ssis etl interview questions

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Reprinted ETL architect interview questions

Reprinted ETL architect interview questions 1. What is a logical data mapping and what does it mean to the ETL team? What is Logical Data ing? What role does it play on the ETL project team? A: Logical Data Map) describes the data definition of the source system, the model o

Interview Questions for junior SQL server developers

Junior SQL Server developer interview questions Written by: Jeremy kadlec From: Http:// Tip = 1644 ProblemWe are in the process of trying to hireJunior SQL Server developer to work on a few of our projects. WhatExpectations shocould we have on their skill set? What are some fairQuestions to ask them during the interview process? With a

Oracle interview questions-Technical

Oracle interview questions-Technical This may be an article you have been looking forward to. while paying attention to this part of technical questions, please be sure to read personal questions and answers during the interview. The answer here is not comprehensive. These

Oracle DBA interview Some common face questions collection

While Oracle DBAs are high-end jobs in the IT industry and demand is strong, it is essential to enter the industry to do a DBA interview. Oracle Training Center CUUG the most important Oracle DBA interview questions and answers for the Oracle DBA for reference after a trainee interview:Problem1. Explain the different points of cold and hot backup and their advant

ORACLE interview Questions-Technical articles (2)

oracle| problem ORACLE interview Questions-Technical articles (2) 21. How to determine the time zone of the database? Answer: SELECT dbtimezone from DUAL; 22. Explain the purpose of global_names set to True Answer: Global_names indicates how the database is joined. If this argument is set to True, You must connect the remote database with the same name when you create the database link 23. How do I encry

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