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Import hive statistical analysis results into MySQL database table (i)--sqoop Import method

Recently in the data analysis of a traffic flow, the demand is for a huge amount of urban traffic data, need to use MapReduce cleaning after importing into hbase storage, and then using the Hive External table associated with hbase, hbase data query, statistical analysis, Save the analysis results in a hive table, and finally use Sqoop to

Sqoop command, MySQL import to HDFs, HBase, Hive

'--table TB_ Region--hbase-table Mysql_trade_dev--hbase-row-key region_id--column-family Region 4.3 Verification Scan ' Mysql_trade_dev 'Count ' Mysql_trade_dev ' 5. Import Hive Bin/sqoop Import--connect jdbc:mysql:// ' mysql '--password ' 111111 '--tab

Sqoop Mysql Import to HDFs, hive

Tags: Oda ADO website connected head map targe PWD DigitalSqoop is a database used in Hadoop and relational databases (Oracle,mysql ... Open source tools for data transfer between The following is an example of MySQL, SQL Server, using Sqoop to import data from MySQL, SQL Server into Hadoop (HDFS, Hive) #导入命令及参数介绍 Common parameters Name of parame

Data import and export between HDFS, Hive, MySQL, Sqoop (strongly recommended to see)

Tags: exporting. NET size Data Conversion ref DIR username Nat tmpHive Summary (vii) hive four ways to import data (strongly recommended to see) Several methods of data export of Hive https://www.iteblog.com/archives/955 (strongly recommended to see) Import MySQL data into HDFs 1. Manually

How to use Sqoop to import the hive data into the exported data to MySQL

Import and Export database1) List all database commands in the MySQL database# sqoop list-databases--connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/--username root--password 1234562) Connect MySQL and list the table commands in the database# sqoop List-tables--connect jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/test--username root--password 123456The test in the command is the name of the

Azure Cloud Platform uses SQOOP to import SQL Server 2012 data tables into Hive/hbase

find /user/hdp/sqoopimporttable1 folder. You should see something similar as below. It shows 4 files indicating 4 map jobs were used. You can select a file and click the ' View ' button to see the actual text data. Now let's export the same rows back to the SQL Server from HDInsight cluster. Different table with the same schema as ' Table1 '. Otherwise would get a Primary Key violation error since the rows already exist in ' Table1 '. Create An empty table ' Table2 ' with the same schema a

Tutorials | Import data from MySQL to hive and hbase using Sqoop

database, a NoSQL database that provides the ability to read and write like other databases, Hadoop does not meet real-time needs, and HBase is ready to meet. If you need real-time access to some data, put it into hbase.You can use hive as a static data warehouse, HBase as the data store, and put some data that will change. In hive, the normal table is stored in HDFs, and you can specify the data storage l

Import data from MySQL to hive using Sqoop

Tags: DSL java style order man LAN 2.7 CLI policyObjectiveThis article is primarily a summary of the pits that were encountered when importing data from MySQL to hive with Sqoop. Environment: System: Centos 6.5 hadoop:apache,2.7.3 mysql:5.1.73 jdk:1.8 sqoop:1.4.7 Hadoop runs in pseudo-distributed mode. One, the

Use Sqoop to import data to Hive

1. Install sqoop Download sqoop-1.2.0.tar.gz (version 1.20 is compatible with Hadoop0.20) Put the hadoop-core-0.20.2-cdh3u3.jar, hadoop-tools-0.20.2-cdh3u3.jar into the sqoop/lib directory, the two jar packages are out of cloudera company, you can go to its official website to download. 2. import data from mysql Go to

Use sqoop to import hive/hdfs data to Oracle

/hive/warehouse/data_w.db/seq_fdc_jplp --columns goal_ocityid,goal_issueid,compete_issueid,ncompete_rank --input-fields-terminated-by '\001' --input-lines-terminated-by '\n' Be sure to specify the-columns parameter. Otherwise, an error will be reported and the columns cannot be found.Usage:-columns Check whether data is imported successfully. ?sqoop eval --connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:p

With Oozie, execute Sqoop action to import data from DB2 into the Hive partition table

test: with Oozie, execute Sqoop action to import data from DB2 into the Hive partition table. Places to be aware of:1, to add hive.metastore.uris this parameter. Otherwise, the data cannot be loaded into the hive table. Also, if there is more than one such operation in an XML literal, this parameter needs to be configu

Sqoop_ Specific summary use Sqoop to import and export data from hdfs/hive/hbase to Mysql/oracle

First, using Sqoop to import data from MySQL into the hdfs/hive/hbaseIi. using Sqoop to export data from hdfs/hive/hbase to MySQL 2.3 NBSP; hbase data exported to MySQL There is no immediate command to direct data from HBase to MySQL. However, the data in HBase can be

Hive Learning seven "Sqoop Import from relational database extraction to HDFs"

Label:First, what is Sqoop Sqoop is an open source tool that is used primarily in Hadoop (Hive) and traditional databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL ...) Data can be transferred from one relational database (such as MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, etc.) to the HDFs in Hadoop, or the data in HDFs can be directed into a relational database. Second, the characteristics of

Sqoop operation Oracle Import to Hive

Import all fields of a table-- Connect JDBC:ORACLE:THIN:@ \ -- username SCOTT--password Tiger \ -- table EMP \ -- hive-import --create-hive-table--hive-table emp- M 1;If you report a similar mistake:ExistsRemove the file from the HDFs system first:

Python script uses Sqoop to import MySQL data into hive

Tags: Data import description process Hal host ONS pac mysq python scriptTurn: 53064123Using Python to import data from the MySQL database into hive, the process is to manipulate sqoop in Python language.#!/usr/bin/env python#Coding:utf-8# --------------------------------#Created by Coco on 16/2/23# ------------------

Sqoop import from MySQL to hive

Label:Business requirements: PiS MySQL. T_match table Import into the Pis_t_match table of the PMS library on hiveImplementation code:HIVE-E "Set Mapred.job.queue.name=pms;create table if not exists Pms.pis_t_match (ID bigint,merchant_id int,product_id St Ring,product_name String,product_code String,oppon_product_code string,oppon_product_name string,oppon_product_url string,site_id int,score double,create_time string,creator_id string,update_time str

Using Sqoop to import MySQL data into hive

Tags: sqoopReferenceHttp://www.cnblogs.com/iPeng0564/p/3215055.htmlHttp://www.tuicool.com/articles/j2yayyjhttp://blog.csdn.net/jxlhc09/article/details/168568731.list databasesSqoop list-databases--connect jdbc:mysql:// sqoop--password sqoop2. Create a hive table with SqoopSqoop create-hive-table--connect jdbc:mysql://xx:3306/test?charac

Sqoop Full library Import data hive

1, the whole library importSqoop import-all-tables--connect jdbc:mysql://ip:3306/dbname--username user--password password--hive-database ABC- M--create-hive-table--hive-import--hive-overwriteImport-all-tables:

Sqoop CLOB Import from Oracle to hive carriage return causes record increase

Tags: sqoop oracle clob--map-column-javaSqoop import--hive-import--hive-overwrite--connect jdbc:oracle:thin:@ ODS-- Password ' od154ds$! ('-M 1--hive-database ODS--table q_tra_disputestatus--fi

Detailed summary using Sqoop to import and export data from hdfs/hive/hbase to Mysql/oracle

Tags: Hadoop sqoopFirst, using Sqoop to import data from MySQL into the hdfs/hive/hbaseSecond, the use of Sqoop will be the data in the Hdfs/hive/hbaseExportto MySQL 2.3 NBSP; hbase data exported to MySQL There is no immediate command to direct data from HBase to MySQL

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