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Most comprehensive Online DLL file query and download

The most comprehensive DLL file online query and download. A friend of the Forum needs to post such a post. I will be able to find it later ~~~     TIPS: Use the Ctrl + F search function to query the DLL files you needClick to download   A Aboutwep.

Solve the php dll module loading error.

How can I solve the "php startup: Unable to load dynamic library" error? Strange! Neither Apache nor IIS can load php_mysql.dll correctly today. After Google, many people found this problem. php startup: Unable to load dynamic library:

Modify the name of the default dynamic library file compiled by OpenSSL

Labels: C Language There are two methods to call a dynamic link library DLL file on Windows:A) Link for implicit loading; use *. lib (Import/Export) file, add the name of the import/export lib file to the relevant settings of the IDE linker, or add

Modify the name of the dynamic library file that OpenSSL compiles by default

There are two ways to invoke a dynamic-link library DLL file on a Windows platform:A) implicit load-time linking; use the *.lib (import library) file to include the name of the import library lib file in the IDE's linker related settings, or add the

Php cannot enable php_curl

Php cannot enable php_curl. In phpinfo, the Loaded Configuration File is C: \ Windows \ php. ini, so this is correct. Modify php. ini Remove Semicolon before extension = php_curl.dll Remove Semicolon before extension = php_openssl.dll Extension_dir =

PHP Cannot open Php_curl

I've seen a lot of ways online. Phpinfo inside loaded Configuration file is C:\Windows\php.ini so this is no problem. Modify the php.ini. Extension=php_curl.dll front, semicolon. Extension=php_openssl.dll front, semicolon. Extension_dir =

Using the OpenSSL management certificate and SSL programming part 3rd: Export MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLLs to Def and Lib for msvc use

Export the MinGW compiled OpenSSL DLL to Def and Lib for msvc useBefore we used MinGW to compile OpenSSL into a dynamic library, we got the following 2 DLL files:Libeay32.dllSsleay32.dllThen use the following script to generate the module definition

"Seeking guidance" self-study and Sina Weibo open platform docking, running Sina provided by the SDK error

Environment: Win7 (x64), Wamp Integration (php5.4.3+mysql5.5.24+apache2.4.2+phpmyadmin3.5.1) Sina PHP SDK version: The oldest one (weibo-oauth-class-with-image-avatar-06-29-update) Objective: To learn to do simple microblogging, the purpose of Sina

Overview of PostgreSQL data connection configuration in the ArcGIS platform

Typically, when using a feature service, the user requires that the data be stored in a spatial database. At the same time, you need to register the database with ArcGIS for Server so that you do not need to copy the data when you publish the

Windows under OpenSSL compilation

Last night, when compiling rabbitmq-c, you encountered the following error when building vs project files using CMake:CMake Error at C:/Program files/cmake/share/cmake-3.6/modules/findpackagehandlestandardargs.cmake:148 (message):Could not find

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