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Calculate the square root using Newton Iteration Method

Evaluate the square root of N. Assume that x 0 = 1 is the predicted value. Then, calculate the X1 according to the following formula, then substitute X 1 into the right of the formula, and continue to obtain the X2... After an effective iteration,

Underlying algorithm efficiency of the square root sqrt () function

Although you may not have thought about this problem at ordinary times, it's not that easy to say that it's just like "getting a gun in front of a while, it's not that simple, we use the binary method to test the number of squares in the middle of

Square root Inverse rate algorithm (Carmack open method)

The square root countdown algorithm (fast inverse square root) is often associated with a hexadecimal constant 0x5f3759df . The algorithm is used to quickly calculate the inverse of the square root, which is 4 times times faster than the

Magic methods and Magic constants in PHP

This article mainly introduces the Magic method and Magic constants in PHP, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Magic method __construct () construction method When instantiating an object, add

Turn: About black Magic constants

Transferred from: http://www.guokr.com/post/91389/After looking at the mathematical principle of 0x5f3759df after spending two days to read the @sheldon to the paper, thanks to @uroboros's explanation, as a person with no computer background, can

Magic prompt-enhance system prompt line

If you can easily make shell prompt lines colorful and contain more information, why should you stick to the monotonous standard shell prompt line? In this article, Daniel Robbins explains how to obtain the shell prompt line that meets your needs

A * game path algorithm implemented by js + ajax: Page 1/2

Author: llinzzi Date: Last year, we made a little thing, an online WebGame. Currently, we only implement multi-person chat, mobile, drag screen movement, and scenario system, which can be used in chat rooms. But it's been a year. Design by static

Magic Kitchen in the CBD of Christmas fun

 --> Magic Kitchen in CBD Commercial District If you often mix in Jianguomen and Guomao, you will not miss the Christmas atmosphere. Every year, in December, it seems that there is a festive atmosphere of holiday holidays,

A * search for the road gamedev.net

MULINB by: The classic intelligent pathfinding algorithm, a foreigner wrote very thorough very clear, it is easy to let people understand the mysterious A * algorithm. The following is a Chinese translation version. A * search for the road

Js+ajax implementation of a * game path algorithm finishing 1th/2 page _javascript tips

Author: llinzzi Date: 2007-05-24 Last year did a little thing, an online webgame, currently only realize a lot of people chat, move, drag screen movement, scene system, etc., can be used as a scene chat room. But it's been thrown away for a year. As

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