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PHP local refresh iframe via IFRAME flush iframe src get elements in iframe

Reg.html The reg.html page has an IFRAME tag, which is used by the IFRAME to request PHP verification that the user name is available. html>head>metacharset="Utf-8">title>IFrame Local Refresh title > Head >body>formMethod="POST"action= "">User name:inputtype="text"id="uname"name= ' username ' />spanid="msg"style="color:red;" > span > F

JS gets the element in the IFRAME and the element that gets the parent in the IFRAME (including the case where the name and ID do not exist in the IFRAME)

First case: The method of name and ID does not exist in the IFRAME: (obtained by Contentwindow) var iframe = document.getElementsByTagName (' iframe ') [0];var ifr_document = The contents of the document in Iframe.contentwindow.document;//iframe or:var _iframe = document.getelementbyidx_x (' Iframeid '). Contentwindow;

How does js determine whether it is in iframe and prevent webpages from being embedded with iframe and iframe nesting?

How does js determine whether it is in iframe and prevent webpages from being embedded with iframe and iframe nesting? 1. How does js determine whether it is in iframe? Js Code // Method 1 if (self. frameElement self. frameElement. tagName = "IFRAME") {alert ('in

The iframe height of the parent page automatically adapts to the iframe height and iframe height of the Child page.

The iframe height of the parent page automatically adapts to the iframe height and iframe height of the Child page.// Iframe adaptive heightFunction getHeight (id, name ){Document.doc umentElement. scrollTop = 0;Var ifm = document. getElementById (id );Var subWeb = document. frames? Document.frames?name=.doc ument:Ifm.

Cordova iOS blank iframe iphone iframe white screen iOS iframe white screen

(1) Solutionshttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/36572537/cordova-ios-blank-iframe/36587026Configuring Meta in index.htmlContent= "Default-src *; FRAME-SRC *; STYLE-SRC * ' self ' unsafe-inline ' unsafe-eval ';SCRIPT-SRC * ' self ' unsafe-inline ' unsafe-eval '; >For more information in Context-security-policy, please see:https://content-security-policy.com/(2) configuring in CONFIG.The above can be imported via IF

JS page drop frame method, rating calls between frames; IFRAME goes to the border; custom prompt form; IFRAME goes to the parent form page; IFRAME goes to the scroll bar

1. Document. getelementbyid ("frmid"). contentWindow. function () Body > H1 > Top pages H1 > Div > Span Onclick = "Callleft ()" > Left Frame Method Span > Div > Div > P > Left IFRAME P > IFRAME ID = "Frmleft" SRC = "Left.htm" > IFRAME > Div > Body > FunctionTopmethod () {alert ('Method from top');}FunctionCa

HTML blocks iframe jump to the page and uses iframe to embed the WeChat webpage version on the page. iframe jump

HTML prevents iframe from redirecting to a page and uses iframe to embed a webpage version on the page.Yesterday, I saw the first anniversary of the [top-up] Open-source component NanUI-using HTML, CSS, and JS to build the. Net Winform application interface. Just want to get a winform that combines html5 with a little thing, suddenly interested, want to nest a web version inside. Okay. When you come up with

"Same domain" modifies the iframe height of the parent page based on the height of the page referenced in the IFRAME-iframe adaptive subpage height

Title. There are many methods available online. But that's what happens when you do a test. With the help of a good classmate, I use this method to achieve this function. Surround the parent page with a In the referenced child page, add the following window.inload () function: This method can be compatible with Chrome,ie,firefox,safari and other mainstream browsers. Note that this function must be executed after the height of the child page is determined, otherwise its height will appear

Jsp nested iframe: submit the form from iframe and pass the value to the outer layer. nested iframe

Jsp nested iframe: submit the form from iframe and pass the value to the outer layer. nested iframe Today, the Code encountered such a problem due to iterative metadata change. I just want to jump to the whole page after submitting in iframe and pass the value in iframe to t

By analyzing the relationship between IFRAME and non-blocking scripts, we can better understand IFRAME.

Label: style blog HTTP ar OS using Java SP File In my previous article, I mentioned a method of using IFRAME to load non-blocking scripts. Because I have a lot of prejudice against IFRAME, I did not discuss this issue in my previous article. After the article was published, a netizen asked me this question. below is the original text of his question. First, let's see what he sent me, as shown below:

Flex Integrated Iframe,iframe integrated Unitywebplayer direct Communication Call Solution

above two modes of interaction are more commonly used, and a recent project has encountered a special application requirement. You need to check the pages of Unity Web Player into the Flex application framework and complete the flex interaction directly with unity Web player.To complete this requirement, the following questions need to be addressed:1, how to check the HTML page into the Flex container;2, how to achieve the flex and Unity Web Player direct communication problems;Question 1, thro

Iframe dynamically creates and releases memory, and iframe dynamically releases

Iframe dynamically creates and releases memory, and iframe dynamically releases Recently, I participated in the development of a project. Because the project is a browser-based fat client (RIA) application, iframe is frequently called on the page. Later tests showed that the browser memory remains high, and the larger the memory usage when the

Summary of iframe height setting, IFrame adaptive Height method

The adaptive height of the IFRAME, that is, based on the appearance of the interface and interactive considerations, hiding the IFrame border and scrollbar, so that people do not see it is an IFRAME. If the IFRAME always calls the same fixed height page, we can write the dead ifram

Dynamically change the height of IFrame to achieve IFrame auto-stretching to adapt to height _ javascript tips-js tutorial

Dynamically change the height of the IFrame to automatically extend the IFrame. The parent page is also automatically scaled down. The principle is that when the IFrame sub-page is loaded, the parent IFrame object is called, change the height of the IFrame dynamically to ach

Js updates iframe method summary, js refreshes iframe Summary

Js updates iframe method summary, js refreshes iframe Summary Summary of the method for refreshing iframe in javascript. If the following iframe exists, the following N methods are used to refresh the iframe: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Method 1: use the name attribute

Several Methods for jquery to obtain elements in IFRAME JavaScript jquery to obtain the element, content, or ID of IFRAME

Jquery gets several methods of IFRAME elements. Javascript jquery gets the element, content, or ID of IFRAME, and vice versa! Several methods for obtaining elements in IFRAME through query Obtain the elements of the parent page on the IFRAME subpageThe Code is as follows:$ ('# Objid', parent.doc ument );// Get it done

IFRAME-related. The scrolling attribute of the IFRAME element in each browser is different from that of the subpage HTML and BODY element 'overflow '.

Document directory Knowledge Base Related Questions Reprinted: http://www.w3help.org/zh-cn/causes/RX9009Standard Reference According to the description in the HTML4.01 standard, the FRAME element and IFRAME element have a special attribute "scrolling", which specifies the scrolling information for the FRAME window. The value may be: Auto: the default value, indicating that the client provides a rolling device for the frame window when necessar

IFRAME Syntax: IFRAME instance application set

Frame can be embedded into another page in a webpage, similar to "picture in picture. The tag format is:SRC: file path, which can be either an HTML file or a text file or an ASP file;Width and height: the width and height of the "picture-in-picture" area;Scrolling: when the specified HTML file of SRC is not displayed in the specified area, the scroll option is displayed. If it is set to no, no scroll bar is displayed. If it is set to Auto:, the scroll bar is automatically displayed; if yes, it

Js/Jquery get the elements in iframe get the Element Method of the parent form in Iframe

Iframe is often used in web development, and elements that need to be used in the iframe in the parent window or in the iframe framework JsObtain the elements in IFRAME in the parent window. 1,Format: window. frames ["iframe name value" 2.16.doc ument. getElementByIdx_x ("Co

Iframe usage and iframe usage

Iframe usage and iframe usage Marginheight = "2" marginwidth = "0" scrolling = "yes"> Note: iframe h5 adds a label. The element will create an inline framework (intra-row framework) containing another document ). You can place the required text between Iframe attributes and values and functions Attribute

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