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SSD SSD Detection Tool as SSD parameters

from Facts", a series of tests demonstrate that "CPU performance and memory size are not factors affecting SSD performance". The current CPU and memory performance is sufficient to handle the transmission needs of both mechanical and SSD drives. Take the memory, the dual channel DDR2 667 bandwidth is 667*2*64/8=10672MB/S=10.672GB/S, the single channel DDR3 800 bandwidth is 800*64/8=6400MB/S=6.4GB/S, moreov

SSD hard drive Full security erase

, so the system will be caught in the repeated error correction, but can not repair the dead loop, eventually causing the system to think that the block address is damaged (bad block), but The SSD itself does not remap the physical block address corresponding to these logical block addresses (LBA), so this failure occurs, but the actual storage unit is not corrupted.Some of the new SSD users, encountered th

How does an Intel SSD erase---Remove frozen status?

The boss's SSD is broken, I first hang the hard drive on the Win7 PC, make the SSD as slave disk. Then download the Intel SSD Toolbox tool. Click "Erase", pop up the problem box said "hard disk is frozen" status, cannot be erased. You need to unplug and reseat the power cabl

Join the Performance Recovery tool: Samsung will launch the new SSD magician software in March-industry news

Although Samsung introduced the fix last October, it was reported last month that some of the Samsung 840 EVO SSDs face the problem of reading off the old data after it has been brushed into the new firmware. In view of this, Samsung issued the following statement in the afternoon of Friday: "In October, Samsung launched a 840 EVO SSD firmware tool that only fixes old data read-off, but a small percentage o

Solutions to the problem of calling the GP Tool erase in ArcGIS

About calling the GP tools. Erase and symdiff in ArcGIS Solution to the problem without generating results □/ 文3 echo I. Problem description: Recently, I am working on a data check tool to check the correctness of the topological relationship of the spatial data. I use the following code to achieve the effect of the image erasure and the effect of the image difference set. It is strange that no result fil

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