes to see the general introduction of SQLServer

Maybe you don't need to understand the internal mechanism of SQLServer, you can still complete CRUD, and it may be well done, maybe you don't need to study the architecture design of SQLServer, you can also design the architecture you need based on

How does sqlserver locate the target data through indexing and Statistics (Article 3)

How does sqlserver locate the target data through indexing and Statistics (Article 3) There is really no energy to write recentlyArticleWorking overtime every day. In order to complete this series, I had to work hard on my head. Before reading

Sqlserver's unique task scheduling algorithm "sqlos"

Unique sqlserver Task Scheduling Algorithm "Sqlos" Sqlos developed by MicrosoftBackground: As an enterprise-level database platform, SQL Server must be able to process hundreds of user requests smoothly at the same time. SQL server must schedule

Powershell connects to sqlserver

How to issue SQL query to SQL Server database by using powershell? Here is the link: http://sev17.com/2010/07/making-a-sqlps-module/ Steps: 1) make a module 1.1) copy file/folder under 100/binn to powershell/vx.0/modules/sqlps

Debug SQLSERVER (1) to generate a dump file

Debug SQLSERVER (1) generate dump file debugging SQLSERVER (2) use Windbg to debug SQLSERVER's Environment Settings debugging SQLSERVER (3) using Windbg to debug some SQL Server commands, we know that there are two main ways to debug the program:

You cannot set the type to Microsoft. SqlServer. Management. Smo. SimpleObjec.

When you use sqlserver2005 to create a job, you cannot create it, and the system prompts that the type cannot be "Microsoft. sqlServer. management. smo. the SimpleObjectKey object is forcibly converted to the type "Microsoft. sqlServer. management.

SQLServer programming series (1): SMO Introduction

I recently used programming implementation on SQL Server Management Tasks in my project. I have some experiences and want to share with you some knowledge about SMOSQLCLRSSIS in my work, in China Recently, I have used programming for SQL Server

Oracle and SQLserver

Difference between Oracle and SQLserver. I checked it online, roughly as follows. 1. In terms of platform adaptability. Oracle supports multiple operating systems, while SQL Server only supports windows. 2. From the perspective of database usage.

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